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12 Wellness Tips for the Workplace to Rejuvenate Your Spirit

INSIDE: Most of us spend a big portion of our lives working, so ensuring we feel happy and healthy when we are there is of the utmost importance. Try these wellness tips for the workplace to feel good in mind, body, and spirit.


Good health is inevitable for efficiency in the workplace, and knowing some wellness tips for the workplace can help you achieve this goal.

Staying healthy on the job is becoming a daily challenge for most workers. That's why we've figured out some handy ways to stay fit while you work.

Here Are 12 of Our Best Wellness Tips for the Workplace 

These tips will consequently help you maintain your working vibes and relax your spirit. Enjoy the adventure!

Decorate your Desk With Crystals

Crystals are known for their attractiveness and beauty, and they have healing properties that benefit the body, mind, and soul as well. Placing them on your desk at work will help to remove negative energy from your workspace and they will serve as a reminder to be mindful.

Crystals on Your Desk

Try decorating your desk with these crystals to enjoy the benefits they offer:

  • Quartz - This stone has a lot of pleasant healing attributes. It comes in every color of the rainbow, with each one containing different healing attributes.
  • Obsidian – This stone offers us enhanced productivity and efficiency in all aspects of life (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual). It’s the perfect crystal for turning negative energy into positive energy.
  • Tiger’s Eye - If you need balance and stability in your workplace, this golden stone may be for you. It can help rid your mind and body of fear, anxiety, and self-doubt. You won't find it difficult to make clear decisions with this stone close to you since it helps to merge your spirituality with your physical life.
  • Amethyst - This purple stone is extremely protective, healing, and purifying. It can help rid your mind of negative thoughts, replacing them with humility, sincerity, and spiritual wisdom.
  • Opal – There are many difference kinds of opal stones. Our favorites are Pink Opal and and White Opal. It has a special ability to heal emotional trauma. It is also a calming and gentle healing gemstone
  • Bloodstone - This stone indeed lives up to its name. It exerts its energy by purifying the blood; hence, it brings vigor, vitality, life, and rebirth to its user. It is a wonderful tool for growth, expansion, new beginnings, nourishment, health, and abundance.
  • Agate - This stone is widely known for its stabilizing potential and for offering supportive energy when you need a bit more control in your life. It can connect you with the gentle sensations of the earth, replacing the cycle of worrying and overthinking with feelings of a sure and steady rhythm.
  • Jasper - These stones insulate us against negative energy and empower the spirit. They convey strength, stability, and harmony to unsettled experiences, leading the way to success, and mastery. Jasper comes in many varieties  and is characterized by form, color, and in relation to places or animals found in nature.

To choose a crystal, identify what it is you feel you’re missing and allow your intuition to guide you to the crystal that is right for you. It’s as simple as that! Or take our quiz...

Crystal Quiz

Light it Up

Apart from crystals, you can try out changing the light bulbs of your office to bulbs that can change colors. Colors like green, blue, and violet are helpful for relaxation. They can help lighten your stressed mood and make you feel more relaxed when you want to observe your yoga or meditation.

Bring Your Work Area Alive With Plants

Having plants around, and if possible, inside your office, is another wellness tip for your workplace. The importance of having plants and small gardens around us cannot be overemphasized.

Easy-to-care-for garden plants like peace lilies and rubber plants can help purify the congested air inside your office, thereby increasing the circulation of clean and fresh air. 

Don't Sit for Longer Than an Hour at a Time

Here’s one of the wellness tips for the workplace that has endured over time. Researchers have proven that sitting in a position for a long time has health implications that call for concern.

Of course, you might have deadlines to cover, and often times, we have piled up work that needs our undivided attention.

To overcome this, you can set an alarm every hour and keep the alarm is far away from your desk. This will enable you to stand up to switch off or snooze the alarm, thereby making you walk and stretch your legs a bit. Then, while you’re up, encourage yourself to move around even more before sitting back down again.


Play Some Healing Music

Get some healing songs for meditation, yoga sessions, and relaxation. You can even just play them while you work. This will help you feel more peaceful and focused and will give your body, mind, and soul rest from stress. Try free option like this one on YouTube.

Take Mini Meditation Breaks

Meditation is another wellness tip for the workplace that enables you to get your mind off of stress and anxiety.

You can start by placing a meditation stool in a corner of your workplace, and maybe even consider forming a group for meditation sessions. But meditation doesn’t have to be a long, complicated process. You can simply stop for 2 minutes, close your eyes, and tune into your breathing.

Start an Employee Wellness Challenge

When talking about wellness tip for the workplace, why turn it into something you can do with your fellow coworkers?

Healthy challenges like fun fitness contests and competitions can improve co-worker relationships. it’s also a great wellness tip that will elevate the spirits of your employees since it involves the whole office. 

Use Ergonomic Solutions to Support Your Body

Sitting at a desk all day can cause posture issues and lead to back pain. That’s why it’s important to employ ergonomic positions in your workplace. Try a standing desk instead of a sitting desk or purchase an ergonomic chair. Be sure to arrange your desktop and chairs in positions that will not harm your posture.

Stress Relief Crystals

Drink Green Tea Instead of Coffee

The introduction of green tea instead of coffee in your morning routine or anytime throughout the day is a wellness tip for the workplace that will have lasting effects.

Green tea helps to revitalize and rejuvenate the body system, making us feel light and ready for the day's work. While it contains caffeine, it also has a soothing effect on your mind, body, and spirit, which is the perfect recipe for creative thought and stress management.

Better Yet, Drink Water & Lots of it

Water cleanses and rejuvenates the body and skin. It cleanses away toxic elements in the body while keeping us hydrated.

Drinking several glasses of water at work promotes easy digestion and prevents dehydration. Strive to drink at least half your weight in ounces (so if you weigh 150 pounds, you should drink at least 75 ounces of water a day).

Take Fresh Air Breaks

Once in a while, give yourself a fresh air break. Go for a walk outside or eat your lunch outside to catch some fresh air instead of staying under the air conditioner all day. If you can’t get outside, stroll towards your plant or even your window for fresh air.

There’s nothing like nature. We are part of nature and we need to spend more time in it to feel our best. You can even use sacred geometry to take in more nature!

Laugh With Your Co-workers

Concentrate more on things that keep your spirit elated, especially laughter to feel happier and cultivate a good rapport with your co-workers in your workplace.

Don't be too rigid or act too seriously around your co-workers. Be free, start up a conversation, and laugh. Laughter is a medicine that creates a good mood thereby easing off tension from your body.

Final Thoughts

These wellness tips for the workplace will help you stay healthy while you work. But, remember… you might not always see an immediate result as soon as you start. Consistency and focus are needed to maintain wellness, so think of it like a lifestyle change and have fun with it!

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclaimer notice here.

Wellness Tips for the Workplace

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