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7 Reasons Spending Time Alone Improves Your Mood

INSIDE: Have you even considered the benefits of spending time alone? If you haven't, you're missing out. It's one of the best things you can do, not only for yourself, but for your relationships as well.


When asked to contemplate spending time alone, people often panic, creating a paradigm of anxiety and unacceptance. People generally believe that being alone is a waste of valuable time, a lonely space that they are unsure how to occupy, what to do, and how to react.

But, what if we told you that being alone presents a world of possibilities to you, your body, and your mind. The truth is, there are so many benefits of spending time alone.

By learning to be comfortable alone, you open up a new world of opportunities, a world of better understanding, a world in which your mental health and physical health will benefit, as will your relationships.

We are a society ruled by overworked mentalities, hectic lifestyles, and a desire to be with others rather than alone. But by setting a little bit of solitude within your busy schedule, you will reap the rewards and discover more balance.

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The Benefits of Spending Time Alone

The first step to learning how to be alone without craving the presence of others is understanding the benefits of spending time alone.

This article will present the top 7 reason spending time alone can boost your mood and improve your lifestyle. Let's find out how to learn to love your time with yourself by understanding the many benefits of spending time alone...

Give Your Empathy a Boost

Do you often find yourself wishing you were a little bit more compassionate, had a little bit more patience, and just understood people better? By spending time alone, you can increase your empathy for people, even those you normally butt heads with.

When we spend time with our inner circles, co-workers, and families, we often develop a mentality against everybody outside of those circles.

By stepping away from those circles, we can learn to appreciate how other people think, feel and act in life, increasing our empathy and becoming more understanding people with better and stronger relationships.  

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Become More Creative

When surrounded by others constantly, it is easy to compare ourselves and our work, which often leads to putting ourselves down and questioning our work, abilities, and creativity.

By finding some solitude, to be alone with your thoughts, you can reignite your creativity. Think of all the writers who disappear for a lonesome trip in a wood cabin far, far away. They don't do it for dramatic effect - they do it because they can allow their imagination to wander uninterrupted to discover the best ideas and possibilities.

Improve Your Mental Strength

By nature, we are social beings - we need the energy of other people to build relationships that we can nurture and develop. But, solitude can be equally as important, especially to our mental strength.

By learning not only to spend time alone but to enjoy it and find happiness and contentment within our own space, we can learn to improve our stress management and our ability to withstand hard times in life.

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You are the main character in your life so learn to appreciate that, love yourself, and understand how powerful and remarkable your mind is.

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Boost Productivity

Although being with others can bring us laughs, joy, and good times, it can also be distracting. We have all tried double study dates and undoubtedly came away having achieved nothing except good gossip and a giggle.

When alone, our productivity can increase, and we can complete tasks and objectives quickly and efficiently. Finish that house project you meant to do two days ago, complete your homework, or finish off that work project your boss is expecting Monday morning. 

Set a Good Example

Often, children crave attention, but maybe that has something to do with the way we raise them. Constantly moving from place to place, actively surrounding ourselves with people all of the time can lead children to believe that to be happy, they must be in the company of others. 

By showing our children that we are comfortable spending time alone, they too can learn the benefits of solitude, increasing their empathy and mental strength. 

Meditation Time Alone

Better Understand Yourself

Arguably, one of the best benefits of learning to love alone time is the deeper connection that you can build with yourself.

When alone, you can listen to your true desires - making decisions based on what you want - not on what you feel others expect of you. Solitude helps us discover who we truly are and uncover our desires, wants, and goals in life without outside influence.

One of our favorite ways to spend time alone and certainly one of the best benefits of spending time alone is the solitude it gives us to turn within and meditate.

We love to grab a crystal or two to hold in our hands, close our eyes, and let the chatter in our minds subside. It's a truly peaceful and enlightening practice.

The Bottom Line

Alone time is good. Learning to love alone time and actively searching for it is even better.

Start small, set aside time in your week where you can be alone. Something as small as a half hour alone in the bath is not only a great way to enjoy some much needed self-care; it can also help you understand what you can achieve with just a little bit of solitude.

Increase your empathy, your relationships, creativity, and get to know the real you. You'll learn to be your own best friend in no time.

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Spending Time Alone Improves Your Mood

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