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Chakra Imbalance Symptoms: Get to Know Your Energy System

INSIDE: Chakras give us powerful messages that resonate our spiritual purpose and intentions, but when knocked out of balance, we feel confused, lost, drained, and stuck. Chakra imbalances can start in one node and spread to the whole system, bringing physical and mental symptoms that block our progress and growth. Recognizing chakra imbalance symptoms will help you quickly regain a stable stance.


On a physical level, our nerves connect in complex ways throughout the body. If we think about each microscopic nerve ending that touches every different surface inside our body, it’s hard to imagine how to pinpoint the origins of pain messages.

In ancient healing systems traditional to Asia, like anma in Japan, acupressure focuses on as few as 3 key nerve fiber pathways to control the messages transmitted between nerve endings and the brain for pain relief. It demonstrates the intricate connections within our bodies that can significantly impact how healthy and strong we feel when something is off balance.

This is exactly how to think about our energetic chakra system. When we have a chakra imbalance, it blocks the free flow of kundalini energy that fuels our physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing.

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Symptoms That Determine Chakra Imbalance

Imbalances that occur in our chakras often start in one area of our lives and reverberate through the rest to bring our whole system into chaos. Recognizing the signs – physical and mental – of an imbalance will help you put the pressure where you need it most, leading to a domino effect to expel the blockages.

Let's look at each chakra to better understand this concept...

Root Chakra Imbalance Symptoms

An imbalanced root chakra, the node centered at the lowest point of the spine and pelvis, can cause uncomfortable pain in our lower extremities, such as arthritis in the knees and ankles and aches in the legs and hips.

The root chakra connects us to the life-giving energy of the earth; therefore, an imbalance can also appear through fertility issues in men and women.

An imbalance in the root chakra blocks our origin of energy. We suffer from low energy, lethargy, and exhaustion, both physically and mentally. Our minds can feel distracted and loaded with worries and fears around stability and death.

Chakra Imbalance Signs

Sacral Chakra Symptoms of Imbalance

Shifting up to the sacral chakra, an imbalance can mirror similar issues to the root chakra, like sexual impediments and reproductive issues or pelvic pain.

Sacral chakra imbalance symptoms arise in the endocrine system, which can lead to urinary tract infections and kidney stones. As the sacral chakra is situated below the naval, pain can radiate through the lower back and lower abdomen when imbalanced.

Mentally, we may feel unable to handle our emotions, vacillating between pessimism and closing ourselves off from others in despair and overextending our empathy and abandoning our boundaries to abusive people.

We can grow unable to express our desires because we experience constant doubt and cannot access our creative abilities. 

Solar Plexus Imbalance Signs

Our solar plexus lies in the realm of our upper abdomen, below the ribs, where our stomach rests and the cluster of digestive organs begins. Physically, solar plexus chakra imbalance symptoms appear as digestive issues that extend to problems in the pancreas and gallbladder.

With so many nourishing, filtration mechanisms out of whack with a solar plexus imbalance, we may experience chronic fatigue as other systems try to keep up with the additional workload.

Mentally, our solar plexus fuels our sense of self confidence and inner strength. Suffering from an imbalance in the solar plexus chakra, we can grow racked with doubts that make us hypersensitive to the opinion of others in relationship to ourselves.

This leads to constant angst about rejection, feelings of helplessness, and harsh judgment of ourselves and others. We can grow angry in the pursuit of perfection because we find it difficult to follow through with our actions, a vicious cycle of the fear of failure.

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Heart Chakra Imbalance Symptoms

The heart chakra energizes so many aspects of our vital, vibrant energy through the relationships and love we give and receive. An imbalance results in heart and lung problems, like unsteady blood pressure and asthma, and immune system problems because of the central role of the heart to our bodies.

Aches and painful sensations can seep through the upper back and shoulders as well as arms and wrists, the major limbs connected near the heart chakra.

A nagging fear of ending up alone, especially accompanied by a broken heart, signals a major imbalance in the heart chakra. In relationships, because we feel the need to grasp the connection for fear of losing it, we become overbearing and suffocating to our partners and friends, and we can jealous of their affinity to others.

Alternatively, we may block ourselves from creating supportive friendships and love.

Throat Chakra Symptoms of Imbalance

Mild physical throat chakra imbalance symptoms include neck and should pain but can expand to frequent sore throats, colds, and ear infections.

Even more concerning, an imbalance to the throat chakra can cause major thyroid problems, and the thyroid plays a critical role in maintaining stable hormones that power our energy and health.

The mental-emotional symptoms of an imbalance in our throat chakra can present themselves in two ways, obstructing our ability to express ourselves because we feel disconnected from our calling or purpose.

On the one hand, we may suffer from extreme shyness that makes it impossible to speak up and contribute to ideas for fear that we may lose control of our values and opinions. The other side of this comes when we speak loose and freely but in ways misaligned with our purpose, such as lying.

Third Eye Imbalance Signs

Our third eye resides in the space between our brows, so an imbalance radiates pain like headaches, eye strain, and sinus problems.

Whereas a balanced third eye gives us clear vision in many dimensions, a third eye chakra imbalance symptom can physically present itself in blurred vision that leaves us dizzy and teetering.

Without clear vision and understanding of our purpose, we feel out of control and often show this in sudden bouts of significant confusion. We may feel moody and stubbornly hold on to unhealthy patterns.

In order to maintain control of these bad habits, we may try to manipulate others to accept our unhealthy ways.

Crown Chakra Symptoms of Imbalance

Because our crown chakra connects us to divine realms beyond our earthly plane, crown chakra imbalance symptoms can detrimentally affect our mental and physical capacities.

Depression and anxiety are big signs of an imbalance. We can experience lethargy and loneliness, even though we feel an eroding fear of alienation. 

An imbalance to the crown chakra results in rigid thoughts and an unwillingness to consider another’s perspective or to receive the messages of the divine. Thus, we grow increasingly fanatical in what we believe, unable to accept others without judgment.

This often leads to behaviors that abuse of power. However, an imbalance may be less obstructive and show as severe indecision, with the inability to have any independent thought or opinion to guide our choices.

Amethyst and Citrine Geodes

How to Resolve These Imbalances

Now that you know which chakras need some extra love, here are some tips and resources to help you bring them back into balance…

Use Crystals

Crystals have strong frequencies that activate our chakras. Their radiant colors make it easy to pinpoint which crystal can bring healing and energetic vibes to specific chakras. As we learn more and more about the properties of crystals, we can understand subtler connections too.

Ametrine is a fantastic crystal to carry with you if you feel like your entire chakra system needs help. The Amethyst in this stone empowers the crown and upper chakras while the Citrine it contains balances the solar plexus and lower chakras. 

Use Chakra Opening Techniques

When a chakra is imbalanced, it is likely to have closed; therefore reopening it can help you find the right balance for optimum function. Certain crystals and healing techniques can be used to open the chakras.

Let's look at some of them now...

Do a Chakra Meditation

Adding chakra meditation into your self care routine can help keep the chakras balanced and prevent a major imbalance from occurring. Chakra meditation can be altered in many ways to give extra attention to an imbalanced chakra while keeping the others thriving and healthy.

Chakra Meditation

Try Other Chakra Healing Practices

There are many other techniques and chakra healing practices that bring healing to the chakras when they experience imbalance. Consider some of these and many others:

Final Thoughts

When you sense something adrift in your system and want to pinpoint a chakra imbalance, start from the root chakra and move up to each node as you consider the symptoms we’ve discussed. Make note of sensations and messages that your aura sends you in each chakra.

Once you have restored all of your chakras into balance, you will experience healthy, flowing kundalini energy. You may note some of these signs of wellbeing and balance:

  • Support and grounding from the root
  • Empowered creativity and sensuality from the sacral chakra
  • Confidence and motivation from the solar plexus
  • Love and compassion to those around you from the heart
  • Expression, honesty, and conviction from the throat chakra
  • Focus and open-mindedness in the third eye
  • Trust and divine connection from the crown

Make it a regular practice to check in with your chakras, like a yearly physical you would schedule with your doctor, although we suggest visiting your chakras much more often than that!

By doing so, you’ll find new insights and tools to give your system the healthiest form of balance and activation.

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here. 

Chakra Imbalance Symptoms Get to Know Your Energy System

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