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How to Display Crystals in Your Home: 7 Home Décor Solutions

INSIDE:  What we put in our home impacts the energy our sanctuary space resonates. Learning how to display crystals in your home will serve double-duty design function. Infuse the soothing essence from these beautiful wonders of nature to put a stamp on your unique home style.


No matter the size of personal space – from master bedrooms, tents, studio apartments, or mansions – people tend to display even the tiniest treasured mementos to make a unique mark on their piece of square footage.

Yet even with a tiny speck of personality and design, we tend to not be completely satisfied with our homes and always seek new ways to mix things up.

According to a survey by a UK design firm, millennials look to redesign their personal spaces every 3 months! Most of us can’t overhaul our rooms that often, but there is a way to invite in a new look and to spread fresh spiritual energy throughout our homes.

When you consider how to display crystals in your home, you make your home a sanctuary by bringing these versatile masterpieces of the natural world inside.

How to Display Crystals in Your Home

When you let crystals take the stage in your home, you bring healing, cleansing energy into your space, amplifying positive intentions and attracting prosperity, abundance, and a protective aura to drive evil and harm away from you and your loved ones.

Here are some great ways to start incorporating crystals into your home décor…

On a Small Shelf

Because every object and being has a history and can carry resonances of past events, we should ensure that crystals keep some distance from other things. These powerful stones absorb energy and frequencies around them, so considering their placement protects their energy.

Installing a simple hanging shelf is a great design option for a crystal display. A hanging shelf, properly anchored on a wall, designates an area where you can position crystals that work well together, such as Howlite and Clear Quartz, with other small sacred objects that you have been cleansed and blessed for energy flow.

Hanging shelves are particularly good for small crystals because of their light weight. We don’t want our crystals maxing out a shelf’s carrying capacity and crashing onto the floor.

By placing crystals on a shelf, it also signals to visitors in our homes that these beautiful stones are meant for display and for careful touch, if at all.

Amethyst & Citrine Geodes

As a Statement Piece

We don’t have to keep our stones small or relegated to a small shelf. We can choose large geodes and large natural crystal formations to make a statement in our home design.

Particularly conducive to prominent display, Amethyst Geodes can serve as furniture support, like a table column, or as a sculptural art piece.

When you put these large crystals in a room, keep in mind that they will emanate expansive frequencies that you want to maximize for your home energy. So let them be a centerpiece and avoid blocking them behind too many other items.

Knowing how to display crystals in your home must also include ensuring their safety. Stones like Calcite, Super Seven, and Rose Quartz can fade or turn brittle if left in direct sun for too long, so be mindful if you place them near windows. 

As Accent Pieces

Let’s make a caveat to our earlier warning about placing crystals with other objects. If paired mindfully and with intention, crystals can pop as accent pieces alongside other design elements in a room.

Natural, unpolished forms are great options for how to display crystals in your home. These stones have uncanny details and edges that make them ever-changing statement pieces. Their uneven angles and shifting tints that depend on angles of light will give your home a new look every day.

Crystals like Carnelian, Sodalite, and Red Tiger’s Eye will mystify your eyes everyday and give off motivating energy to get creative and passionate. 

Healing Gemstone Collections

In a Bowl of Crystals

When thinking about how to display crystals in your home, tumbled crystals are versatile decorative pieces and easy to display in any room. Simply filling a bowl with different tumbled stones creates an interesting, energetic node wherever you place it.

Your display bowl can be made of glass so that the crystals can be seen from every side. An even cooler option – a bowl made of crystal! Adding tumbled stones to a crystal bowl can be a great way to resonate different energetic intentions throughout your home and it can be easily reprogrammed and altered depending on what you and your family needs.

In a Glass Box

Another way to let your crystals shine at home while protecting their optimal energy from prodding fingers is to display them in a glass box. Similar to a bowl, a glass box provides visual access but secures the stones beneath a safe lid. 

A glass box can be adapted into an easy table centerpiece, an art piece on a shelf, or a platform for something simple (and energetically compatible) like a potted succulent. It also keeps your crystals clean and minimizes dust that can shroud your stones in a lethargic aura.

Create a Mini Crystal Garden or Terrarium

Another method for how to display crystals in your home can add style to indoor or outdoor spaces. Incorporating your stones in a mini garden or terrarium puts the crystals in communion with small plants and other natural elements.

Terrariums make fun DIY home décor because they allow you to choose things like sand or dirt, elements like shells or pebbles, and foliage like succulents or air plants to accent your gorgeous crystals.

You can even scale up and find ways to display your crystals in your yard or outdoor garden. However, just as some crystals are sensitive to light, others may not weather the elements outside so well.

Hematite and Lepidolite, for example, cannot safely come in contact with water, so it's best to opt for something like Jasper or Aventurine if they will get wet or are placed with plants that need to be watered.

Display Crystals in a Bowl

As Book Ends

A functional way for how to display crystals in your home is as book ends. This is a great option for small geode pairs, or you can mix and match compatible natural stones that are heavy enough to support a few texts in between.

If you have a collection of spiritual manuals or books of affirmations, crystal book ends can do more than give physical support. They can also infuse these texts with spiritual protection so that they are energized and clarified for when you reach for them.

Final Thoughts 

Crystals provide immense healing benefits in our lives when we use them in meditation or carry them throughout our day. It only makes sense to find more ways for crystals have functional value in our lives, and decorating our homes in these precious stones is one way.

When you know how to display crystals in your home, you come to understand the transformative power that these natural forms have to build a calm, supportive ambience in the places we treasure the most.

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here.

How to Display Crystals in Your Home 7 Home Décor Solutions

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