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Crystals for Weight Loss: 5 Stones to Help You Lose Weight Without the Struggle

INSIDE: Weight loss is no fun, but with the help of these crystals for weight loss, it doesn’t have to be such a struggle. By supporting the body, mind, and spirit, we can have the motivation, stamina, and strength we need to crush our weight loss goals.


Weight loss is an ever-present struggle for the majority of us, and we all want an easy solution.

While there probably isn’t a quick fix resolution, nature has provided us with tools that can help us achieve our weight loss goals in less time with more ease.

The following 5 Healing Stones work together to shift your energy so that you have the motivation, stick-to-it-ness, and strength you need to lose unwanted weight.

What are the Best Crystals for Weight Loss?

Here are our favorite Weight Loss Gemstones to support you in creating your ideal body…

Black Jasper

Black Jasper Crystals for Weight Loss

Black Jasper provides a deep grounding energy that supports us in our earthly endeavors, including weight loss. It resonates with the root chakra, serving as the foundation from which to create the body we desire. Its slow and steady energy helps us remain steadfast as we work to fulfill our weight loss goals. It helps us to stay organized in our pursuits, making it easier to prepare meal plans and develop exercise routines. 

Black Jasper builds our emotional stability and turns negative energy into positive energy, thereby helping us overcome what is holding us back from our ideal weight. It even promotes healthy digestion and balances mineral intake.



Goldstone is known as the Stone of Ambition, and as such, it gives us the drive and motivation we need to achieve our weight loss goals. It resonates with the sacral chakra, helping us to balance our emotions and create an aura of resilience, confidence, and positivity so that we can manifest the body of our dreams.

This weight loss stone repels negative energy, removes emotional blocks, and relieves stress, helping us to move forward without being hindered by the negative emotions and circumstances that stand in our way. It also increases physical energy so that we feel ready and able to perform our workouts and do the work necessary to lose weight.


Howlite Weight Loss Crystals

Howlite is a weight loss crystal that connects us with higher consciousness so that we are driven by our intuition and Divine guidance as to what the best course of action is for our weight loss. It calms us, and reduces stress and negative energy and emotions, especially anger, frustration, and fear.

Howlite is an ideal stone for weight loss because it helps us process and balance our emotions, bringing us an awareness of what we need to improve so that we can make choices that support our weight loss goals. Howlite inspires us to be version of ourselves.



Lodolite is often called the Stone of Power because it amplifies our intentions, helping us transform our lives and manifest the body we desire. It gifts us with the personal strength, focus and motivation we need to follow through and stop yo-yoing.

This weight loss crystal cleanses the body, aura, and the environment, keeping our bodies and our surroundings vibrating high so that we can achieve our goals. It also balances our body, mind, and spirit, making it easier to pursue our weight loss goals without struggling from our own imbalances.

Yellow Jasper

Yellow Jasper

Yellow Jasper is a weight loss stone that resonates with the solar plexus. It’s slow and steady energy promotes self-confidence, motivation, courage, and personal power, turning us into a powerhouse of forward motion toward our weight loss goals.

With its help, we have the self-discipline, perseverance, and physical stamina we need to create our ideal bodies. It strengthens us from the inside out, and even helps us understand and work through our emotions. Plus, it detoxifies the body, and supports a healthy stomach and intestines.

Want These Crystals for Weight Loss?

Whether you feel like you've tried everything from different fitness programs to restrictive diets, and supplements like turmeric, weight loss is certainly something most people struggle with. 

Now, you have some additional tools in your arsenal.

We’ve bundled up all five of these crystals for weight loss into our Weight Loss Healing Gemstone Collection Bag. Purchase yours today so you can start experiencing the benefits of these weight loss stones for yourself!

Weight Loss Gemstones

* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. This article may contain affiliate links. Please read our full disclaimer notice here. 

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