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Kyanite Healing Properties for Communication, Intuition & Pain Relief

INSIDE: Kyanite healing properties restore physical energy, enhance communication, sharpen intuition, and connect us with our inner spirit. Let's discover Kyanite meaning and how it can improve your overall well-being.


Kyanite is a mysterious aluminum silicate mineral that is usually transparent with a pearly sheen. It can be found in Italy, Switzerland, USA, Brazil, Austria, and India. 

This crystal is related to the Throat Chakra and Third Eye Chakra. It opens the mind centers, enhances telepathic and psychic abilities, and provides a powerful link for receiving healing energy.

Kyanite doesn't retain or accumulate negative energy, which is why it never needs cleansing, making it an excellent mineral for metaphysical purposes.

Read on to learn all about the healing properties of Kyanite and its symbolism.

Kyanite Stones

Kyanite Properties & Symbolism

Kyanite is made out of aluminum silicate, and it appears in striated, long fragments that can be transparent. It is usually blue with white, green, indigo, or black streaks and has a shimmery appearance.

Kyanite has Greek roots and it comes from the word "kyanos," which means "deep blue." Its anisotropic properties allow this stone to have two different types of hardnesses depending on how it is measured.

Kyanite is used for heat resistance purposes in the industry of porcelain, mortar, brick, brake shoes, cutting disks, grinding wheels, dentures, sinks, and bathroom fixtures.

Mental & Emotional Healing Properties of Kyanite

Kyanite is a very important stone in the metaphysical world as it can enhance not only the body but our emotional and psychological well-being as well. It creates pathways to connect the mind to the heart, keeping these two centers strongly united.

Here are some of the mental and emotional healing properties of Kyanite.

Promotes Good Communication

Kyanite healing properties bridge the gap between different and even opposite beliefs and ideas, encouraging self-expression and helping us speak our truth.

It also sharpens communication skills, making it a great ally in meetings, social settings, or any time we feel blocked or uninspired.

Helps Us Connect With Our Life Purpose

If you feel lost or need help breaking a cycle of self-destructive behavior, Kyanite healing properties are here to help you connect with your inner purpose and get you back on track.

It will also inspire you to discover new interests, learn new skills, and build higher knowledge to escape from the rut you find yourself stuck in.

Improves Memory

You can place a Kyanite stone on the center of your brow to access long-forgotten childhood memories and unblock stagnant energy from your mind.

It can also help you recall names or words that elude you, which is very useful during therapy or when healing your past emotional wounds.

Offers Grounding Energies

Kyanite healing properties help us keep both feet firmly on the ground whenever we feel overwhelmed by our emotions or negative thinking.

If nothing seems to be working in your life, this grounding crystal will keep you anchored to reality so you can focus on finding the source of your problems and fix them accordingly.

Physical Healing Properties of Kyanite 

Kyanite is an excellent stone to keep by your side when it comes to physical health. It will ensure that your body receives proper nourishment, ultimately leading to good health.

Here are some of the physical healing properties of Kyanite.

Natural Pain Reliever

Kyanite healing properties are known to reduce pain and physical inflammation that cause discomfort. This stone can assist you in recovery from any physical trauma or recent surgery.

Some people even use it to relieve chronic back, head, or muscular pain, as it has the power to relieve those aches and pains that prescription medicines are unable to treat. 

Restores Physical Energy

Kyanite healing properties can help with emotional weariness and physical fatigue by encouraging solid sleep and healthy eating patterns, preparing your body to heal.

If you feel that your body is taking a toll on you from years of a sedentary lifestyle or poor diet, this stone will help you begin a path of self-healing by naturally inspiring you to live a healthier life.

Supports Blood Circulation

Kyanite can release any kind of blockage in your body to help you heal your blood circulation. It's also known to lower high blood pressure.

Relieves Stress

Kyanite healing properties soothe physical symptoms related to stress, anxiety, and depression, such as headaches, stomach aches, dizziness, muscle tension, and shortness of breath.

Healing Properties of Kyanite

Chakra & Spiritual Properties

Kyanite healing properties instantly balance the chakras to improve consciousness, health, and our interaction with the outer world.

This stone resonates with the energy of the Throat and Third Eye chakras, enhancing communication and awareness on all levels.

Enhances Self-Expression

The Throat Chakra represents the voice of our bodies. It allows the energy from the rest of the chakras to be expressed effectively, so when it's out of balance, it can profoundly affect the rest of the chakras.

When the Throat Chakra is open, it helps us express what we think and feel without effort. Therefore, Kyanite healing properties help us communicate our personal truth into the world through our beliefs and opinions. 

Sharpens Intuition

The Third Eye Chakra represents the center of our spiritual perception, and it directs our everyday awareness of the world. This chakra connects us to our higher consciousness and sorts out the important and the unimportant impressions we receive in our daily lives.

When the Third Eye Chakra is unblocked, we can see clearly and understand what's happening in our surroundings. That's why Kyanite healing properties help us interpret visual signals and sharpen our perception. 

This will open us to new ideas and visions, making us reflective and wisely observant.

Balances Our Inner Selves With Our Environment

Kyanite connects us with the truth of our heart. The Heart Chakra regulates our interaction with the external world and controls the things we accept and the ones we resist, giving us the balancing ability to interact with our environment effectively.

This crystal supports the balance of the heart chakra by helping us understand our needs and emotions, leading us to embrace changes with optimism. 

Chakra Crystals

Metaphysical Uses for Kyanite

Kyanite healing properties can help us cleanse our chakras. They encourage logical thinking while enhancing our psychic abilities. This crystal hums at high frequencies, promoting telepathy, connecting with subtle bodies, and communicating with our spirit guides.

Kyanite also clears out negative energy, strengths our intuition, and leads us to balance the extra yang energy stored in the emotional self.

This stone helps us cut through illusion and enables us to find our inner truth so we can share it with the rest of the world.

Final Thoughts

Kyanite is a powerful crystal that can be used not only to promote physical and emotional well-being but also to restore the connection with our intuition and spiritual journey

It is associated with the Throat Chakra and the Third Eye Chakra because it promotes communication and releases spiritual obstructions that prevent us from seeing our life more positively.

It helps us tap into our inner truth and release blockages between our thoughts and feelings as it opens the mind center.

Rely on this healing stone to restore your emotional and physical energy and realign your true purpose in life.

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclaimer notice here. 

Kyanite Healing Properties

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