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How to Improve Your Life With Positive Energy Stones

INSIDE: Mother Earth has blessed us with everything we need to thrive, and crystals are one of her most alluring and beautiful gifts to us. With the help of these 10 positive energy stones, we can naturally feel happier and enjoy more love and harmony in our lives.

Too often, we feel pulled down by the negative energy of others, by negative experiences in our lives, and by our own urge to complain and look at the glass as half empty.

When you find a way to bring more positive energy into your life, you become a magnet for more positive people, things, and situations. Fortunately, there are some natural ways to increase positivity in our lives, and our favorite is positive energy stones and crystals.

How Can Crystals Bring Positive Energy to Us?

Crystals are often thought of as one of those woo-woo, New Age notions that are promoted as being able to change our lives by the believers, while being ridiculed as silly by those who don’t understand them.

Yet, you’ll find crystals in almost all of our modern technology, including computers, cell phones, watches, televisions, satellites, and more.


Crystals are extremely structured in their makeup, which makes them able to store a huge amount of information. They oscillate, emit certain frequencies, and respond to the energy inputs around them.

For all of those reasons, positive energy stones actually exist and work. Crystals have the power to produce certain frequencies that help us to attain the feelings and benefits we want to have. And you can certainly use them to bring more positivity into your life.

Amethyst Geodes

What Crystals Are Positive Energy Stones?

Almost any crystal can be used to bring positivity into our lives depending on the issues we are currently experiencing and the stones we choose to work with.

For example, if we are experiencing conflict, then Aquamarine can help us find harmony, and as a result, positive light will shine on our lives. If we are suffering from migraines, then Blue Goldstone can help us alleviate them, which makes us feel happier. And if we are feeling uninspired, then Citrine is a great crystal to turn to.

There are certain crystals and healing stones, however, that vibrate at such a high frequency and surround us with such positive energy that they have to be categorized as positive energy stones.

Here are 10 of our favorite positive energy stones…


Amazonite brings in positive feelings of hopefulness, helping us to stop feeling stuck in life and to realize that more is possible for us. It’s a stone that helps us to feel so good about who we are that we aren’t afraid to approach the world authentically and live from our inner truth.

Amazonite also brings in an energy of playfulness, helping us to let go of the emotions that feel heavy and embrace a more carefree side of life. In this way, it can help us to release our emotional blocks and bring more balance into our lives.

This crystal is also considered to be one of the main positive energy stones because it helps us access our intuition. It opens up our communication to our higher selves and higher consciousness. By raising our consciousness in this way, it provides us with a positive boost of clarity and gentle guidance.


Amethyst is as versatile as they come. In fact, this crystal is known as the All Purpose Stone, and it shines positive energy into our lives in a multitude of ways.

Probably the most amazing way it does this is through its ability to bring love into our lives. There are crystals and stones that have the ability to reduce negative energy, but amethyst takes it one step further and transmutes that negative energy into love. What could be more positive than that?

When you bring amethyst into your aura, you will be able to feel its sedative effects. It reduces stress by calming us and making us feel tranquil, yet it is an uplifted tranquility. It’s an interesting combination of calm and invigoration that brings so much positivity into our lives.

Amethyst is also categorized with the positive energy stones because it opens the third eye chakra and crown chakra, helping us tap into our intuition and connecting us to higher consciousness.

Amethyst has also been shown to boost cell regeneration, improve mood, promote clarity of thought, reduce the effects of emotional trauma, and remove negative energy from a room or environment.

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Ametrine is one of our favorite positive energy stones because it is a beautiful combination of amethyst and citrine, two powerful and highly beneficial stones. As this combination is a harmonious blend, the result is a crystal that is all about harmony, both inner and outer.

It supports a unique blend of spiritual connection and personal power by linking the intellect with higher consciousness. As such, it is both spiritual and grounding. It also unites feminine (amethyst) and masculine (citrine) energies together, resulting in a strong sense of balance.

With the help of Ametrine, we can release limiting beliefs and bring more joy into our lives. We can access the courage the overcome obstacles and transform our lives. Ametrine is also known for releasing stress, improving mental clarity, boosting creativity, and opening the intuition.


Aquamarine is another one of our favorite positive energy stones because it helps us overcome our fears. By helping us to not sweat the small stuff and go with the flow of life, we immediately experience more positivity in our lives. It can even help reduce anxiety about performing or public speaking.

This beautiful stone also promotes an open mind. Instead of seeing problems, we begin to see solutions. Instead of fighting with others because we believe our way is the best, we begin to see other perspectives and have more empathy for others.

Blue Quartz

Blue Quartz promotes positive behavior and inspires us to be the best versions of ourselves. It supports us in self-healing by helping us become aware of what we need to change and discovering our hidden truths. 

When you use this positive energy stone, you’ll feel its calm and balanced energy which helps us reduce stress and anxiety. If used during meditation, it can help you settle an overactive mind. Its soothing energy also reduces negative emotions, especially fear, anger, and frustration.

Blue Quartz is an attunement stone that helps us connect with our higher consciousness and improve our spiritual awareness. It is very beneficial in the realm of communication because it inspires us to reach compromises.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is known as The Master Healer and it is another one of those stones that offers a very versatile set of benefits that are physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

We’ve chosen it for our list of positive energy stones because it brings light into our lives. By connecting us to our higher vibratory selves, we take in the positive energy of that light and shine it out into the world.

Clear Quartz is a crown chakra stone that helps us access universal wisdom and unconditional love. With an overarching quality of purity, we can use this stone for mind-body-spirit healing and to release the darkness inside of us.

According to Mind Body Green, “Quartz crystal is made of silica, the most abundant element on the earth. It also makes up the human body, on a cellular level. When quartz crystal touches your skin, a merging of energy occurs, which is believed to encourage optimal health and healing.”

Clear Quartz is also programmable. Program it with your intention to bring even more positivity into your life!

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Citrine is a natural choice for a positive energy stone because of its sunny disposition. It gives off a highly positive vibration that can’t help but inspire joy and happiness.

This positive energy stone is associated with the solar plexus chakra, which is our power center. Therefore, it stimulates our personal power and improves self-confidence. It’s a wonderful crystal to help you live in the moment and make amazing things happen.

Citrine is also known as the Merchant’s Stone because it removes financial blockages and helps us attract new opportunities that lead to financial gain. Prosperity, manifestation, and abundance are all words we associate with this crystal because it puts positive energy behind our thoughts for fast manifestation.


Carnelian is the stone you want to have in your back pocket when you need a boost of passion and inspiration. It gets creative energy moving, helping to eliminate procrastination and moving us to take action.

This crystal is associated with the sacral chakra; therefore, it provides emotional support, helping us to balance our emotions and process our feelings in a more positive way. It also helps us to have more confidence and attract what we want.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is one of our favorite positive energy stones because it supports us with unconditional love. It’s a feel-good stone that is soothing, nurturing, and comforting.

This crystal resonates with the heart chakra. It opens the heart, inspiring us to forgive others and communicate with compassion. Its energy is gentle and harmonious, and it assists us in being gentle with ourselves and others.

By helping us bring more peace into our relationships, release anger and resentment, and clear up emotional trauma, Rose Quartz helps us heal and view the world with openness. It’s the stone to use if you want to bring more love into your life, no matter what form.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye is one of those positive energy stones that almost everyone is drawn to, often because of its alluring iridescent bands of color. Known as the “all-seeing, all-knowing eye,” it’s a stone that balances insight and intuition. It brings clarity to challenging issues and helps us to make good decisions.

Tiger’s Eye healing properties resonate with the lower chakras, which are all about energy, stability, authenticity, courage, and enjoying life. It promotes balance and stability, and it’s a grounding stone yet it raises our vibration. By helping us integrate spirituality with physical life, it inspires us to make practical choices that are inspired by spirit.

When we use Tiger’s Eye, we are likely to find that we have an easier time manifesting the transformations we desire. We find creative solutions to our problems, and we feel blessed with the emotional strength, courage, perseverance, physical strength, and vitality to achieve our dreams.

Final Thoughts on Positive Energy Stones

Give these positive energy stones a try! You are likely to notice some uplifting benefits, and although you probably won’t be walking on Cloud 9 immediately, we’re sure you’ll notice some subtle improvements.

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here.

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