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How to Become Psychic: Our Best Tips for Developing Your Intuition

INSIDE: It can be hard to suspend belief about whether we have psychic abilities or not. When you begin to explore your inner spiritual abilities, you quickly understand the complexity and reality of metaphysical experiences. Getting in tune with how to become psychic will lead you to deeper spiritual realms and allow you to use your abilities for your true soul purpose on Earth.


Haley Joel Osment in The Sixth Sense might have scared audiences away from adding one more sense to our typical 5 sense repertoire, but psychic ability is not just communing with the dead (although it can be).

Everyday experiences of psychic ability include déjà vu and ESP (extrasensory perception), although scientists argue about the true catalyst for such occurrences. 

Déjà vu is linked to stress and fatigue. It’s a hard phenomenon to study. It could be the brain catching up to our visual senses or triggering memories because its too tired to process the current moment.

ESP, studied in controlled research environments, has thus far been explained as simply a part of visual processing. Scientists are willing to argue that the sensation of ESP can be very compelling but claim it isn't magical.

Who says it has to be? You can learn how to become psychic and see how real it is…

You're Already Psychic

Psychic abilities may prove to be inherent traits to most humans if studied deeper and further.

Metaphysical senses are active in every person, but not everyone is in tune with psychic power. We don’t access our sixth sense as easily any more because of so many distractions and polluting frequencies.

If we let our minds constantly focus on computer, television, and phone screens, we use up all of our mental bandwidth on content that usually does little for our spiritual growth.

Those same screens emit electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) that overwhelm our body systems. These overdoses of frequencies hinder us from noticing our psychic senses. 

That’s why we need to take time to recognize and acknowledge the capacity of our psychic abilities. Learning how to become psychic involves cleansing our aura, tuning our spiritual vibrations, and, most importantly, exploring what our metaphysical traits contribute to the world.

Learn How to Be Psychic

It Starts with Intuition

The most obvious sign of your sixth sense comes from your intuition. Everyone has intuitive abilities, but few actually listen and follow their intuition.

If you seem to have heightened intuition, then your full psychic abilities are probably waiting anxiously to emerge. You can already naturally read a situation and get a gut feeling as to the decision that needs to be made.

When you hone how to be psychic, your intuition will grow increasingly more clarifying.

Its a Spiritual Gift We Can All Receive

Plunging into the study of metaphysical abilities can be scary to some people. But when you accept that psychic ability is a spiritual gift, you'll lose all hesitation and fear. Gifts that are received should be cherished and used.

Psychic ability connects us with other divine realms so that we can commune with past lives and receive messages from Ascended Masters. However, these messages and meetings must be earned.

That’s why it is crucial to spend time discovering and understanding what your psychic gift is and then truly use it for good. Luckily, this gift never expires but must receive regular attention. You have to practice to truly see how to become psychic.

Tips for How to Become Psychic

Not everyone wants to explore their psychic abilities. However, many are called – whether from a sign through intentional living or the awakening of their starseed origins – to do the inner work that reveals how to develop psychic abilities.

Raise Your Vibration

We mentioned above that psychic abilities are a spiritual gift. If you don’t find the high vibration of spirit energy, it will be difficult to tap into how to become psychic.

As humans connected innately to physical and mental frequencies, we operate at a low level. We manage to keep that frequency so low with all the distractions we inundate ourselves with, from unfulfilling work to unhealthy habits.

Learning methods to elevate your spiritual energy vibrations will bring your psychic abilities into focus. There are so many ways to get in touch with your spirit – be it through prayer, meditation, Reiki, or other practices.

Crystals can help raise your vibration, especially if you wear them or carry them in your pocket to magnetize positive spiritual energy towards your aura. Some target mental clarity to make room for spiritual insights, while others hone intuition to communicate with spirit guides.

Tumbled Stones

Quiet Your Mind

If your mind ruminates with worries, stress, and anxiety, you have wasted all the space filling your head with negative thoughts.

An incredibly important step for how to become psychic requires that you learn to quiet your mind. Psychic abilities bring messages from others and help us read the thoughts and senses of others.

You need to make space for these spirit messages to enter your mind so that you can interpret them. The best way to do that is to meditate in stillness and quiet, letting your thoughts empty out and taking a measure of the spiritual space your inner being now has.

Be an Observer

For many, it can be hard to release control of situations. Going with the flow isn’t always easy, but if you always try to orchestrate and plan what will happen, it will be difficult to tap your psychic ability.

You have to sit back and observe how things come to fruition on their own. It is the only way you can really understand what is going on around you.

Slowing down and releasing control invites the awareness of what is meant to be. You will begin to recognize subtler signs and energy that shift as things happen. This is invaluable to psychic ability.

Spend More Time in Nature

Humans don’t know everything. We have so much to learn from the quiet calm of nature. And yes, even from the storms and natural disasters, too.

Getting out in nature can be a simple method to unplug and let our natural impulses and desires take hold. Allowing ourselves to be alone and quiet in nature gives space for the spiritual body to take presence.

You can also work with nature to understand how to develop psychic abilities. Taking mindful nature walks sharpens all of your senses to collaborate together in metaphysical understanding.

By moving at a turtle’s pace, take each step slowly and with pause, concentrating on how the earth feels under your foot, the sound you hear as your body connects to the earth, what you see when your foot becomes still, and what you smell and feel as you stand in your step.

Going With the Flow

Practice & Test

Psychic ability reaches many levels, and it takes psychic skill to use and share metaphysical information. We all have differing abilities, so start practicing different methods and skills to find what you are gifted with.

Only by testing out different practices can you know how to become psychic. Here are a few things you can try:

  • Psychometry: reading the energy of physical objects. Start by holding something small and metal. Calm your mind and focus attention to the object. Listen for any messages the object conveys.
  • Aura Reading: detecting individuals’ energetic field. Ask a friend to stand against a blank, white wall. Concentrate on the person’s third eye. Patiently wait until you see a color circulate and radiate from their body.
  • Lost-and-found: finding hidden objects by their energy. Hold and connect with an object, then instruct someone to hide it. Using only your senses and tuning into energetic messages, retrieve the object. This exercise hones the ability to draw out repressed memories in others.

Another important aspect of your psychic ability that you should practice and test is how to activate your metaphysical powers and how to turn them off.

You are human, after all. Being in a constant state of spirit reading and message receiving would bombard you with an unhealthy amount of spirit energy to the point of overwhelm.

Use Tools to Help

A great thing about psychic ability is that there are tools that help guide how to become psychic.

We talked earlier about crystals that enhance intuition and mental clarity. Crystals have many applications in metaphysical exploration.

The Stone of Magic, Labradoriate, gives protection as you travel between various spirit realms in your psychic wanderings.

Amethyst, used for centuries as a Bishop’s Stone, can help decipher spirit messages.

Kyanite is a strong crystal to amplify your intuition and find ways to communicate spirit messages to others.

There are many other tools to put to task as well...

Zener cards display powerful images that you can learn to read through mental-spiritual messages sent from a viewer.

Tarot cards are also incredible to study and connect with. It’s important that with a tarot deck, you only work with one with resonant energy towards your aura. 

Journals seem simple but provide a critical outlet for our psychic practice. You can use them as dream journals to record visions and messages transferred to you while you sleep. You can also track your conscious practice and tests of different methods. 

Amethyst Geodes

Learn What Type of Intuitive You Are & Flaunt It

A first step into psychic ability requires that you acknowledge the power of your intuition, your gut reactions. Once you do this, you can begin to understand the different types of intuitive abilities available to you.

Some people refer to different intuitive abilities as the “clairs”, which refers to the heightened states of our senses to help our psychic ability. There are six clair senses:

  • Clairvoyance: clear seeing – images and visions from different times, including the future, can be accessed through our third eye
  • Clairaudience: clear hearing – sounds come with more detail and at many frequencies, some undetectable by other humans
  • Clairsentience: clear feeling – a trait of many empaths, the ability to recognize the feelings and emotions of others without being told them
  • Claircognizance: clear knowing – the most metaphysical of the senses, connection to other realms and untapped knowledge that just comes into the mind without study
  • Clairalience: clear smelling – sensitivity to smells that connect with memories or deceased humans and to very subtle but powerful scents
  • Clairgustance: clear tasting – tastes have much more depth and sometimes flavors are detected through memories or passing spirits

Practice Meditation & Visualization

Meditation and visualization are powerful ways to train your mind and spirit to recognize psychic signals.

Meditation plays double roles of grounding and energizing. It brings you in touch with your roots and source while allowing the cleansing vibrations to make room for the higher vibrations that attract metaphysical visions into your mind.

Visualization exercises allow you to practice how to be psychic. A great exercise involves studying objects, like plants or paintings, and then trying to recall through a meditative state as many details as possible of the object without looking at it.

Once you train your conscious mind to detect and remember even the tiniest details, you move on to visualize the details of imagined objects or places that come to mind. Eventually this will allow you to process images that pass through your mind as you come in contact with others through psychic healing.

Visualization Exercises


If you have a psychic calling to explore your metaphysical abilities, just start imagining yourself as psychic and make guesses! Try out all sorts of psychic practices to find what resonates with you.

Guessing is just part of practice, and as you learn more and more about how to become psychic, the guesses won’t actually be guesses but the truth that you receive from spirits.

Open Your Third Eye 

To actually access any psychic ability, you must have clear passageways through your upper chakras. Your third eye is supremely important to enabling you to receive, process, and understand spiritual messages.

Your third eye is the portal to communication with the spirit world, but it can get blocked. Doing meditations and chakra work to remove blockages and build ups in your third eye will help keep your mind free and open to messages.

Visualize your third eye at the lower center of your forehead between the brows. See your third eye slowly blink and open several times. Recognize how clear and aware it feels. 

As you work more with others to access psychic realms, you need to regularly check on your third eye. The build up can come from so many other people’s passing energies to the spirit world through you.

Ask Your Guides 

The entire reason for understanding how to become psychic and use your metaphysical talents is to connect to another dimension of spirits and guides. They want you to discover your abilities so that they can make their presence known and pass on their lessons and messages.

We are never alone in this world. Spirit guides and angels can exist in and among us. As your psychic abilities grow stronger, connect to your spirit guides. First, ask them to identify themselves to you. Then, maintain your connection to them and seek their help in your spiritual enlightenment.

Final Thoughts

All too often, people write off the idea that humans can have psychic abilities. But when you take the time to explore spirituality and to cleanse your mind and body of worldly distractions, the metaphysical becomes clearer and clearer.

When you take the opportunity to explore how to become psychic, you answer the call from spirit guides and other etheric dimensions to help connect the world to the divine.

This is a life purpose of the utmost significance and will bring abundance, joy, and consciousness to those willing to follow it.

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here.

How to Become Psychic

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