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"Weight Loss" Healing Gemstone Collection Bag

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"Weight Loss" Healing Gemstone Collection Set

In these stressful times, it is easier than ever to become overweight and obese due to our everyday stresses, physical ailments, and unhealthy habits. A sizable portion of the world shares this issue and sometimes, we just need a shift to see the change we want to see in ourselves.This set will provide the ambition, awareness, and focus required to achieve your goals! Increased energy, renewed vigor for life, focus and determination, and everything else you need to see the change in yourself that you seek.

For this "Weight Loss" Healing Gemstone collection, we have hand selected 5 healing stones: Black Jasper, Goldstone, Yellow Jasper, Howlite, Lodolite. The set includes one of each of these along with a bag. 

Black Jasper


1st Crystal – Increases Productivity – Promotes Health – Focused Energy

Known as the “Stone of Productivity,” Black Jasper is a perfect gemstone for weight loss and personal health because it promotes healthy routines and increases personal awareness of your own health. It also increases physical and emotional stability and assists with recovering from physical ailments. It emits a slow and steady energy that helps one remain steadfast full of focused energy. It also improves one's connection to the earth.

Black Jasper:


2nd Crystal – Ambition – Increased Drive – Helps Quit Unhealthy Habits

Goldstone is the “Stone of Ambition.” It gives us the drive to achieve our dreams and goals. It increases motivation to kick unhealthy habits and provides the confidence needed to make the change you desire in your life. It also relieves muscle tension and promotes a constant state of positivity. It reduces stress and removes negative emotional blocks


Yellow Jasper

3rd Crystal – Improves Self Discipline – Personal Growth – Organ Health

Yellow Jasper is the “Stone of Self-Discipline.” Like the tortoise from the classic tale of “The Tortoise and the Hare,” it emanates a slow and steady, progressive energy. It is known to deflect jealousy helping you focus on your own personal growth. It increases stability and con It also improves the functions of your stomach, intestines, gallbladder, pancreas, liver, spleen, and kidneys.

Yellow Jasper:


4th Crystal – Relieves Pain and Tension – Self Actualization – Awareness

Known as the “Stone of Self-Awareness,” Howlite is the gemstone that inspires the the very best version of ourselves. It gives us the insight to understand issues that stand in the way of our growth and the energy to make the necessary changes. It also is great for relieving pain and muscle tension. It promotes a healthy endocrine and circulatory system and gives us the confidence to make the necessary changes in our life.



5th Crystal – Focus – Strengthening – Magnification

The “Gemstone of Focus,” Lodolite is an absolute powerhouse. It promotes healthy balance, and provides a new perspective to begin our personal journeys. It is made up of quartz with inclusions of epidote, hematite, chlorite, and feldspar; all of which are strengthening and empowering.  It also magnifies the effects of all of the gemstones in this set. It has hematite, epidote, chlorite, feldspar, clear quartz.


Chakra Crystals

For this "Weight Loss" Healing Gemstone collection, we have hand selected 5 healing stones, Black Jasper, Goldstone, Yellow Jasper, Howlite, Lodolite. The set includes one of each of these along with a bag. 

How to Meditate With Weight Loss Crystals

Meditate With Chakra Crystals In Hand

These crystals help deepen and strengthen the results of meditation and chakra opening. Each crystal has a different energy, and some crystals work to enhance the energy of the chakras. When you meditate with crystals that share the energy of the chakras (chakra crystals), your meditation practice and your results will be more powerful. You might choose to place the chakra crystals in your palm as you meditate, or you can place them on the body in the area of each chakra while lying down (the clear quartz will be placed above your head). As you meditate, visualize the chakra crystals pouring their energy into your chakras one at a time.

Meditate With Chakra Crystals on Chakras

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