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How to Make a Crystal Grid for Healing: Support Your Healing Journey

INSIDE: Life is a beautiful journey made out of experiences that expand our consciousness and develop our spirit. However, going through painful incidents can make it hard for us to embrace them with confidence and optimism. Build a crystal grid to heal your emotional wounds and manifest valuable experiences in your life.


A crystal grid is a combination of the healing properties of crystals and sacred geometry to manifest a specific intention in our lives.

If our past life experiences haven't been positive, our hearts begin to withdraw from the external world and reject new, more satisfying incidents, relationships, and pursuits.

Healing with a crystal grid is an excellent way to benefit from its spiritual vibrations and fully restore our physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Read on and discover how to create a crystal grid for healing.

What Does Creating a Crystal Grid for Healing Do? 

Crystal grids combine the powerful vibrations of sacred geometry with the spiritual properties of mother Earth's stones. You just have to create a pattern and place a healing stone at each intersection.

These frequencies align with our intentions to help us manifest a particular purpose in our lives. Healing from our wounds requires a lot of support from our loved ones and spiritual guides, and that is precisely what a crystal grid has to offer.

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What Crystal is Used for Healing? Use These Stones in Your Crystal Grid!

Nature has many crystals with different properties to help us with specific situations in our lives. 

If you are thinking about what crystal is used for healing, we recommend using the following options for your crystal grid...

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is an excellent option to use in a crystal grid for healing. It amplifies the healing effects of other gemstones and absorbs the negative energies stored in our bodies and our environment.

This crystal also balances our physical, mental, and emotional well-being and reduces our anxiety levels. Clear Quartz connects the mind with the spirit and enhances our intuition to help us heal our emotional wounds.



This crystal opens the crown chakra to help us find the spiritual meaning of our past circumstances. Using Amethyst in our crystal grid for healing can help us ground ourselves in our spiritual core and reach our inner self when healing from painful experiences.

This gemstone also protects us against psychic attacks and transforms harmful energy into love and compassion.



Any crystal grid for healing will benefit from Jasper, the "supreme nurturer" of all crystals. This powerful stone supports our emotional well-being during challenging times, bringing equilibrium and peace while absorbing negative energy.

Jasper encourages honesty and courage to face our problems with confidence. It also helps us put our ideas into action, which is very important when entering our healing journey.



When we go through painful experiences, our chakras tend to destabilize, which is why Garnet becomes very handy. This healing stone balances the chakras and purifies our energy, alleviating emotional disharmony. It also brings courage and hope during times of trouble.



Carnelian is a healing stone that helps us let go of the things that no longer serve us. This is an excellent addition to a crystal grid for healing since it allows us to detach from those negative emotions and thoughts that remain after a traumatic experience.

It also detoxes our body and boosts our vitality to awaken our inner warrior. Carnelian healing properties give us hope and confidence while transiting our healing journey.



Our lower chakras are in charge of our sense of security and emotional stability. Bloodstone balances these chakras and removes any blockages stored in our emotional bodies.

Bloodstone is known as the crystal of resilience. It boosts our courage and strength while navigating challenging experiences, helping us overcome them with more ease.



Selenite is also a wonderful addition to a crystal grid for healing since it gives us clarity during difficult times. This powerful gemstone protects us from harm and cleanses negative energies from our surroundings.

Selenite promotes calm and clears blocked energy, both of which support our healing journey. It also helps us access our intuition and supports a connection with others.



Lepidolite is known as the stone of transition since it helps us transform our challenging experiences into wisdom and gratitude. This crystal allows us to connect to our higher selves and helps us overcome anxious moods. 

If your personal or professional life is becoming too demanding, Lepidolite can help prevent tension and stress from overtaking your spirit, leading you to find inner peace

Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian

This crystal has protective and healing properties that are connected to our root chakra, the one in charge of our emotional stability. Black Obsidian will help us feel safe in this world, something we often lose after going through a traumatic event. 

This gemstone keeps negative thoughts and emotions at bay, ensuring that nothing drags us down into a pit of despair. It also clears our vision from falsehood and helps us stay grounded in our truth.



Amazonite soothes anxious thinking and removes self-destructive thoughts from our minds. It also encourages us to put ourselves first and stop engaging in self-neglect.

This crystal helps us overcome trauma by letting go of any remaining pain left inside of us. After Amazonite patches up old wounds, our troubling circumstances become more manageable.



This is also an excellent addition to your crystal grid for healing as it restores our self-esteem and leads us to have a positive outlook on life. Citrine gives us the strength and confidence to overcome our obstacles in less time than expected.

How to Layout a Crystal Grid for Healing

Now that you know what crystals you should use, here are some steps we recommend for laying out your crystal grid for healing:

Define Your Intention

When it comes to creating a crystal grid, the first thing you need to do is be specific about the intention you want to manifest. Write your purpose on a piece of paper before laying out the crystal grid to direct the energy towards its manifestation.

If you are trying to heal and achieve overall wellness, ask the crystal grid to help you enhance your vitality and self-esteem so you can overcome your emotional traumas.

Prepare Your Crystals

After choosing the crystals that align with your healing intention, cleanse them by bathing them in full moonlight, washing them with seawater, or other cleansing methods to ensure the energy they have collected is discharged.

NOTE: Some crystals should not be placed in water. And some crystals should not be in the sun

Set the Scene Around Your Grid

Make sure to place your grid where you spend most of your time. It can be in your room, living room, kitchen, office, etc.

Cleanse the space first by burning sage so the environment can absorb the healing properties of your grid more efficiently.

Arrange the Grid

Center Stone: Place the largest crystal you have that resonates with your intention in the center of your grid to anchor its healing frequencies.

Surrounding Stones: Place the rest of the crystals around the center stone to channel energy flow correctly. 

Amplification Stones: Clear Quartz is a powerful stone that amplifies the energy of the rest of the crystals. Place Clear Quartz in your grid to intensify the results.

Natural Objects: You can also use herbs, sticks, shells, or any other element of nature that you have within your reach that reminds you of your intention.

You can choose a crystal grid template available online and proceed to place each crystal in a purposeful order.


Make sure to activate your stones by tracing the energy flow around the grid. This will allow you to soak each stone in your intentions, which will activate the grid.

Final Thoughts

Once you build your crystal grid for healing, don't sit back and be a passive actor in your circumstances. 

Use your crystal grid to keep the healing energy active and release your painful experiences from your emotional system.

Life is full of beautiful surprises and adventures waiting for you to take them. Learn from your past experiences and set yourself free to embrace a new chapter of your life.

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclaimer notice here. 

How to Make a Crystal Grid for Healing Support Your Healing Journey

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