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Obelisk Crystals: Symbolism, Historical Meaning & Metaphysical Uses

INSIDE: With smooth faces and sharp edges, obelisk crystals have a regal elegance undergirded by fierce strength and security. By using these powerful tools, we can access ancient wisdom that has given special meaning to this eye-catching stone form.


Obelisk isn’t a word we use everyday, but it is surprising how ubiquitous this shape is in our environment. In its most impressive form, it towers over our surroundings as monuments to mark a moment of history – take the Washington Monument in Washington, D.C., one of the Luxor Obelisk in Paris, or the Vatican Obelisk in Rome, for example.

We often recognize myriad monuments in New York City, not even realizing that the oldest relic in the entire city at some 3,500 years old rests in Central Park. That’s Cleopatra’s Needle, an Egyptian obelisk that was moved there in the late 1800s through incredible feats of engineering and patience.

While obelisks of some 70 feet high that weigh many tons are impressive, this powerful shape emits power and resonates meaning in any range of sizes, even as a handheld obelisk crystal.

The word obelisk comes from Greece, meaning nail or pointed pillar. The shape takes a kind of point at the apex of a pyramid sitting atop a four-sided tower. 

True obelisks are monolithic, formed from a single piece of stone rather than in parts fused together. Obelisks fit in the category of crystal pointers, though all pointers do not take the shape of an obelisk.

Crystals shaped into obelisks have a long history as beacons of protection and antennae to detect divine signals headed in our direction.

Obelisk Crystals

Obelisk Symbolism Through History

The earliest interpretation of the role of obelisk crystals in human cultural practice suggests that obelisks created a sort of portal for earth energy to escape from beneath the surface into our world.

In fact, crystals themselves were believed to be a product of pent-up Earth energy, and the history of obelisks seems to take a similar journey, resonating from Egypt to other parts of the world.

Egyptian Roots

In Egypt, obelisks were called tekhenu and played a critical role in religious rites and royal records. The obelisk crystal meaning was connected to the god of the Sun, Ra. The upward-reaching form extended towards the sun in a type of exaltation to Ra.

Because its vertical position cast elongated shadows on the ground as the sun moved through the sky, obelisks served as sundials, an indication of the gods’ constant work to keep the heavens and earth in motion.

Usually, Egyptians built massive obelisks at the entryways to temples or tombs. Located at sites where powerful spiritual frequencies vibrated from underground, the obelisks that guarded temple doors and gates helped access the deep healing energy and amplify it into the sacred space.

Obelisks used in this way always stood in pairs, as if bands of energy passed between the two. Then, to add to the importance of these structures, the stone slabs shaped into obelisk form had hieroglyphs carved into their surface to record the histories of the people there.

Global Migration

Many of Egypt’s obelisks were made of granite, a stone mostly composed of Quartz, a known crystal for energy amplification. As civilizations migrated, battled, and traded, the influence of other places took subtle roots in far-flung places.

However, obelisk crystals have been one of the most obvious exchanges from Egypt around the world.

As the Roman Empire spread, its leaders recognized the masterful architecture of the Egyptian obelisks. They had many removed, excavated, and shipped to Rome and other parts of Italy – the largest ancient relic is now standing in the Piazza San Giovanni in Laterano.

As mentioned earlier, other massive obelisks were sent to places like the United States as gifts from the Egyptian government. The potency of the symbol served to inspire many modern erections of obelisks to signify a sense of power and strength that delicately arises from the depths.

obelisk crystal meaning

Metaphysical Meaning & Uses for Obelisk Crystals

Up to now we’ve talked about massive obelisks, but in their crystal forms, they can be handheld, tabletop altars, or large sculptural art. No matter their form, they conduct energy transfers between our earth roots and our divine soul.

A Record of Historical Wisdom

There was a reason that the ancient Egyptians carved histories on obelisks - the shape is the perfect container to hold divine knowledge. Depending on where the crystal has been mined from, the stone obelisk stores deep-rooted wisdom that has passed through millennia of events on earth.

When we learn how to use obelisk crystals, we can access spiritual knowledge that is otherwise unavailable in a tangible way. Instead, this information must be conveyed through our soul essence and divine communication. If we practice and trust, we can even gain information from the akashic records.

Use these steps to access this universal wisdom:

  1. To use an obelisk as a divine tool of lessons and guidance, we need to center ourselves and cleanse our energy and the energy around us.
  2. When grounded and prepared, hold the obelisk in your left hand, concentrating to sense its vibrations and frequency.
  3. When you feel connected and open to its vibrations, begin to rub one of the four surfaces, continuing as information passes through your aura, allowing you to intuit the message.
  4. To close the session, bookmark your place in the spiritual history you are exploring. Switch the obelisk to your right hand, rubbing the exact opposite face of the crystal as a sign of completion.

Spiritual Gifts

Amplifier of Intention

The long, pointed shape of an obelisk gives us a clear sense that it has concentrated, powerful energy to shift our perspective. Perhaps the most treasured of the obelisk crystal meanings lies in its ability to amplify whatever intention we set, but there are some particularly potent energies the obelisk best magnifies.

We said that obelisks were always placed in pairs to protect doors and entrances. This has major importance when considering balance and harmony.

Working with two obelisk-shaped crystals ensures that we unite yin and yang energy in whatever intentional actions we take. Similarly, their ancient connection to immortality gives obelisks meaning as purveyors of life and vitality.

Just as the architectural obelisks are monolithic, most crystals shaped as obelisks should be monolithic too. The intricate work required to shape crystals takes refined skill and patience – another lesson conveyed through the obelisk.

When we want to enhance our opportunities for successful outcomes, obelisks provide incredible power to attract energy that reveals success and adds to our true spiritual purpose.

Obelisk-Shaped Crystals

Release of Energetic Blockage

Finally, the protective qualities of obelisk crystals cannot be overlooked. Even if small enough to fit in your palm, these shaped stones tower over negativity, dispelling it from any space it is charged to protect. This means we can use it to transform the energy of a room, a home, or our bodies.

There are two powerful ways to access an obelisk’s cleansing, protective nature...

The Visualization Method

If we want to bring healing to our physical, mental, or spiritual bodies, we can spend time discovering the origin of the pain. This can be revealed through chakra work or by simply tuning in.

Once you understand the root of your pain, rest the base of an obelisk on the site and visualize the obelisk extracting and releasing negativity and toxins from the site, signaling positive healing to concentrate on your body.

The Doorway Method

Another method helps bring balance and serenity to a space and reflects the ancient role obelisks have played. Called the portal or doorway method, you'll need a pair of obelisks to begin. 

You can opt for many different crystal varieties – Black Obsidian, Lapis Lazuli, and Amethyst have important purifying and enlightening properties to energize spiritual vibrations. 

Placing the pair of obelisks on either side of a threshold ensures an exchange of energy that shields any unintentional or negative presence from entering. To create a wider swathe of protection, set obelisks in four corners of a room or around furniture, like a desk or bed, to draw in spiritual intention.

Final Thoughts

Obelisk crystals may look like simple pointers, but the truth is that when we understand the unique geometry they possess and the even deeper historical presence they have had, we recognize the metaphysical powers they encompass.

As guardians of our spiritual realms and amplifiers of our true essence and aura, obelisks invite harmony, healing, and protection into our lives.

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here. 

Obelisk Crystals

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