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Garnet Healing Properties for Passion, Vitality & Creativity

INSIDE: When you unveil the Garnet healing properties, you'll see just how much punch this little gem packs. Whether it's love, success, health, or happiness you desire, Garnet can bring it!


Garnet is the collective name of a group of precious stones of different colors but united by a similar crystal structure and chemical composition.

The different types of garnet have certain names based on their color: pyrope for red; almandine for brown and opaque stones; and grossularite and melanite for the brown stones, which are almost black. 

The name of the garnet has a long and complex history. Some think it comes from the Sanskrit "gar," meaning "to transport" or from the Greek "Geron," which means "old."

But the name "garnet" probably comes from the Latin "granatus," meaning "seed-like," referring to its resemblance to pomegranate seeds.

Garnet’s Most Famous Healing Properties

Health, self-confidence, loyalty, and business success: these are just some of the properties that have been attributed to Garnet stones over the past few centuries.

Garnet healing abilities spread from physical to mental and spiritual. Let us present you with some ideas on how to use this amazing red crystal to improve different areas of your life.

Use Garnet for Business Success

One of the most famous attributes of this stone is its role in creating business success. Many believe that placing three or more garnets in a workspace (on the desk, near the phone, next to the computer - wherever we do most of our work) will push out business.

Garnets are said to bring about the positive outcome of lawsuits. They help to realize dreams, making a person stand firmly on the ground while revealing the possibilities of their desires. They attract prosperity and abundance and are especially useful for small business success.

Garnet Tumbled Stones

Ignite Your Love Life With Garnet

This healing stone is considered a symbol of heartfelt feelings, love and friendship, as well as a stone of honesty. It is a mascot for lovers, given as a sign of friendship, memory, and love.

As a stone of love, the Garnet healing properties can awaken love passions and cheer the soul. But this magical property of Garnet is so strong that it can be overpowering. So use Garnet with care when using it for this purpose.

In the era of feudalism in Europe, the Garnet was considered a symbol of love and was called the "frozen flame of the human heart."

Improve Relationships

As a mascot of the family, Garnet works to improve the attitude of even distant relatives and inspires greater obedience in children. It's also considered a symbol of fidelity, faith, devotion, and strength.

Garnet healing properties can be used to solidify a broken relationship, to remove obstacles on the way to a happy family, and to ease tensions in the home. It banishes sadness and brings joy to its owner.

Easing Depression & Raising Consciousness

Garnet healing properties make it a great choice for a person with low energy levels. The most noticeable property of Garnet is its ability to improve energy flow by revitalizing personal energy.

In fact, Garnet is often called the stone of health because it is believed to have so many health benefits, especially when it comes to strengthening the blood.

If you're in a tough situation and have suffered a great loss, we suggest sleeping with Garnet under your pillow to ease your emotional pain. 

Use it Against Malice & Negative Vibes

Carry or hold a Garnet tumbled stone in your hand whenever you expect to be in a confrontation or competitive situation. If you're the subject of malicious slander, gossip, and lies, it will repel negative vibrations and send them back to those who concocted them.

For that reason, we suggest using it in conjunction with a stone like Citrine to send positive energy out as well.

As you work with Garnet to remove negative energy, you'll be able to heal your energetic field, cleanse it from negative energy, and your aura can be restored to its normal state.

Overcome Writer’s Block With Garnet 

If you're in a creative roadblock and you're looking to cure your writer’s block – hold a Garnet during meditation. It's believed that Garnet strengthens a sense of courage, stimulates the will, and contributes to the development of self-esteem.

People believe that a ring with a Garnet gives its owner power over people. The Garnet is a mascot of those aspiring for spiritually because it has a celestial frequency, and from there, it draws its energetic gifts as an absent choice.

You can also keep a piece of this gem on your desk or in your creative area so it can promote creativity.

Use it to Enhance Psychic Abilities

If you're a person who practices tarot, uses pendulums, or strives to be psychic and you feel that your access to the occult has been blocked, use the Garnet healing properties to restore your gift.

  • Wear it on a necklace or a bracelet while working with your tool of choice
  • Garnets can help communicate with spirits
  • They are also useful for those who want to look to the future
  • This type of talisman helps to avoid misfortune, betrayal, dark thoughts, and real danger, which is helpful for shadow work
  • Stimulates the instinct for survival by inspiring will and courage in psychic work

Healing Properties of Garnet

Physical Healing Properties of Garnet

There are also plenty of ways that Garnet is beneficial for physical health...

  • Infected wounds, acne, depression, heart rhythm disorders (except for arterial hypertension, in which case, it is contraindicated) and low libido can see relief with Garnet. Hold it in your hand while taking a time out for yourself in order to heal and restore your powers.

  • Soothes rheumatic and arthritic pain and restores control over some psychological illnesses. 

  • It is believed to help cleanse the body and reduce the number of toxins.

  • Garnet can assist with some sexual disorders by applying the stones directly to the genitals. At least, that's what history tells us. When Princess Palatine discovered her husband, the brother of King Louis XIV, applying Garnets to his body in order to heal, he asked her not to tell anyone. Instead, she told the whole court and wrote about it in her many famous letters.

  • Helps with uterine, vaginal, reproductive problems, and all kinds of circulatory diseases. 

  • Garnet purifies the blood and has a beneficial effect on inflammation, infections, and skin diseases.

  • It is useful for frostbite, anemia, paralysis, neuralgia, arthritis, and bursitis.

  • Relieves menstrual pain and helps women who want to conceive.

  • Unlocks and balances sexuality.

  • The healing properties of Garnet work positively on memory, heart disease, nervous tension, and insomnia.

  • Garnet has been used to treat nasopharyngeal diseases, burns, and headaches

  • In the Middle Ages, women often wore Garnets as a talisman. It was considered a wound healer, providing assistance in childbirth and stimulating energy and health.

  • Garnets have a positive effect on digestion, respiration, blood circulation, and the immune system. 

  • Garnet necklaces are believed to help with fever, sore throat, and prolonged headaches. 

  • Garnet cleanses the body, helps to regenerate damaged organs and tissues, and stimulates the pituitary gland. It is recommended as a cardiac stimulant.

Chakra Healing Stones

                              Garnet Healing Properties for Chakra Work

                              The color range covered by this stone affects the areas from the heart to the second chakra. This area can shrink if the creative vitality of the sacral chakra is unable to circulate due to emotional tension in the solar plexus.

                              When this happens, the creative energy is usurped and one feels apathetic, monotonous, and blind.

                              • Green Garnet can be used in combination with the healing properties of Red Garnet on the area of ​​the solar plexus to channel light and life force energy for the proper assimilation and integration of creativity through the emotional centers of the body.

                              • Red Garnets are the most common and represent the pure energetic force of the color red. They are especially good for use on the sacral chakra during crystal healing practices to initiate renewal, creativity, regeneration, and purification of the blood.

                              • They can also be used on any other chakra to stimulate the creative expression of a particular energy center.

                              • For example, when Red Garnet is used with Amethyst on the center of the third eye, the creative power of intuitive forces is activated.

                              • When worn or meditated with, a Garnet will increase creative power and can activate sexual appetite. Therefore, it is considered one of the best crystals for sex.

                              Final Thoughts

                              Garnets are wonderful stones not only for self-realization but for creating what we want in our lives. They are a very valuable tool in the purse of all shamans and energy healers, and they're a must for any crystal collector. Anyone who works with the energy of stones must not miss the awareness that the Garnet brings.

                              How to Use Crystals for Health


                              * Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here.

                              Garnet Healing Properties
                              Healing Properties of Garnet
                              Garnet Healing

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