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How to Reduce EMF Exposure: 7 Practical EMF Solutions

INSIDE: Electromagnetic frequencies can have serious impacts on our bodies. If we know how to reduce EMF exposure, we equip ourselves with the means to protect ourselves while incorporating healthy habits with technology.


If the pandemic of the past year and a half proves anything, it's that we live in a world that is connected in strange ways. Understanding supply chains, transit and migration, and our digital ties is dizzying – or have we been staring at screens for too long again?

That’s a very likely scenario, and while you’re probably reading this… on a screen… this article isn’t about completely eliminating technology from our lives but rather finding out how to reduce EMF exposure even when not tethered to our phones, laptops, or smart TVs.

EMF Protection Stones

Why is it Important to Know How to Reduce EMF Exposure?

We know how detrimental technological devices can be in terms of the ways they trigger psychological and behavioral patterns – for example, late night text messages can lead to poor sleep quality, impacting many young adults’ mental health.

It’s vital we understand not just how apps, social media, and telecommunication abilities change our behavior but also how the materials used within these devices emit electromagnetic frequencies – EMFs – that can take a toll on our physical health.

EMF Exposure Risks on Holistic Wellbeing

Obviously we aren’t against the use of technology – we’re so glad to interact with a vibrant community through our Healing Stones Blog and to make crystals and stones accessible through our online crystal shop

This article isn’t meant to scare us all off of our computers and phones, but we do need to take the time to educate ourselves on the effects EMFs have on us – mind, body, and spirit – and learn how to reduce our EMF exposure.

We’ve talked before about EMF symptoms to watch for, such as dizziness, fatigue, ear-ringing, insomnia, headaches, and memory lapses, as well as some more serious physical ailments. You can find an expansive list of other side effects and symptoms of EMF radiation in our 5G Risks article.

When our bodies and minds lose balance, our spiritual wellbeing suffers too. By taking measures to protect ourselves from an overabundance of EMF exposure, we give loving attention to all areas of our health.

EMF solutions

People Are Taking Action

Debate has rocked the scientific, medical, and tech industries as to what exactly the outcomes and dangers of EMF radiation are.

While we strongly believe in the problems influenced by EMF, whether or not you are convinced, it is worth noting that many of the symptoms of EMF radiation mirror those of technology and device overuse – stiff neck and shoulders, wrist pain, eye strain.

We need to recognize that these devices pose a danger and then work on how to reduce our EMF exposure.

People are actively working to have the effects of EMF radiation studied and recognized, especially the health conditions that go beyond cancers.

In August 2021, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit ruled in favor of an advocacy group fighting the Federal Communications Commission to review its guidelines about the risks of radiation from wireless technologies, including 5G, to address other health impacts.

7 Practical EMF Solutions

It can be complex to understand how EMF radiates from 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G networks, but simple solutions exist to reduce our exposure.

Wear EMF Protection Crystals & Place Them Near Electronic Devices

Obviously, our favorite way to mitigate the effects of EMF radiation is to use our trusty crystals. Since we’re working against manmade technologies, turning to nature for help makes perfect sense.

We’ve curated a whole collection of stones for EMFs with a few power players among crystals when it comes to how to reduce EMF exposure.

Our Collection of Crystals for EMF protection include Elite Shungite, Pyrite, Snowflake Obsidian, Tourmalinated Quartz, and Bloodstone. 

To maximize their healing effects, try wearing these crystals in jewelry or keeping them tucked in a pocket so that their energy will always resonate around you.

We can’t avoid the exposure coming from devices in other people's purses and pockets, but these crystals can reduce our exposure. We should also keep them with our devices when we store them to try to absorb some of the excess radiation coming from our phones, tablets, and more. 

Take Breaks From Electronics

Another incredibly effective solution for how to reduce EMF exposure involves taking breaks from our devices. We don’t just mean setting electronics aside but getting away from them altogether.

By taking device breaks, we can prioritize other activities that get us farther and farther away from electronics and EMF exposure. Taking a walk in nature for a bit of fresh air can be a great idea or simply find an open place nearby to sit and breathe.

Unfortunately, we’ve done quite a job of putting cell towers EVERYWHERE, so it might be hard to get super remote, but by leaving our phones at home, we keep the tower frequencies from tethering to us.

Switch Your Phone to Airplane Mode as Often as Possible

While the chips and other parts of our devices radiate EMFs, one of the main culprits comes through our cell signal. By turning it to airplane mode as often as possible, we cut the signal and our EMF exposure, not to mention offering our minds a break from the constant need to connect.

Yes, we can still connect to WiFi when in airplane mode, but if we’re really working to reduce our exposure, we should make a conscious effort to turn off that signal too. It can do wonders for our focus if we choose to disconnect for an hour during work. And at night – what restful sleep!

Use Corded Devices Instead of Cordless

Since the advent of the cellphone, we’ve worked hard to get rid of cords. Our headphones don’t even have to connect now. But is this a good thing?

By having to connect devices over a wireless signal, we ask our technologies to emit even more EMFs through Bluetooth. Using cords can be an effective solution for how to reduce EMF exposure. 

Much of our cordless tech encompasses wearable devices… these are really not a great idea. In the same way that crystals release energy into our bodies when we wear them as jewelry, electronic devices charge us with EMFs when we put them on our bodies.

Crystals for EMF Protection

Turn Electronics Off When Not in Use

Similar to taking a break from electronics, we can turn them off when we set them down. We tend to keep our computers murmuring in the background and most of our devices are always on and waiting for us to interact with them.

Let's face it, we’re too impatient with the idea of waiting for them to restart when we want to use them again.

But this is key to knowing how to reduce EMF exposure. Leaving unused devices that are on lying around our homes means that we have EMFs radiating throughout our environment all the time.

By simply turning them off, we significantly reduce the introduction of new radiation and give existing EMFs time to dissipate out of our homes.

Use Ethernet to Plug Devices Into Your Internet Instead of WiFi

It may feel a bit retro to reintroduce cords for an Ethernet connection, but doesn’t retro fashion always rule? While using the Internet will always give off some electromagnetic frequencies through our computers, by steering clear of WiFi, we reduce the amount of EMF radiation.

Plus, if we get in the habit of using the Internet on our computer and relying less and less on our cellphones, we may find ourselves using our devices less.

Keep Your Distance From Electronics

It’s clear nowadays that we have to and need to use technology to connect. Even if we decided that the only means for how to reduce EMF exposure was to completely stop using devices, we would still find ourselves exposed by other people's phones and computers.

Since we’re going to keep using electronics, a better solution in how we use devices comes from distancing ourselves from our devices.

That means being mindful of our posture in front of a computer screen and sitting as far away as possible to still be able to read. Put our phones down and stop holding them directly in front of our faces – it might be surprising how much less we trip over our feet too!

Final Thoughts

With these EMF solutions, we can now take a breath of relief that we can still use the devices we need and enjoy in our everyday life. By incorporating these methods, we can begin to more mindfully engage with technology while protecting our overall wellbeing and health.

EMF and 5G Protection

* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here.

How to Reduce EMF Exposure

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