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Crystals and Christianity: What’s the Scoop on That?

INSIDE: Crystals and Christianity have a correlation that is supported not only energetically, but also by the Bible. Gemstones are known for their healing properties, and although their use is often misinterpreted, they can and were historically used for connecting with God and healing. Let’s see what's the scoop on that…


Christianity has been and continues to be an important source of solace, motivation, and virtue for many people. Religion can play an important role in building personal integrity, maturation, and a system of values.

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, faith can also have a positive effect on building healthy habits, such as living alcohol-free or building a more positive outlook on life.

Next to the power of prayer and Christian rituals, crystals too can have a positive impact on how we feel and help our prayers materialize in our reality.

Unfortunately, though, there's a misconception that healing gemstones don't support the Seven Sacraments or religious rituals. And that's a shame because too many people don't realize that crystals are a part of Christian history and faith.

If you have been drawn to healing gemstones, it's natural to wonder if they collide with Christian beliefs and whether they can be worn or used during prayer or for meditation.

If this question is plaguing you, tag along as we are debunk some myths about the relationship between crystals and Christianity.

Amethyst Geodes

Crystals and Christianity: The Two Go Together & Here’s Why 

Healing crystals are often associated with new-age spirituality. However, these incredible gifts from nature have not only existed for centuries but were incorporated in religious practices all over the world, Christianity included.

As a matter of fact, did you know that the Bible mentions semi-precious gemstones and minerals in multiple passages?

Let's dig in and discover the connection between crystals and Christianity...

Crystals Are Mentioned Many Times in the Bible

The Bible not only puts an emphasis on spiritual assets and important values that need to be cherished; it also mentions important artifacts, including natural crystals, that are closely associated with faith and energy.

From the early days of Christianity through to today, crystals have been used for their healing properties to help improve quality of life, attract good fortune, and bring good health.

Many were associated with mystical properties, were used for cleansing, and were included in important biblical rituals. There are a several biblical passages that discuss crystals that were used to help people connect with the Divine, find hope and guidance from God, seek answers, and find enlightenment.

They are all associated with higher meanings and are often mentioned as spiritual tools for channeling energy from angels and the spiritual realm.

Some of the passages that include semi-precious gemstones are passages about Ezekiel, Exodus, Revelation, and Job, proving that crystals and christianity are deeply linked. 

Bible and Crystals

Crystals Have Been Used in Religious Breastplates & Rings for Centuries

Breastplates played an important role in early Christianity and many have been decorated with powerful crystals. They were used both for Divine protection and as a symbol of status. Breastplates with crystals were believed to protect the wearer from malice, unrighteousness, and injustice.

Not only were believed to protect them from physical injury and wounding, but they were also believed to repel negative energy.

For instance, the Breastplate of Judgment, which was mentioned in Exodus 28:10-30, included gold elements and 12 precious and semi-precious crystals for ultimate protection.

Crystals were also included in other Christian artifacts, especially rings. They were usually worn as a symbol of love and protection.

Crystals Are Part of Nature

The Bible mentions various crystals and minerals, such as Garnet, Onyx, Emerald, Agate, Amethyst, and Jasper. For instance, Biblical Job’s description of wisdom and understanding is filled with mentions of gemstones and is an example of the history of crystals and Christianity.

God is the Divine Creator of everything on Earth. Crystals, just like everything else found in nature, were created by Him. While artificial crystals can be made in labs, real, authentic crystals are formed only in nature, usually from volcanic rocks. The formation of crystal geodes takes hundreds of years, and each accumulates energy from the Source and the Earth.

As such, they belong to everyone on Earth, just like water or air, as they are a product of nature and not a result of artificial making.

Using crystals and stones is like drinking water or eating fresh fruits - it is about enjoying the blessings we are allowed to experience on an earthly plane. Just like we use herbs, fruits, and vegetables to nourish our bodies, we can use crystals to improve our wellbeing and raise our vibration.

Gemstone Collections

Quartz is Used in Pretty Much All Technology

We all have a specific frequency, and crystals and Christianity both reinforce it and promote the exchange of energy. Not only do living beings operate on energy, but so do our favorite man-made gadgets.

The power of crystals is not as abstract as it may seem. As a matter of fact, did you know that Quartz crystals are widely used to help run electronic devices? Religion acknowledged the healing power of gemstones even before Nikola Tesla emphasized the importance of energy associated with healing gemstones.

Today, we are surrounded by Quartz as most technological devices can’t run without it. Silica dioxide, or Quartz, is often responsible for the flow of energy and storage of accumulated data through electronics.

We, just like everything else in nature, including crystals, are made of energy that connects us and impacts us on all levels. Everything that surrounds us is made by the Divine power of God, and gemstones are not an exception.

Why Is There a Perception That Crystals Are of the Devil?

From what's mentioned above, we can see that crystals are not at odds with Christianity, but are an integral part of original Christian history and biblical stories.

However, because crystals are often associated with mystery and their properties are not so easily explainable, many deem them dangerous or even of the devil.

Here are the most common misconceptions associated with crystals…

Crystals Are Often Used for Occult Practices

Everything we use gets a different meaning depending on how we use it or what we use it for. The Christian cross is one of the most powerful symbols of the Christian faith, but is also used in occult practices.

The same applies to crystals. While they are used in many ways that seem to oppose Christian beliefs, such as occult practices or other spiritual and religious purposes, this does not define their use or their purpose.

The only thing that decides how their incredible power is used is intention. We choose how we want to use the tools we are given, and we give them meaning by setting up a clear intention

In other words, crystals and Christianity can help reinforce our faith and help us protect our energy from evil and bad fortune - if that aligns with our prayer, religious beliefs, and if it is what we focus on.

Crystals are merely tools that help elevate frequency and heal and transform our lives. They are used to boost intentions, manifestations, and prayers. While they can be used in rituals, they can also be used to strengthen our faith. They are beneficial and can amplify what we focus on, be that an occult ritual or our connection to God. 

Intention Gives Them Power

People View the Occult as Evil 

The occult is usually defined as "mystical, supernatural, or magical powers, practices or phenomena." Because occult practices are mostly unknown and associated with mysterious rituals, there are many misconceptions surrounding the it in general.

It is often deemed as demonic, evil, or forbidden, and is linked with the paranormal. However, just because it is perceived that way, doesn’t make it true.

Similarly, because crystals are used in rituals in many religions and practices, they too, are also frequently stigmatized. With that in mind, Crystals and Christianity are both associated with the world of mysticism, which can be used for good or evil depending on how it is used.

All religions are based on supernatural stories and miracles, which are meant to bring enlightenment and strengthen faith.

The Bible mentions some of the most extraordinary supernatural miracles, such as turning water into wine, or prophet Moses making a path across the water to save people from slavery. The Ten Commandments were engraved on the stone tablets by God himself, and the holy resurrection of Jesus is one of the most important events noted in Christianity.

Worshiping Crystals Would be Blasphemous 

Using healing crystals is not a replacement or a new age surrogate for faith, but an extension of it. Gemstones are an addition and tool that can be used to increase the flow of positive energy to help us connect with the Universe and God.

Relying on both the power of crystals and Christianity is not about one denying the other. Just like in the Bible, crystals can be used to bring us more clarity, stimulate epiphanies, and help us gain much-needed wisdom and clarity.

Crystals should not be worshiped and they can’t ever replace God. Instead, they are used to strengthen our bond with Angels, Archangels, and the Godly realm.

Practitioners that use crystal healing therapy don’t worship crystals; instead, they let the natural energies emitted from them bring the body back into balance. Everything is energy, and crystals are simply a method of bringing energy into resonance.

Final Thoughts 

Christianity and crystals can go hand-in-hand. Christian faith is not tested by using them but can be boosted, reinforced, and supported. Using gemstones can bring answers, help us ask God for assistance, and help us find the guidance we seek, illuminating the path forward on our journey.

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclaimer notice here. 

 Crystals and Christianity

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