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Healing Properties of Red Goldstone for Energy, Ambition & Confidence

INSIDE: The healing properties of Red Goldstone are here to help you become the strongest, most authentic, and positive version of yourself. This stone will help identify your needs and manifest your deepest desires. 


This stone of ambition, energy, and positivity will help you overcome any fear or obstacle by increasing your drive and confidence. Red Goldstone gently uplifts and promotes wisdom, which can help anyone live their most authentic life. Not only does it help with our mental and emotional needs, it encourages physical healing as well. 

Red Goldstone Properties & Symbolism

Red Goldstone is a manmade glass that is created from Quartz, sand, and copper flecks. This stone is historically known as Aventurine Glass, deriving from the words “Avventurina” meaning accidental and “Avventura” meaning luck. 

Additionally, this stone is called the Monk’s Stone due to its abilities to enhance wisdom, aspirations, and courage. This stone increases drive to reach goals and promotes vitality during hardship. It is a master healer known for its capabilities to support reproduction, relieve stress, and improve attitude.

The healing properties of Red Goldstone enable the user to find faith and work through all forms of turmoil. It will inspire you to keep pushing forward.

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Mental & Emotional Healing Properties of Red Goldstone 

This self-discovering, protective, and stabilizing stone will ensure you receive all the healing you need. Allow Red Goldstone to guide you into new perspectives and lead you away from self-deprecating thoughts.

Here are just some of the ways this stone can help you with mental and emotional healing.

Enhances Personal Growth & Confidence

The healing properties of Red Goldstone help us identify our truest desires, while allowing us to decipher between wants and needs. Using this stone daily will promote a positive outlook, as well as enhance perspective. Additionally, it is excellent for overcoming shyness. 

Stops Self-Deprecating Habits

We can all relate to intrusive and spiraling thoughts, and fortunately, Red Goldstone can help stop negative emotional blocks in their tracks. It encourages us to break through negative barriers and ignite the inner light that helps us find happiness

Provides Stability

Use Red Goldstone when you are in need of a motivational boost. This stone comes in handy when we need more drive to accomplish our financial goals.

In addition to finances, Red Goldstone propels us into a stronger, more perceptive, and authentic version of ourselves. This provides us with the confidence and courage to enter each day with enthusiasm.

Provides Stability

During stressful times, we can often find ourselves with unstable footing. This can make it hard to find the confidence and faith to carry on.

Red Goldstone invites harmony and balance into our lives which helps us especially in times of chaos. Use this stone to replace negativity with determination, perseverance, and positivity.

Physical Healing Properties of Red Goldstone

Red Goldstone promotes vitality and positive energies. It is beneficial for all sorts of healing, especially when it comes to stimulating parts of the body that are in need of TLC. 

Encourages a Healthy Reproductive System

Due to its strong connection with the sacral chakra, Red Goldstone encourages a healthy reproductive system. This can help support those who are experiencing fertility issues or painful symptoms related to the reproductive organs. 

Relieves Stress And Tension Carried By The Body

Red Goldstone helps us reduce bodily tension that is often caused by stress. It comes in handy when we have stomach pains that are a result of stress, nerves, or anxiety. Additionally, this stone helps relieve all forms of strain and pressure. 

Increases Physical Energy

The healing properties of Red Goldstone work to increase energy both mentally and physically. This is a stone of ambition, which makes it the perfect crystal for increasing drive and stamina to achieve your goals. If you are an active person, it is also useful for relieving aches in bones and joints. 

Detoxifies The Body

Red Goldstone is a stone of revitalization, which means it will help cleanse the body of toxins that affect us both physically and mentally. Additionally, it aids in circulation that boosts the circulatory and nervous systems. It has a strong energy flow that pushes out the bad in order to make room for the good.  

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Chakra & Spiritual Red Goldstone Healing Properties

Red Goldstone connects deeply with the root chakra and sacral chakra which means it helps promote healthy communication, resiliency, and wisdom.

When these chakras are unstable we can expect to feel uncomfortable, speechless and even self-conscious. Let this stone serve you so you can manifest your desires and enhance your spiritual self. 

Protects Against Negative Attacks

The healing properties of Red Goldstone help keep us safe from negative and harmful attacks. Not only does it shield us, it reflects the negativity aimed at us and sends it back to its source.

This stone is considered a spiritual protector, enabling us to evaluate and think more deeply when it comes to potential risks or dangers. 

Changes Personal Aura

Not only does Red Goldstone help with recharging other crystals, it helps us charge our auras as well. Our aura is our personal energy fields and when it is in need of a boost, we can have low self-esteem, intrusive thoughts, and even negatively impact the people around us. Use this stone when your aura needs a healthy dose of vitality and life force energy.  

Offers A Deeper Connection To The Earth

Red Goldstone healing properties are beneficial when on a trip, an adventure, or in nature. It provides safety and it enhances our connection to the Earth, helping us to utilize our time outdoors in ways that encourages new discoveries and promotes spiritual awakenings. 

Red Goldstone Meaning

Metaphysical Uses for Red Goldstone

There are many ways to use and obtain the healing properties of red goldstone. You can: 

  • Keep a piece with you to protect against negativity and psychic attacks.
  • Rub a tumbled Red Goldstone in your fingers to ignite passion or motivation.
  • Hold onto a piece when you need to connect with your inner light in order to enhance positivity or charge your aura.

Next time you set out to manifest abundance or prosperity, incorporate Red Goldstone into your practice. If you are suffering from a menstrual cramps or achy joints, place this stone where you feel pain. If you are affected by social anxiety, keep Red Goldstone in your pocket to provide some relief.  

Feng Shui is the Chinese art and science of spatial arrangement. Placing Red Goldstone in the center of your home will produce a calming feeling and ensure a relaxing environment. Lastly, place it in your office to encourage motivation and enable you to stay on task.

Final Thoughts 

This ambitious and helpful stone will help you in all areas of your life. It comes in handy in times of grief, hardship and stress. The healing properties of Red Goldstone will push you to overcome shyness, change your perspective, and boost your knowledge. 

Not only does it help with mental health, Red Goldstone heals us physically as well. Those suffering from fatigue can find the support they need with this energy enhancing stone. Additionally, it supports a healthy reproductive system. 

Use this stone to recharge your aura and keep you safe from negativity. Carry it with you if you struggle with social anxiety and bring it into your home to promote tranquility. It is known as the Monk Stone because of its wisdom and ability to illuminate the path on your personal journey.

How to Use Crystals for Wellness

* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclaimer notice here.

Healing Properties of Red Goldstone for Energy, Ambition & Confidence

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