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White Crystals for Purification, Illumination & Crown Chakra Opening

INSIDE: White crystals are the most purifying and illuminating of all the crystals. They open the crown chakra and bring us in touch with the Divine. Read on to learn why they are so beneficial...


Spiritual awakening is the most powerful experience we can have. Due to the number of spiritual downloads we rapidly get when going through it, it changes us at the core level.

A study published by The Psychologist has shown that most of these experiences happen when we don’t even expect them.

In other words, spiritual enlightenment is part of our human experience. It is all about positive changes and elevation of our consciousness.

Our readiness and openness to these spiritual upgrades, however, vary from individual to individual.

A natural way to become more open to this type of expansion is by using healing stones. The ones that are particularly powerful for helping us awaken spiritually are the white crystals.

Here's what makes them so powerful... 

The Symbolism of White Crystals

White is a color of purity and innocence. Crystals of this color represent a body and spirit that is free of toxicity and negativity.

It is believed to be the color of enlightenment. Because of this, white crystals are there to show us the way and light the path in the dark. This is a highly spiritual color and is connected to the Moon and the unconscious.

White balances and simplifies our life, but also brings us closer to virtue. It is a powerful color for attracting goodness in our lives and serves to protect us against dark entities.

Just like a blank sheet of paper, white is open, receptive to ideas and novelty. It purifies the soul, the body, and the mind, and its vibration is a vibration of hope.

In some cultures, white is associated with birth, and in others, death. This is because it is also a color of transformation, so these crystals have the power to bring us closer to our true essence.

They are thought of as Divine Feminine stones, and therefore carry the symbolism of regeneration, mystery, and flow.

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What Makes White Crystals so Healing?

Now, let's look at the many healing benefits of white stones...

Amplifying & Purifying

These crystals are believed to be so powerful that they can act as energetic substitutes for any other crystals. Not only that, but they can amplify the power of any crystal.

Because they can absorb the negative energy, they are incredibly illuminating and act as natural cleansers. With them around, we feel lighter, and we feel free.

White crystals purify our aura and prepare us for a fresh start every day. They help unburden us and bring us closer to our spirituality.

Crown Chakra Opening & Positivity

Because they are connected with our subconscious and the Divine, they can be used for upper chakra opening.

Since they can work so well with our psyche, they are very healing for the Crown Chakra. With the help of these gemstones, we can get in touch with our psychic abilities but also release blockages, even when we sleep.

By connecting us with the Universal truth through the Crown Chakra, they help balance all other chakras, raising our vibration and making us feel safe. The energy of these crystals is incredibly protective, and since they naturally carry positive energy, they gently uplift our spirit.

Loving and light energy like this inspires optimism and faith, helping us draw in even more positivity.


These stones bring about a greater sense of mental and emotional clarity. They are incredibly illuminating and can sharpen cognition and perception in an instant.

Learning becomes much easier, and not only rooted in our physical experience, but connected to higher knowledge as well. Because of that, we can find ourselves naturally drawn to learning and expanding our consciousness.

This can be very helpful at work or in school when we are required to mix deductive and inductive thinking.

Soul Transformation

Serving as powerful protection against psychic attacks and toxic energy, they make us more resilient to any sort of maliciousness.

Sometimes we find it easy to find flaws within, causing us to vibrate at lower frequencies. White crystals are strong illuminating forces that help us embrace our virtues and stop rejecting parts of ourselves.

This promotes the unity of the mind and the spirit, and as a result, we become more open to spiritual downloads.

White Stones Are uplifting

These white healers are there to show us light within, and help us get rid of these self-limiting beliefs, particularly those we are not consciously aware of. As a result, we can see the purity and the virtues we have, and this makes them very healing for those who struggle with self-acceptance.

They help us unbound from soul patterns and therefore transform at the soul level. Spiritual as they are, these crystals bring us closer to the subconscious, acting as natural therapists. 

With the help of their energy, we don’t feel as disconnected from the Universe and it becomes easier to find and follow the path that calls us.

Selflessness and a sense of unity with the Divine seem to come more naturally, and we find it easier to connect to others on a soul level.

Faith & Hope

These gemstones work directly with our higher self. Unlocking our true potential and opening us to all the goodness around us.

White stones teach us to enjoy our human experience to the fullest. We can then dream a bigger dream and have faith that things will unfold in ways that are for our highest good. We can see the light and find more beauty around us.

Quality of Sleep

Stones of this kind are very mystical and can help us work through fears while asleep. This makes them great crystals for lucid dreaming.

Because they resonate with the energy of the Moon, They prevent nightmares and improve our quality of sleep.

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Balance & Trust

We all have feminine and masculine energies within, and white gemstones help balance the two. This way, we can become better in manifesting and attracting abundance to us, rather than constantly chase after something. 

These are the crystals of surrender and trust, and their vibration helps us give in to the flow of life.

Physical Benefits

With the help of these crystals, dealing with mental health issues like depression, apathy, or dissociation becomes less of a struggle.

They improve the immune system and make us more resilient to anything harmful coming from the environment.

They help our body absorb essential nutrients and cleanse it from free radicals and toxins,  keeping us healthy on all levels.

How to Choose the Right One For You?

White crystals are perfect for meditation. They can be used to enhance the positive energy in any space, and when kept in the bedroom, they can improve sleep.

Thanks to the harmonizing properties they have, they can be used for chakra alignment and as an alternative therapy. They also help charge other crystals and amplify their power.

Here are some you may feel particularly called to use...



Selenite is a stone of spiritual empowerment. By helping us connect to our higher selves and our guides, it opens the door to new levels of spiritual knowledge.

Thanks to its power, enlightenment comes to us almost effortlessly, and we feel energetically lighter. This is because Selenite works directly with energetic blockages we have and cleanses our aura so we can embrace new, more uplifting energy and let go of the old patterns.

By balancing our chakras, this crystal illuminates us, making us feel joyful and radiant on a soul level. We gain more insight and can connect to others from a place of true authenticity and honesty.

Selenite is a healer and can support the process of regeneration, helping us recover from both physical and emotional wounds. As a result, we feel revitalized, ready for a positive transformation

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is a powerful cleanser and also a natural charger for other crystals. It works to remove everything that keeps us small from our energetic field and replace it with positive energy.

This is one of the white crystals that helps us find deeper meaning in our experiences and our dreams.

It illuminates the path to self-discovery and shows us ways to improve our lives. It does so without pressuring us or disturbing our inner peace.

On the contrary, this cleansing stone acts as a calming force in our lives and works to restore energetic balance.

Clear Quartz is also very helpful to those who struggle with brain fog and find it difficult to see things clearly as it directly impacts our cognition and reasoning abilities.



Beautiful Howlite is here to calm our minds and help us become more mindful and in sync with our true selves. It supports spiritual awakening and opens the lines of communication to higher realms.

By revealing our masks and patterns, Howlite helps us identify our blocks, but also our potential.

This is a great stone for people who would like to expand their consciousness and learn more about universal truths. Its energy is motivating and encourages us to embrace our virtues rather than downplay them.

Howlite increases spiritual awareness but doesn’t disturb our minds with overly charged energy. This is a natural healer for people suffering from anxiety, who tend to be all up in their heads, forgetting to connect with the source.

Its energy is relaxing, both for the mind and the body, and can be incredibly helpful to those struggling with sleep problems and nightmares. 

Hag Stone


Resonating with the Third Eye Chakra, Hag Stone increases our awareness and expands our consciousness.

This is a gemstone that helps us see beyond the limitations of the 3D world and our own beliefs. This way, it helps us get a greater insight into the spiritual realm, while also protecting us from malicious energy.

It is incredibly magical and can help us with manifestation, helping us use the Universal laws for creating a life of abundance.

It is one of the best stones to have for preventing nightmares, dark entities, and psychic attacks, as it protects our energetic shield and our home.

Hag Stone also works as a strong illuminating force, helping us see the light in the darkness.

White Opal

White Opal

White Opal is a cleansing stone that helps us drop the emotional burden that weighs on our soul.

It has the power to balance our energy when we are experiencing an emotional rollercoaster by absorbing our emotions. This helps us simply feel emotions and let them pass, rather than dwelling on them.

Because it helps enhance our intuition and awareness, we are able to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and the events around us. This awareness can help us release worry, leaving us calm and serene.

White Opal is a great support when we are trying to embrace a more positive mind frame, as it naturally inspires optimism and hope. It makes our energy lighter and helps us be more receptive, opening our minds to fresh, positive energy.

Final Thoughts for White Stones

When you use white gemstones, you put yourself in the presence of some of the most uplifting frequencies, thereby raising your own vibration. They can assist us in our spiritual ambitions and purify our body, mind, and soul.

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here.

White Crystals

White Crystals

\White Crystals

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