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How Manifestation Works: Understanding the Law of Attraction

INSIDE: Mastering the law of attraction is the key to aligning with the Universe so you can create the life you desire. Let's discover how manifestation works and how to use it to take the reins of your life and transform the course of your destiny.


When the law of attraction became a popular concept a few years ago, people considered it another folly invention of New Age zealots to escape from the harsh realities of their lives. 

But even though it sounds too good to be true, nowadays, it is widely known that visualizing the life of your dreams and using wishful thinking can help you attract positive outcomes. 

It can be easy to make the law of attraction part of your daily live once you get the hang of it, but it can feel overwhelming at first, causing too many people to throw it all away at the first hurdle That's why it's essential to deeply understand how manifestation works.

How Manifestation Works

Manifestation refers to the act of materializing our thoughts and desires into reality. It is the process in which the frequency of our thoughts align with those of the Universe to make our desires come true. 

For example, imagine that you are craving a hot cup of coffee. You fantasize about the way it tastes, how it smells, the warmth of the cup, and how happy you are to savor it.

The Universe does not distinguish between conscious thoughts and tangible reality, so it materializes that desire on your physical plane just as it is represented in the mental one.

No, a cup of coffee won't just appear in your hand, but maybe a friend buys you a cup unexpectedly, or maybe you end up with some extra time between meetings, allowing you to make yourself a cup.

Now, the same can happen with negative experiences. If your mind is focused on stressful issues, future concerns, and messy scenarios, then the Universe will materialize the same thing on the physical plane.

By influencing our mindset and emotions, we can have the life of our dreams. We just need to train our minds to focus on what we want to make it possible.

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The Law of Attraction 

The Law of Attraction says that feelings, thoughts, and energy tend to migrate to things with a similar frequency.

Thus, this Universal principle explains that "like attracts like," so every thought you throw at the Universe responds in kind, whether negative or positive.

So if you want to turn your life around to one that truly fulfills you, you must train your mind to attract more positive experiences into your life.

Sounds simple, right?

Well, that's the crux of the matter. We are highly used to scarcity and negativity from generations past. It is rooted in our subconscious, and we must make a daily, conscious effort to change our entire mindset.

So having the life of your dreams, filled with colorful adventures, meaningful relationships, and magical experiences, will not happen overnight. It takes time and practice to witness its tangible impact on our lives.

But no one can say that it is not a process worth waiting for.

Manifestation and the Law of Attraction

Focusing on our goals and remaining positive for sustainable periods of time is not an easy task, no matter how much you want to do it. If you've tried meditation, you've probably experienced that the more we try to control our mental focus, the more it strays.

This is the challenging part when learning how manifestation works.

But don't worry. The law of attraction offers a wide range of techniques to help us get in control of our mental state, like journaling, positive affirmations, and gratitude practices.

Everything in the whole Universe has a unique frequency, attracting the things that have the same resonance. 

So if you are trying to manifest abundance, for example, but you surround yourself with people who never have enough money, the law of attraction will keep bringing you experiences related to scarcity.

That's why you also have to shield yourself from toxic relationships or negative experiences that are blocking the way of the goal you are pursuing.

Our mindset is crucial when mastering manifestation, but it doesn't work alone. We need consistent action to materialize what we want into our lives.

manifestation and the law of attraction

5 Steps to Manifest Your Desires

Now that you understand how manifestation works, you can implement it as part of your daily life.

The following steps might seem easy in theory, but they take a lot of effort and practice to make them part of your routine.

These actions will help beginners focus on their goals and dreams without losing their way in their manifestation journey.

Get Clear on What You Want

When we first think about our desires, we might realize that numerous wishes are simultaneously going around in our heads.

Attempting to manifest several wishes at a time is not recommended when we are just becoming steeped in this practice. It's best to pick one goal and stick to it until it is realized before moving on with the next one.

If you can't decide which desire is more relevant, make a list and rearrange them to determine their priority. 

You might want to start small and select an achievable goal until you get the hang of it and fully understand how manifestation works. 

Nurture Your Intention Everyday

Now, you have to nurture your desire constantly by using tools of manifestation. Visualization is the most important because, as we mentioned above, the Universe does not distinguish between the mental and material planes.

Imagine that you already have what you wish for. Picture how you would feel, what thoughts run in your mind, and how confident, satisfied, or moved you are by this object/experience/relationship.

It's important to think of it in the present tense to make the process more vivid, so the benefits can be amplified.

Then, you can use positive affirmations to enhance your confidence in the law of attraction and raise your chance of success.

These tools will help you stay focused on your objectives while keeping a positive mindset.

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Take Daily Action

However, don't forget that wishful thinking alone is not enough to attract the life of your dreams. You need to put the effort towards what you want and support the Universe in the manifestation process.

Let's say you want to find the love of your life. Besides picturing how your life would be after meeting this person, you should also do things like downloading a dating app and putting yourself out there to tell the Universe you are ready for a change. Try some love crystals too!

Work on Overcoming Your Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs are one of the easiest ways to sabotage the manifestation process. The bad news is that most of them are rooted in our subconscious, and we have to work hard to overcome them. 

You could wish to have a million dollars in your bank account, but if, deep down, you don't feel entitled to have it, then your manifestation efforts are being wasted.

Change your negative mindset and avoid hanging out with people that bring you down by constantly complaining about their lives. Protect your frequency so you can attract good things.

Bring the Energies of Love & Gratitude Into Your Life

If we only focus on the things that are missing in our lives, we'll attract experiences related to dissatisfaction and unfulfillment. 

Acknowledging all the blessings in your life and expressing gratitude when receiving the things you wished for will make the process smoother in the future. 

Final Thoughts 

Manifestation and the law of attraction can change your life forever if you know how to practice them properly and let them become part of your daily experience.

Even though it sounds easy in theory, it requires us to completely transform our approach to reality by getting rid of our unwanted beliefs and aligning ourselves with the highest frequencies of the Universe. 

As a result, we can make the life of our dreams come true.

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How Manifestation Works Understanding the Law of Attraction

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