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How to Use Crystals for Attracting Love

INSIDE: When we use crystals for attracting love, it helps us find our core of happiness so that we are prepared to share our dreams in companionship with others. Putting these crystals to work in meaningful ways in our daily lives can manifest vital, enduring love.


Attraction doesn’t seem so complicated, but when love is involved, it’s a different story! What’s love got to do with it anyways?

The thing with humans is, well, we aren’t animals! That makes attracting love a bit more complex, mainly because we don’t have what’s called a vomeronasal organ to help us sniff out a mate!

Some research has made ties to our sense of smell and our level of attraction to a partner or friend. For example, our immune systems might play a role in how we pick up on smells and that can play into who we are attracted to! Yet another reason to keep our immune system strong and healthy…

But short of so many other theories about the physical phenomena that draw people together, this still doesn’t explain how to fall in love.

That’s because love doesn’t just come physically but manifests in deep mental and emotional attachments. To prepare our hearts and souls to match, we have to work on attracting love, not just lust.

Crystals for attracting love serve as important tools to bring focus and attention to our quest for love. 

What Are Some of the Best Crystals for Attracting Love? 

When we seek love, we don’t necessarily mean only the love we receive from a partner or friend. We need to also reflect on the work that we can do to find love in ourselves.

While we could focus a whole article on the best crystals for attracting love (in fact, we already did that here!), we want to mention just a few more that have spectacular properties for preparing yourself for and inviting love into your life. 

Zebra Jasper

This unique stone contains the energy of duality – masculine and feminine. Zebra Jasper has a base of white with black stripes and often can be found with bands of brown, red, or green. 

While its strongest tie grounds us through the root chakra, the traces of green connect Zebra Jasper to the heart chakra, an all important node for love and attraction.

Zebra Jasper is adept at bringing balance in our lives, which is an important property of crystals for attracting love because we need to preserve our own needs and desires even when we welcome in and combine our lives with another person.

This stone is especially useful for infusing optimism during difficult times, like in a period of loneliness and isolation. By boosting our positivity, Zebra Jasper inspires creativity, romance, and intimacy in our lives. 

Yellow Quartz

Yellow Quartz attracts love by molding us into the most confident, secure versions of ourselves. Its milky opaque yellow-orange color spectrum draws happiness and joy towards us.

As we find happiness in ourselves and take a positive outlook into the world with Yellow Quartz, we amplify our willingness to share joy and love with others.

Yellow Quartz reminds us that we don’t find happiness in another person but rather with another person when we feel self-assured and prepared for the immense changes love can bring.


Rhodonite is one of the best crystals for attracting love because it brings emotional healing and openness to new experiences of intimacy and partnership.

This stone helps foster loving, compassionate interactions, even in times of conflict. When you are able to approach your beloved with understanding, kindness, and affection, you mirror and attract the same love you hope to receive from them.

How to Use Crystals for Attracting Love 

With so many crystals to choose from to help draw love nearer, figuring out which one to use doesn’t need to feel overwhelming.

  1. First, use crystals that seem to resonate with you – clearly there’s some attraction there!
  2. Then, learn about the specific powers of the crystal to gain a perspective on what elements of love you might need to take personal inventory of to implement new patterns and maximize abundant love.

Now, let’s look at a few great ways to infuse the energy of crystals for attracting love into your daily life and spiritual practices...

Wear Crystal Jewelry

One of the simplest ways to incorporate love-multiplying crystal energy into your life is by wearing jewelry accented with crystals or simply carrying a crystal with you at all times. Even though it’s an “easy” way, it by no means diminishes the amazing work you'll do to manifest love. 

Sure, crystal jewelry is beautiful and can attract another’s eye, but that’s not how crystal jewelry works to herald love in your life.

Wearing a crystal necklace places the energy near the heart chakra node, giving it constant attention and tuning in to the heart chakra’s balance.

The same can be said of a crystal bracelet, resting against a pulse point on your arm, transporting waves of love and happiness through your blood to your heart.

Crystal earrings work a bit differently, though just as crucially to attract love. They aid in directing positive, manifesting thoughts of love and compassion so that you have an open mind to pursue a transformative relationship.

Even if jewelry isn’t really your style, keep a tumbled crystal in your pocket or purse. Just by being in your physical aura, the crystal reverberates energetic love into your emotional and spiritual realms too.

Crystal Jewelry

Place a Love Crystal in Your Home

Attracting love invites new perspective on the most intimate parts of our lives. If we seek the love of a partner, that means a person will come to know parts of you that you might want to keep private or sacred. Often times, the physical manifestation of our sacred selves comes through our home.

We build sanctuary spaces in our home to rest and we find inspiration and vitality in rooms where we can be creative. By empowering these spaces with crystals for attracting love, you can intensify the importance of both our private, sacred homes as well as the love we plan to usher into it.

There are many ways to incorporate crystals into your home décor, and it’s even better when you can align their placement with energy transmission. 

One important way to focus on attracting love into your life is to create a sanctuary space where you can go to think and reflect on the type of love you want and how to love in return. In this space, you can set up a spiritual altar or even design an energetic crystal grid, to concentrate loving energy there.

Because home should be a place of both vitality and rest, the bedroom can make a crucial space for intimacy and love. Also, it’s at rest that we often let down our defenses so that divine messages and visions can enter our thoughts. We want to stimulate our emotional-spiritual callings for love.

Placing crystals at the base of each corner of your bed radiates loving energy like an invisible canopy over you to surround you with love and hope.

A dream catcher woven with crystals and hung above your bed can also be a powerful tool while you sleep to entrap any negative energy and doubts and infuse your room with the positive glow of love.

best crystals for attracting love

Hold Love Crystals in Meditation

With a wonderful little sanctuary space set aside for you, take your manifesting actions a step further by using the altar and space in meditation. Meditating on the love you hope to receive can paint a picture that eventually becomes reality.

In meditation, crystals for attracting love help to channel particular energetic flows that open our hearts to the support and companionship of another. Holding these crystals during meditation or placing them against your heart while you meditate can have powerful effects.

Some of the best meditations rely on the most basic frameworks – breathing and visualization. Sit quietly and take in deep breaths. Imagine the scent of your beloved wafting through the air. Think of the feelings of love like air, so that as you inhale, your chest and heart fills with love. Exhale the love you have to offer out into the world.

If you have a partner or friend you want to reinforce your love with, you can visualize this stream of love that you blow out winding through the air straight to the person. And if you need to give yourself more love, let this wind of love encircle your body. 

Feel your crystal in your hand or against your heart. Think of becoming engorged like a wet sponge trying to contain all the love that is transferring between you and the world.

Build a Feng Shui Love Corner

Let’s revisit the home again, and maybe even your sacred altar. You can go a step further in your love manifestation by relying on the principles of Feng Shui

In Feng Shui, the love corner rests in the far right corner of the home, of a room, or of a surface when facing inside from the door or towards it, in the case of a desk or table.

It just so happens that the corner for love and relationships resonates well with the color pink, which many love crystals display. Placing pink crystals in this zone will amplify the energy they bring. Reflecting on love and the images that come to mind when you think of love can help you find more objects to place in your love corner.

Another crucial element of a Feng Shui love corner is the presence of pairs. If you seek the love of a partner or an intimate relationships, you must place things in two – that can be two candles, two carved hearts, or any other symbol that helps echo love into the rest of your space.

Love Crystals

Activate Chakras for Love

The heart chakra is an obvious point of focus to attract love, but it isn’t the only one. The throat chakra and solar plexus have important roles to play in preparing our emotional selves to accept love and companionship.

  • The heart chakra allows us to experience love and connection.
  • The throat chakra inspires communication between partners and expression to be able to say what it is we each need in a loving relationship.
  • The solar plexus chakra helps us love ourselves first and to feel confident in our personal power so we can bravely pursue the positive changes love can bring.

Rounding up the best crystals for attracting love, you can engage in chakra activation to amplify the energy of certain chakra nodes that can manifest partnership and relationships. Because the chakra system needs to be balanced, chakra activation requires focus and practice. As you tinker with one chakra, another may need to rein in its power for a beat. 

Activating chakras is best done laying down in a meditative space. Place the crystals on each charka node that you want to wake up and energize. Then take time to let the energy transfer happen.

You can engage in visualizations and deep breathing practices until you feel your body at ease and ready to act.

Engage in Self Care Practices

We want to repeat one last time how important it is to love yourself before you expect to experience and share love from and with others. Self care is a great way to show your own body and mind that you love it and want to nurture it.

Incorporating crystals into self care practices is easy. You can steep crystals (that are water-safe) in a hot bath infused with essential oils or simply position them around the rim of the tub and your bathroom. You can also engage in self massage, rubbing tumbled crystals over your body, feeling the energetic embrace surround you.

The great thing about these self care practices is that you can keep them to yourself or share them with a partner when they enter your life! 

Final Thoughts

We don’t get to decide when love will hit us, but we can prepare ourselves to be open to loving experiences and vibrant relationships.

Engaging with crystals for attracting love can help you hone your sense of what you want in friendship, romance, and self-love. The joy and positivity you will find as you call loving energy within your realm will magnetize the kind of companionship you most desire.

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here.

How to Use Crystals for Attracting Love

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