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6 Best Mantras for Healing & How They Work

INSIDE: Mantras for healing are a gift in every sense of the word. Let's discover what they are and how they can impact you and your life for the better. 


We all have things we want to heal in our lives, whether it be a physical condition, a mental block, and emotional trauma, or a strained relationship. Rather than turning to medication, there are plenty of natural remedies to try.

Healing mantras are recitations of sacred words or chants that are believed to have the power to cure, change, or increase one's sense of self in a particular part of life.

In this article, we're going to look at how these mantras work, how you can put healing mantras into practice, and some of our favorite mantras for healing.

How Healing With Mantras Works

The effects of healing mantras, which are particular sounds or vibrations, are well-established. They have the power to bring about a desired result in any aspect of our lives, whether it is for the purpose of healing, transformation, or inner awakening. They can be chanted quietly or out loud. 

This is, of course, a vast topic as mantras for healing are used for a wide variety of purposes, from treating snakebites to achieving enlightenment.

Even though it would take an entire lifetime to fully grasp this knowledge, we are going to go through some of the more practical applications here.

Healing Stones

How Do Mantras for Healing Work? 

According to interpretations of the ancient scriptures, the motion of the celestial bodies as they move through the different constellations results in 108 unique sound frequencies. Every single sound has a frequency, and when you repeat a mantra, you are combining those 108 frequencies in ways that are wholly original to you. 

If you recite a mantra for a sufficient amount of time, the sound waves that you have produced will resonate in sync with those that are produced by the universe. It is possible for you to restore balance and health to your mind, body, and the environment around you via its use.

In addition, reciting a mantra that is extremely specific to your goals may link you to the frequency of those goals, which in turn can assist you in bringing about the changes you want to see in your life. 

For example, if you want to improve your health, your relationships with the people you care about, or your financial stability, you might find it helpful to repeat a mantra to yourself.

Not only can we utilize mantras to reconnect with our own inner self, we can also use them to reconnect with the broader universe.

6 Best Mantras for Healing

By reciting mantras for healing, we can create a sense of unity in our lives since it establishes a connection with other positive energies

Mantras are a tool that can be used to help attract positive energy and thoughts, and they can be put to use at any point in the day when we are looking for comfort, joy, or hope.

Here are some our our favorite mantras to recite...

When I Change the Way I Think, I Also Change the Way I Experience the World

This mantra, which has been developed from a well-known statement that is credited to Norman Vincent Peale, can be chanted if you are feeling pessimistic, lonely, or depressed. 

It is a helpful reminder that we have the capacity to shift our viewpoint and that, whenever we wish, we have the option to choose happiness at any given moment. This serves as a helpful reminder that we have the potential to alter our perspective.

As a direct consequence of this, we make the deliberate choice to bring pleasure and optimism into our lives.

healing mantras

Hari Om

When we need a confidence boost, whether we're working hard to achieve our goals or when we feel like we're losing sight of them, it's a good idea to use this mantra, which is known to help purify the body and the soul while removing obstacles from our path. 

Whether we're working hard to achieve our goals or when we feel like we're losing sight of them, healing with mantras like this one is a good idea.

When we are putting in a lot of effort to attain our objectives, or when we get the sense that we are losing track of them, repeating this mantra can help. It will serve to increase your level of optimism, centeredness, and contentment.

I Have Complete Control Over Myself and Can Choose How I Will Feel at Any Given Moment

It's a good idea to use this mantra during times when you're feeling anxious or down in the dumps. Knowing that we are ultimately in charge of our emotions and that we are no longer controlled by them gives us a feeling of strength and empowerment, and this mantra helps us to remember that. 

Healing with mantras is particularly useful for those who suffer from persistent depression and anxiety, both of which, depending on the severity of the symptoms, may occasionally need treatment with psychotherapy or medication.

Right Now, At This Very Second, Is Exactly Where I Need to Be

Are you seeking a straightforward mantra that you can repeat to yourself in English when you meditate, do yoga, or anytime you have the hankering to be more at peace with yourself?

This phrase is one of the best modern mantras for healing. 

It is meant to serve as a reminder that regardless of the circumstances we find ourselves in, whether they are favorable or unfavorable, we are precisely where we are supposed to be at this moment in time.

If it's a pleasant place to be, we need to maximize the use of the time we have there. In the event that this isn't the case, this mantra can bring your attention to the fact that there is still an important lesson for you to learn.

I Release My Worries Because All is Well

This mantra is perfect when your thoughts are racing with "what if" scenarios. We all have these worries and they can keep us trapped in fear and anxiety.

This statement is simple, yet it can bring us great comfort. Worries only serve to put us in a tailspin of negative thoughts, but if we tell ourselves to release them, we can find tranquility.

Life really is mind over matter and we attract what we think about most. So use this mantra to remove the negative thoughts and then replace them with positive "what ifs."

Everything I Want Comes Precisely When I Require It to Arrive

The best mantras for healing help to relax the mind during difficult times, such as when we worry that we do not have enough resources. It's important to reframe your perspective to get out of a state of lack. 

Take solace in knowing that everything will come to you at the right time. Recite this mantra and then take small action steps each day toward attaining what you desire. This combination is powerful and it will help you manifest your desires.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to mantras for healing, there's no right or wrong phrase to recite. You can even make up your own! Just choose one that uplifts you and gives you a sense of peace.

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclaimer notice here. 


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