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Create a Crystal Grid for Love With These Crystals & Tips

INSIDE: Finding love can be a beautiful adventure, even if it may seem scary and uncertain at first. Build a crystal grid for love to attract a true spiritual partner and to protect your heart from pain and misdirection.


In many healing practices, we hear the adage, “You must love yourself before you can love others.” Self-love is absolutely vital to our whole wellbeing, but love from and for others matters in ways we may not always recognize.

Our sense of touch is one of the first ways we relate to the world as infants until we grow and our eyesight, hearing, smell, and taste become more honed. Thus, protective, gentle, loving touches offered to babies actually teaches them valuable introductions in how to understand and relate to others with kindness and compassion.

A lack of love and affection can cause fear and isolation in infants that is detrimental to their intellectual growth and development.

Love plays a critical role in our lives from the moment we are born, and we can actively attract energy to help draw love towards us and share love around us.

What Does Creating a Crystal Grid for Love Do?

A crystal grid relies on sacred geometry in tune with powerful stones to manifest and focus energy for a certain intention in our lives. When we target love with a crystal grid, our personal altar emits vibrations for incredible spiritual healing and manifestation.

Here are just a few of the amazing ways these grids can impact your life…

It Enhances Energy Flow

One of the principle functions of a crystal grid is to enhance the flow of energy in a space and within our aura. The person who constructs and activates a crystal grid harnesses the vibrational power given off by the stones.

Those frequencies can continue to surround our aura even when we step away from the grid, but it's important to intentionally return to the grid to refuel and redirect the energy flow.

The shape of the grid facilitates the movement of energy. Depending on what we want to manifest or attract, we can opt for different geometric designs. For love, an obvious symbol would be a heart, but if we think even deeper, there are other beautiful symmetries to try as well.

The union of two complete circles can have a particularly intense energetic weight. Representing two independent bodies with full understanding of their purpose, intentions, and desires, they can overlap to create a new space that is reliant on their shared gifts and love.

During activation, the flow of energy is directed in the same direction around both circles to demonstrate the sort of rhythmic dance that love creates. It’s so important to think about the shapes, the symmetry, and the direction as we build a crystal grid because of how powerful the energy flow can be.

Love Stones

It Fine Tunes Our Intuition

The more we use and interact with our crystal grid for love, we gain the strength to trust our instincts and intuition in finding a connection and trust in others. Crystal grids may bring healing energy to broken hearts, reverberate a call into the universe for intimacy and romance, or seek divine messages of what constitutes true, intentional love. 

Crystal grids are meant to be temporary as they do lose their energy over time, especially if we don’t tend to them and reactivate them.

While these stunning symbolic designs simulate a natural art piece for our sacred spaces, we want to eventually move on from one grid design to invite a new shape and energy into our space.

That means that crystal grids work to heal and teach us by sharpening our spiritual intuition.

When we realize and acknowledge our own abilities to recognize healthy, fulfilling love and partnerships, we can affectionately and carefully dismantle our grid, giving gratitude and asking for guidance to our next spiritual area of growth and abundance.

What Crystals Attract Love? Use These in Your Crystal Grid!

Before we get into building a crystal grid, let’s explore some of the most incredible crystals to attract love into our lives…

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

This stone is a quintessential attractor of love – of every variety! Known as the stone of the heart, Rose Quartz enhances how we express our love and affection to friends, family, lovers, and ourselves.

Rose Quartz offers energy to help us find compassion and acceptance of others and of our own flaws so that we can approach those around us with positivity and optimism rather than judgment and resentment.

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine charges a crystal grid for love with vibrations that will attract new opportunities for us to explore different pathways to love. This stone balances the heart chakra so that we discover the union of our natural gifts and personality with a higher spiritual calling.

By illuminating this balance, Green Aventurine provides us with the insight to find people and connections that fuel our purpose and intention.


RhodoniteOften, before we can accept love from someone new, we have to make sure we have healed any past wounds and heartbreak. Rhodonite gives off energy that soothes our emotions and pain. Using Rhodonite, we can confront hurt and heartache to take lessons from it that lead us to true, purposeful love.


An amazing aspect of healthy, loving relationships comes through the creative growth we access within ourselves and with others who we build intimacy with. Placing Emerald in a crystal grid for love inspires us to explore new directions as we put our trust in those we love.

Emerald motivates us to face our vulnerability with patience and insight through the accepting embrace of our family.

Unakite Jasper

Unakite JasperA risk we take when we fall in love is to lose the crucial balance of our attention. In the throes of new relationships, we can give too much of our time, thoughts, and energy to another person and forget to offer ourselves the self-love and care we need, all while ignoring other important relationships. 

Unakite Jasper guards us against this tendency so that we can find harmony and balance. Used in a crystal grid for love, Unakite steadies our hearts to see what we need to thrive.

Pink Opal

While we've focused on which crystals attract love, Pink Opal plays a central role in nurturing love when we find it and maintaining healthy relationships.

Love sometimes brings along moments of pain, but Pink Opal helps us weather tumultuous periods and find healing and peace together. 

Green Jade

Green Jade

Green Jade is a truly strengthening stone. It has a long history of attracting prosperity and good fortune, and using Green Jade in a crystal grid fortifies our unique gifts and abilities.

With this crystal, we learn to radiate confidence, which in turn attracts the right people and opportunities for us to find real love and connection.

Clear Quartz

No matter what intention you build a grid for, Clear Quartz needs to be a part of it because of its richly amplifying quality. For a crystal grid for love, Clear Quartz will draw on the properties of other stones to attract a true spiritual lover whose intentions and values align with ours.

How to Layout a Crystal Grid for Love

With a solid list of crystals and a few shapes in mind, it’s time to create a crystal grid...

Cleanse Everything

Before you dive into construction, you need to clear out all existing energy from your space, your aura, and your crystals. If you’ve used your crystals for other healing rituals, they may have residual vibes that you don't want to bring into your grid.

There are several different ways to cleanse everything – smudging, sunbaths, and sound baths, for example.

Formulate an Intention

In order for a crystal grid to connect to a thread of energy that it can then fuel and accelerate, we need to articulate an intention. Since we're creating a crystal grid for love, we can define a wish or intention related to accessing love in our lives.

Whether you write this down on a piece of paper or create a memorable mantra that you can easily repeat, you want to get clear with the purpose of your grid before you build it.

Charge Yourself with Intention

Next, you want to create and contain some of the energy that will go into your crystal grid. You want to be fully present and aware as you work with your grid.

Start by grounding and rooting yourself to the room and the ritual. Concentrate on the intention you stated, either repeating the mantra you created or holding your paper to your heart and third eye.

what crystals attract love

Arrange the Grid

Now, construction begins. Crystal grids usually involve 3 to 4 different elements:

  • Center Stone – The largest crystal that anchors the energy of the grid and resonates most with your intention.
  • Surrounding Stones – Cooperative crystals that create a sort of halo around the center stone to help direct the flow of energy.
  • Amplification Stones – Usually pieces or pointers of Clear Quartz, they intensify the energy of all the stones.
  • Natural Objects – Other things from nature – herbs, sticks, leaves, shells, etc. – that hold meaning for you in relationship to love and happiness.

Based on the shape you have chosen from either a template (there are many available free online) or your own intuition, mindfully place each stone one at a time and in a purposeful order.


Using a Clear Quartz, Selenite wand, or simply your hand, begin from the center stone tracing energy flows around the grid and taking time to penetrate each stone with vibrational intention.

Final Thoughts 

Once you have your crystal grid for love in place, don’t just sit and wait for love to find you. Make sure you USE your crystal grid regularly to keep the energy flowing and to keep your intentional action strong and inspired.

Whenever we explore new relationships, we are like infants, learning how to relate and trust. Turn to a crystal grid to help guide you and protect you as you open yourself to connection and intimacy.

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here. 

Create a Crystal Grid for Love

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