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How to Create a Crystal Home Spa Experience

INSIDE: By creating your own crystal home spa experience, you'll never have to rely on your budget or spa availability to enjoy the many benefits again. Use these tips to help you set one up!


Recent events have underlined the importance of being able to care for your health and wellness at home. Home spas are no longer just for celebrities and interior-design magazines. They’re now must-haves for everyone.

And the best way to infuse your home spa with healing energy is to use crystals! 

With that in mind, is here to offer some tips on how to create a crystal spa experience in your own home.

Figure Out What Space You Can Use for Your Home Spa Experience

When you think of home spas, the first place you probably think of is your bathroom, followed by your bedroom. These are generally the two main contenders for home spa locations, but you don’t have to limit yourself just to them. In fact, you probably shouldn’t. 

In essence, a spa is basically a space to cleanse. It, therefore, makes sense to set up mini-spas wherever you are likely to need cleansing.

The type of spa setup you use will depend on whether the cleansing you need is physical, mental, or emotional. And in many cases, it is likely to be a combination of all of these.

For example, in a kitchen, your immediate priority might be physical cleansing. You could therefore create a mini-spa area at your sink for mindful hand cleansing. And since even kitchens tend to have a lot of gadgets in them, you could enhance this with some crystals for EMF protection.

In your living room or home office, by contrast, you probably won’t have as much need for physical cleansing. You will, however, almost certainly need strong EMF protection.

With all that said, however, sometimes you’re going to need a real, deep-down, physical, mental, and emotional cleanse. This requires a place that is both safe and private. That’s generally going to mean a combination of your bedroom and your bathroom.

Amethyst Home Spa

Arrange the Space

Make sure you arrange your home spa space(s) for optimal energy flow so that the positive energies from the crystals can circulate freely. You also need some kind of escape point so that negative energies won't become trapped in the space.

This tends to be easier with bedrooms than with bathrooms. With bathrooms, you might have to make the best of what you have. Even if you opt for a remodel, it’s generally most cost-effective to stick with your existing plumbing. If you have the budget for significant changes, it’s usually better to spend it on proper home spa appliances like hydrotherapy steam showers and whirlpool baths.

Pick Your Key Crystal

You may have read about public crystal spas. These sometimes have whole rooms dedicated in a single type of crystal. But they can also have multiple crystals in one room.

In either case, the key point to note is that these treatment rooms are relatively large spaces. To have a crystal home spa experience, it’s generally best to pick one main crystal per space and have everything follow on from that choice.

Assuming you’re using your bedroom and bathroom as combined but distinct spa areas, some obvious choices would be Himalayan Salt and Amethyst. Proper salt crystals have many excellent qualities. The reason Himalayan Salt stands out, in particular, is due to its high level of EMF protection.

Realistically, excessive EMF exposure is probably a major cause of mental, physical, and emotional issues, hence the need for a regular anti-EMF deep-cleanse.

Amethyst, meanwhile, is arguably the ultimate, all-around healing crystal. In fact, we've written an entire article about creating an Amethyst Healing Spa.

Its mental health and emotional healing benefits are a powerful tool against the challenges the pandemic has created. Even as life returns to normal (or the new normal), its soothing, calming qualities make it a natural choice for a phenomenal crystal home spa experience. 

Amethyst Geodes

Once you have your key crystal(s), you can then decide what, if any, other crystals you need or want. Remember, however, to focus on quality first and quantity second. If necessary, start with the bare minimum of crystals and increase your crystal collection over time as your budget allows.

A Note on Crystal Care

One of the big advantages of having your own crystal home spa is that you get to care for the crystals. This means a lot more than just knowing what their powers are. It means you know where they came from and when (and how) they were last cleansed and charged.

Realistically, this is unlikely to be the case with a public crystal spa. If you find a spa run by a proper crystal healer, you can expect them to do their best to take care of their crystals.

But if you’re dealing with a general spa that just happens to have a crystal spa offering, it’s anybody’s guess what kind of state the crystals are in.

If you’re not familiar with crystal care, there are plenty of ways to learn about it. You can start with our Crystal Care Guide as well as our article about Crystal Cleansing

Crystals for Home Spa

Specific Ways to Use Crystals for Spas

There are some options for using crystals that are particularly well-suited to home spa treatments. Possibly the most obvious one is crystal-infused toiletries and skincare products. At a basic level, you can use salt soaks and scrubs. You could add essential oils for even more benefits, and you can get crystal-infused masks and moisturizers. 

You can also use crystals for self-massage, particularly on the face, hands, arms, feet, and legs. Crystal rollers can be used on the whole body. You might, however, want to keep them for the face and use something more egg-shaped for the rest of the body. This can help you to get a bit more power into the massage. 

Ideally, you should always end any cleanse with hydration. Crystal-infused water, also known as a crystal elixir, is the perfect choice for this. You can buy crystal-filled water bottles. It is, however, easy enough to infuse water using your own crystals. That way, you can use whatever crystal you think is most appropriate for any particular situation.

Use Crystals With Other Healing Therapies

Last but not least, build on the many benefits of crystals by combining them with other therapies. Aromatherapy is probably the most obvious choice.

Remember, however, that there are plenty of others. For example, if you invest in color-changing light-bulbs, you can benefit from color therapy (chromotherapy) at the same time. You can also use sound to enhance the overall experience.

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here.

How to Create a Crystal Home Spa Experience

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