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12 Abundance Crystals to Fulfill Your Life’s Desires

INSIDE: It takes hard work to get what you want. Abundance crystals work to motivate and energize us to persevere and stay the course. With these stones in hand, we can access the power to set lofty goals and manifest wealth and prosperity.


To experience abundance means something different for every person. Often, we think of wealth and prosperity when we talk about abundance, but it can also refer to loving relationships, spiritual happiness, or steady health. 

You might be surprised to learn that abundance has a very specific ecological meaning. Ecologists and biologists think of abundance as a numerical measure. Within a specific geographic or ecological area during a specific time or season, scientists count the members of a particular species. That number is the abundance.

It’s abundantly clear from a human perspective that not all of our notions of abundance can be measured or assigned a number value. However, ecological abundance and our spiritual concept of abundance actually have some interesting connections.

Scientifically, abundance patterns show that species have geographical centers or hubs. Resonating from these hubs are niche patterns that support and sustain life.

Abundance in terms of spirituality and human life also focuses on our central, grounding principles, values, and desires. We try to model our behaviors and efforts to resonate and sustain habits that provide abundance – whether financial, physical, or relational.

It takes work to call forth abundance into our everyday lives. We need to take time to set priorities, to get organized, and to find stability. 

We can use abundance crystals to harness vibrations and energy that attract the emotions, people, and things we want in abundance.

Healing Gemstones

12 Best Abundance Crystals

No matter what you seek, crystals for abundance have qualities that can enhance your vitality and strengthen your ability to work hard for what you want. They support us by grounding and focusing our energy on what we want to gain. 

Here are our favorite healing stones to use for abundance...


To start, let’s admit that a little luck can go a long way to provide us what what we want.

Aventurine, known as the gambler’s lucky stone or the Stone of Opportunity, attracts wealth. Its quartz vibrations draw winning energy, so it can be a great stone to wear on a first date or to set on top of your lottery ticket.

With Aventurine, wealth means anything you want in abundance – good health, a loving partner, money. It’s a crystal that is “programmable,” meaning it's particularly attuned to the intentions that you set. 

As in gambling, when you lose, you want to win it back. The beauty of Aventurine is that it can attract what you have lost and multiply it. It helps you recognize the work you need to do and the changes you need to make in your existing patterns in order to succeed. 



Called the Merchant’s Stone, Citrine is a must for businesses. It is a strong abundance crystal for financial prosperity and wealth.

Citrine’s positive radiance helps you steadfastly work towards your goals. In its natural form, this transparent crystal has a yellow tint. It allows you to see a path forward free of obstacles that have held you back in your earning potential.

When put through a high-temperature heating process, Citrine deepens the golden orange color. It reminds you to accept and ground into your stable finances. Citrine also feeds your desire to share with others to continue a cycle of prosperity.


Pyrite, also referred to as Fool’s Gold, can trick the eye with the golden sheen sparkling over this dark metallic stone.

Even if its monetary “value” is less than gold, Pyrite’s energetic value is immeasurable. Pyrite, from the Greek “pyr” which means “fire,” lights up your courage and confidence to put your skills and abilities to work for abundance and prosperity.

Keeping Pyrite nearby will make you forget about what you lack and recognize what opportunities lie ahead.



Emerald is especially useful for magnetizing people to you that will help you prosper in your relationships. You can only attain abundance with the support and encouragement of those who love you.

This crystal reminds you that wealth should not be hoarded but shared.

While Emerald has long held a symbolism for eternal life, in the context of abundance Emerald gives mental clarity and acceptance of temporary physical wealth so that you can feed your spiritual and emotional wealth. You can envision creative paths to prosperity. 

Tiger’s Eye

As the name suggests, Tiger’s Eye provides a new way to look at your career and goals. It enables you to take steps forward to attain wealth and prosperity. 

This fierce abundance crystal also deflects hesitation and doubts. You can feel strong and stable as you advance in your plans to find abundance.

Tiger’s Eye protects your instinct for survival. You know what abundance means for you to live a happy, healthy, fulfilled life without passing a limit into excess and greed.

Green Jade

Green Jade

Green Jade has a long history of bringing prosperity. In China, these abundance crystals have protected people from falling prey to financial disaster for centuries.

Green Jade healing properties bring forth wealth and harmony so that you feel free to accept abundance into your life. It clears self-conscious barriers so that you can make sound financial choices and actions.

It fuels your energy to stay the path towards prosperity. All the while, this stone’s calming energy vibrates gratitude for all that you acquire.



Amazonite is a mighty tool in the hands of female business leaders. This crystal was used by ancient Amazonian women warriors in their shields to give them courage and vitality in battle.

Known as a stone of hope, Amazonite can channel your dreams, breaking through the doubts and fears that obstruct your vision of prosperity and abundance. It equips you to lead and take risks to earn what you deserve.


Gaining financial wealth can often feel like a grind. Using abundance crystals like Labradorite will help you get unstuck so you can be excited by the work ahead. 

Labradorite is particularly attuned to self-discovery. It is a stone that can guide you as you explore your career, giving you the motivation you need to excel and prosper. Labradorite provides a calm intuition to recognize challenges and opportunities in your career. 


Malachite is a stone of transformation. It’s especially beneficial for finding solutions to shift you out of financial straits and towards prosperous opportunity. 

As an abundance crystal, Malachite reverberates energy that encourages you to take risks in order to find fulfillment. It also protects you from harm in the process.



A fascinating artifact, Amber isn’t exactly a crystal, although it is formed over millions of years just like many other mineral beauties. Amber is actually a prehistoric resin from trees that protect them while preserving and fossilizing organisms caught inside. 

This amazing natural process serves as a symbol of what we can carry from the past that teaches us to grow and move forward. In terms of abundance, Amber works hard on our well-being to give us a wealth of physically and mentally healthy days. 

Green Quartz

Green Quartz is an important abundance crystal to teach the power of healing. It nurtures wholeness so that we can realize what it is we truly need to prosper and find fulfillment.

Green Quartz grabs hold of negative energy and transforms it into positive vibrations. Even if it seems like we haven’t made huge shifts towards abundance, Green Quartz works to reframe our actions into the positive steps we need to take. 

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz

Rounding out the list of crystals for abundance comes Clear Quartz. In a way, it's a catch-all stone, but that doesn’t make it any less powerful!

Clear Quartz is a master healer when matched with other crystals. It works to amplify the healing, abundant energies of other stones and minerals. 

It manifests the vibrations from other crystals and the intentions you charge into it. Clear Quartz is an ace team player – it loves to pair with other stones to create drastic results, which makes it a must-have crystal to keep on hand for manifesting abundance.

Transformation Crystals

How to Use These Crystals for Abundance

With a collection of abundance crystals meant to invite prosperity and wealth into our lives, let’s turn to how to put these crystals to practical use...

Meditate on the Solar Plexus & Heart Chakras

In our chakra system, two regions can help manifest abundance and prosperity: the solar plexus and the heart chakra. Taking crystals that resonate with these two chakras and holding them physically against the chakra centers during meditation can elevate the energy you absorb. 

The Solar Plexus Chakra uses yellow-toned crystals to bring transformation into your life and boost your feeling of individual power. This will help you make the changes that can bring you wealth and happiness.

The Heart Chakra connects to pink and green colored stones. From the heart, you can find abundant love and connection as well as feelings of wholeness and completion. When you have abundance, you feel full and free from greed for more.

In chakra meditations, it's crucial to set an intention and focus your thoughts and energetic waves towards your chakra nodes.

Invigorate Your Workspace

Because abundance so often refers to wealth and material prosperity, it’s a great idea to place abundance crystals around your workspace.

You can follow principles of Feng Shui. In an office, amass your crystals in the southeast region that corresponds to the corner of the Bagua map for wealth and prosperity.

You can scale this down to your desktop if you work in a cubicle or other small space. Place crystals in the top left corner of your desk. 

You can create different crystal grids in your office space as well. You might even find crystals carved into different shapes or sculptures to add a visual touch to your crystal display.

Protect Your Pockets

Crystals are powerful pocket protectors, but not the nerdy kind that held calculators and pencils.

Small tumbled stones can slip into a wallet, purse, or pocket where you tend to carry your money. By keeping crystals near the physical manifestation of wealth, you invite financial protection and compounding energy to grow.

When you open your purse or reach into your pocket and feel your crystal, it serves as a reminder of the intentions you've set to reach your abundance goals.

Final Thoughts 

We can’t measure abundance with metrics and currency. We may want a certain dollar amount in our bank accounts, but we can also find abundance in our relationships, our actions, and our thoughts.

Abundance crystals attract the things that can make us feel whole and complete. They foster the spiritual energies we need to accept with open hearts and minds what will best serve our intentions to grow abundant happiness.

Prosperity Crystals

* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here.

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