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Evening Rituals With Crystals: Improve Your Life by Winding Down the Right Way

INSIDE: With the right evening rituals, you can wind down in a way that supports your mind, body, and spirit. Set yourself up for a happier, healthier life when you engage in these practices.


As vital it is to start our day right with energy and optimism, it is equally important to end our day relaxed and content, with high vibrations, in order to move towards good health, happiness, and our greatest potential.

With the increasing chaos and stress of our daily schedules, unwinding at the end of the day is crucial to our wellbeing, helping us stay true to our purpose, instead of being scattered and depleted.

Most of us think of having ice cream in our pajamas when we talk about unwinding at the end of the day, but that's not really what we need after an emotionally, mentally, and physically draining day.

Instead, there are simple practices we can follow as part of our evening rituals that will better tend to our inner garden.

These practices can be performed individually, with other practices, or all together on a daily basis. There are no rules to evening rituals and they can be modified according to our needs and personal capacity.

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Following are some of the simplest evening ritual ideas you can do to replenish the magic within...

Yoga & Meditation

One of the easiest ways to release pent up energy and stress (both mental and physical) is by doing some yoga and meditation at the end of the day.

Yoga can help us relax our muscles and release the build-up of stressful energies in the body.

Meditation, on the other hand, helps us release stress and anxiety and feel more grounded by balancing our thoughts and emotions.

For these reasons, yoga and meditation are highly effective cleansing practices for our evening rituals.

Self-Care Practices

Self-care practices are essential to our wellbeing and should be practiced on an ongoing basis to nurture and nourish ourselves.

Self-care practices as part of an evening ritual could involve a number of things, like journaling our thoughts and experiences, unwinding with uplifting or relaxing music, or indulging in a warm bath using essential oils

Similarly, using medicinal herbs to make tonics and infusions or to brew a hot cup of tea can also be a practice to include in your evening ritual.

Smudge Sticks

Cleansing & Smudging

Cleansing our body and energetic field after a long day can be really helpful in staying grounded and happy, keeping unwanted and negative energies from attaching to our energy.

A cleansing bath with salts and herbs is both soothing and effective in clearing our energy, while smudging ourselves with sage or palo santo can be an easy way to rid ourselves of energetic debris, especially when we don’t have the time to take a cleansing bath.

Cleansing in this way is a great option for evening rituals as it balances and shields our energy, helping us to be more grounded and in tune with ourselves.

Prayers & Offerings

Prayers can be a powerful way to connect to higher consciousness and ensure the flow of abundance in our lives.

Being grateful for what we have is an excellent way to show respect to Gods and our ancestors. It also helps us see the good in our lives, acting as a positive affirmation and a source of motivation.

Similarly, another way to show love and respect to the Divine is to make offerings. It can be anything that we think they would enjoy and would help them feel appreciated, like a simple flower, some herbs, or sweets and honey. 

If the offerings are made in a sacred space or an altar, cleansing the space and lighting a candle can be a great way to bolster our prayers and affirmations.

Evening Rituals With Crystals

Evening Rituals With Crystals

All crystals emanate a healing energy that is reminiscent of the loving and nurturing energy of Mother Earth, making them a must-have in any evening ritual.

They are great for cleansing and soothing ourselves after a hectic workday and to fine tune our energies in alignment to our inner purpose.

Evening rituals with crystals can be as elaborate or simplified as we want them to be, but given that we don’t have to contend with the morning rush, taking some time to connect with our crystals can be a great way to work with them.

Night-time crystal rituals can be used to cleanse and detoxify, heal and nurture, refresh and rejuvenate, or relax and pacify.

Crystals can also be hugely beneficial when it comes to strengthening the intentions we had set earlier in the day or at the beginning of the week. In this case, we would use the same crystals that we used to set the original intention.

Here are some examples:

  • Citrine for self-empowerment, positivity, optimism, and for attracting wealth and abundance
  • Pink Opal for emotional healing and unconditional love
  • Carnelian for creativity, passion, and for improving reproductive health
  • Red Jasper for endurance and motivation
  • Bloodstone for vitality and good health
  • Black Tourmaline for grounding and energetic protection

On the other hand, there are many crystals that can be used to help us unwind at the end of the day, including...


The soothing and healing energy of Amethyst makes it a must-have crystal to end the day with.

Known to augment clarity, spiritual awareness and intuition, Amethyst effectively soothes frayed nerves, balances thoughts and emotions, reduces stress and anxiety, and dispels negative emotions like anger, resentment or self-deprecating beliefs.

Amethyst also promotes sound and peaceful sleep.

Placing an Amethyst over your forehead while lying down and breathing slowly and deeply, can be the easiest way to align mind, body, and spirit, letting the soothing energy of the crystal wash over you.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is famed for its connection to the heart chakra, and it harbors a soothing, mystic quality that makes it a great choice for night time rituals.

The opulent mystery of Rose Quartz lends itself to a gentle and loving energy, helping balance emotions and reduce stress and anxiety, while alleviating any mental and emotional discord.

It is known to promote internal growth and fosters compassion and empathy; therefore it is widely used to support self-acceptance, love, and fertility.

It is also a great choice for enhancing intuition and psychic abilities, which are further amplified when used in conjunction with Amethyst.

Meditating or sleeping with a Rose Quartz under your pillow can promote deep, restful sleep and insightful dreams.

Lapis Lazuli

Associated with the higher realms and Divine consciousness, Lapis Lazuli is another crystal to include in our night-time rituals.

Widely known for its healing and protective energies and for seeking higher guidance, this crystal is an excellent choice to expand our understanding and awareness and for tapping into higher states of consciousness.

Praying or meditating with a Lapis Lazuli crystal also promotes mindfulness and can help release anxiety and negativity, allowing us to center ourselves at the end of a stressful day.

Lapis Lazuli is miraculously effective at breaking negative thought patterns and dispelling worries, fears, and paranoid thoughts. It instills the surrounding space with gentle, supportive, and positive energies.

Meditating with one of these crystals while lying down, or placing it under your pillow at night is a great way to cleanse yourself and your energetic space, while promoting peaceful sleep.

Final Thoughts

There are innumerable other crystals with similar energies that are gently cleansing and protective, while promoting higher states of consciousness.

Experimenting with them for daily night-time rituals is a great way to incorporate the energies of those crystals into your life.

Using crystals in combination with any of the other evening ritual ideas in this article will further increase the benefits of this special time of day.

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here. 

Evening Rituals With Crystals

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