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5 Space Clearing Rituals to Balance Your Energy & Manifest Your Dreams

INSIDE: If you want to invite new adventures and greater abundance into your life, you need to make sure you have room! Space clearing rituals ensure that you rid yourself of cluttered energy and material things to make room for what you want.


As we are bombarded by images of what makes a stunning home or stylish office, we seem conditioned to fill our space with objects. While there’s nothing wrong with having beautiful things, problems arise when we unconsciously feel weighed down by the stuff in our lives.

Clutter, the state of unnecessary excess and crowding, develops patterns that are detrimental to our physical, mental, and psychological health. Besides losing your phone in a pile of papers or clothes, clutter destroys your breathing room, making it hard to relax. It can even develop into a hoarding mentality.

Clutter goes well beyond material objects to include the energy that surrounds us – yes, we can even hoard negative energy and wasteful habits. That's why it's one of the principle aspects of feng shui.

Using methods of space clearing can offer balance to your vibration and make room for joy, ridding you of unnecessary weight and baggage.

Amethyst Geodes

Why Space Clearing is Essential for Balance & Manifestation

If we hold on to a broken table with only two legs, the next time we set a vase on it, both things will crash to the floor. This is true under the surface as well. By clearing things that no longer serve a purpose in our own lives, we make space for abundant gifts and pure, positive energy.

There are so many benefits of space clearing. Let's look at some of them now...

It Purifies Auras

When we conduct rituals to clear our spaces, we mean that we sweep out our physical, mental, and spiritual auras of stale or negative energy. The only way to work towards total healing and wellbeing is to have every realm of our bodies clean and purified.

When we create purified space, we have the physical ability, the mental capacity, and the spiritual openness to welcome and recognize new opportunities that can lead to our dreams.

It Reconnect Our Ties to Nature

The methods of space clearing we'll talk about here all involve natural processes and supplies. The importance of purifying our space comes through reminding us of the gifts that nature gives us to find happiness and prosperity.

As we declutter our minds, our homes, and our calendars, we can reconnect to the sounds, smells, and feelings of nature. We come to understand that we need much less to discover fulfillment and wealth.

It Cleanses Energetic Traffic Jams

It's one thing to need to cleanse our own energy and space. But we haven’t even discussed the most important part of space clearing – getting rid of the negative energy brought into our realm by negative spirits and people.

We need to commune with others, and this often comes with other people passing through or near our homes and our sacred spaces. What they leave behind can add stressful weight to our own energy levels.

Through rituals for clearing space, we offer deep energetic cleansing that handles all the crossroads and jams that may accumulate in our environment.

Space Clearing

5 Space Clearing Rituals That Will Change Your Life

Making cleansing a regular part of your daily spiritual practice will infuse incredible energy into your home and your lifestyle. Try any one of these methods, or a combination of them all, to build a ritual of purification and cleansing.

Crystal Cleansing Ritual

By working with crystals and healing stones, we can allow these magnificent stones to take on a heavy dose of our negative vibrations and tension. If we want to ensure that our healing crystals are always in peak condition for spiritual work, then we need to make cleansing our crystals like second nature.

Crystal cleansing rituals can serve a double purpose to not only reset the energy of your stones but to also purify your space. For example, house plants and crystals can work together for mutual health.

Placing crystals on the soil of sunlit houseplants gives the stones the connection of earth and sky to rejuvenate their healing powers. Plus, the process reminds us to water our plants and turn them for new light distribution!

Crystal grids also have a dual use. The sacred geometry created in crystal grids sends out intense cleansing vibrations, especially if you use a stone like Black Tourmaline to anchor a grid. This particular stone absorbs negative energy from around it.

As the stones in the grid come together to bring healing to a space, they also work to balance each other and recalibrate their own vibrations. 

Smudge Your Home With Sage

Another awesome space clearing practice involves sage smudging. The combination of light, herbal smoke, and our active movements through a space brings a sense of clarity and purification. We can, in essence, feel negative energy blown out of our open windows and doors.

This latter point is really the only sort of rule to smudging – make sure you open doors and windows so that the negative or stale energy can move on. When you light your smudge stick of sage or palo santo, let the smoke circulate in a room, making sure to concentrate on corners and dark nooks where dark energy (and dust) tend to hide.

Make your way around your home, one room at a time, giving cleansing intention to your movements and spending time feeling the energy of each room. Take notice of places you feel drawn to because it suggests something weighty or looming in the air.

When you have completed this space clearing activity around the house, give attention to the outer doors, as if helping to build a fortress of protective energy with the smoke. 

Smudge Sticks

Take a Crystal Bath

While we may assume that space clearing refers to our home and sacred places, that’s not all! Our forever home rests in our physical being. We need to clarify and cleanse our body in order to build a strong vessel for good energy.

Crystal baths have calming, nurturing abilities to rid our bodies of tension from the weight of heavy energy and cluttered emotions. Using stones that are safe to submerge in water, draw a warm, steamy bath, and let the water slowly bury the stones to steep.

When you decide to climb in the tub, you can keep the crystals in the water or gently arrange them around the rim of the bath to radiate gentle vibrations in the space above the water as well. Take time to feel cleansed and refreshed by the crystal-infused water.

Singing Bowl Ritual

This particular method relies on sound vibrations to restore balance and clear negativity. When we put a beautiful crystal singing bowl to work, we fill a space with soothing sounds.

The wavelengths of noise gently coax other frequencies out of the area so that the singing bowls resonant song reigns supreme. As the hum of the singing bowl fades away, it leaves the space void of other chaotic sound waves that we may not realize have been preventing us from truly listening to the silence and stillness.

Crystal Grids

Visualization Ritual

A final space clearing ritual requires no equipment or physical activity to bring its cleansing power. By conducting visualization meditations, we can actually move stale energy out of our space with the power of our mind. 

When we sit in stillness and imagine a space cleansed of any negativity, we can begin to realize that we have the energy within us to dominate the space. If we truly want a sanctuary of peace, we can create it by living intentionally and with purpose.

Make it a habit to sit in stillness every day, especially at the start or end of your day. Imagine that anything in the space that has no purpose in the moments that lie ahead are flying out the nearest window. It’s a calming way to envision your ideal space no matter what stresses you may hold.

Final Thoughts

Clutter accumulates because we fear that we will need things, thoughts, and habits the moment we discard them. However, when we give ourselves room to concentrate on the things that really do fulfill our needs and purpose, we find that we need very little but our own healthy, positive energy.

By implementing methods for space clearing on a regular basis, we can guard against the burden of energetic clutter and foster a space of spiritual growth and openness.

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclaimer notice here.

Space Clearing Rituals

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