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A Fresh Start: 5 Best Crystals for New Beginnings

The new year is right around the corner and with it comes the opportunity for a fresh start. Many people view the new year as a new beginning, fraught with endless possibilities and potential.

While making resolutions is easy, sticking to them is often much harder. See your resolutions become a reality and start the new year right with this guide to some of the best crystals for new beginnings.

5 Best Crystals for New Beginnings


Many people find the promise of a new beginning to be rather daunting. Amazonite can help calm your fears in the face of big life changes, allowing you to take the first steps toward your new beginning with poise and harmony.

This stone also encourages abundance, success, and courage, in addition to creating a calming and harmonious atmosphere. This makes it the ideal stone for individuals seeking to advance or change their careers.

While Amazonite will help soothe your worries, it also incites action and will provide you with the courage you need to take the first steps toward your new beginning.


The road toward your resolutions will not always be easy, and sometimes you’ll need a little extra support to keep you on track with your goals. Agate is the perfect stone to help pick you back up when the going gets tough.

This stone possesses strong, supportive energy that will help you regain control of your life and shape it according to your dreams and desires.

Agate will help you avoid negative energies that may cause you to lose focus on your resolutions. Further, it will provide you with a grounding presence to help you achieve your goals.

How to Use Crystals

Clear Quartz

One of the best crystals for new beginnings, and one of the most versatile healing stones in general, is Clear Quartz. Like other clear crystals, Clear Quartz helps promote a clear mind.

With your mind free of worries and clutter, you’ll be better able to envision your desires and make a realistic plan to achieve them. Clear Quartz also promotes optimism, a trait that is necessary when beginning a new life journey.


Like Clear Quartz, Lodolite also promotes a clear mind and a calm atmosphere. This soothing energy is particularly beneficial in meditation, as it allows you a clearer headspace to realize your dreams and make concrete changes to achieve them.

Lodolite is a very transformative stone and possesses a quiet strength that will help motivate you toward your goals. For these reasons, lodolite is a popular stone for individuals seeking to begin a new journey toward physical fitness and well-being.

Tiger's Eye

Tiger's Eye brings courage and confidence to its user, helping to dissolve fears that are standing in the way of transformation. It offers an energy that helps us manifest the changes we desire. It can bring us wealth and prosperity.

Tiger's Eye enhances creativity and provides us with the perseverance and willpower we need to make our new beginnings a reality. It also promotes physical and emotional strength to overcome all odds and achieve the new beginnings we seek.

Zodiac Stones

In Summary

As you make your new year’s resolutions and start to plan for your new beginning, remember to keep an open mind and heart. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and it will likely take some time before you begin to see concrete results from your resolutions.

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here.

Crystals for New Beginnings

New Beginning Crystals

Best Crystals for New Beginnings

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