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Lapis Lazuli Healing Properties for Mental Clarity, Self-expression & Ease

INSIDE: Lapis Lazuli healing properties are here to guide us to our highest, most powerful self. Through its calming energy, this stone offers clarity and trust to the heart, mind, and soul.


A stone of clarity, self-expression, and comfort, Lapis Lazuli is here to help us overcome negative energies and self-talk. It promotes the confidence to move through interactions with openness and ease. Lapis Lazuli healing properties tap into an inner wisdom that allows for honest communication, confident decision-making, and an abundant mindset. 

Lapis Lazuli Properties & Symbolism

Lapis Lazuli is an ancient and powerful stone that has been used by Egyptian royalty, high priests, and healers alike due to its beauty and powerful healing properties. This crystal is so beautiful to the eye that it was used to adorn kings, queens, and high priests in their scarabs, pendants, jewelry, and even makeup.

Beholding a gorgeous deep blue color, Lapis Lazuli represents powerful and enormous forces, such as the ocean and outer space. This dark, celestial blue color combines with speckled gold flecks from the mineral Pyrite. It is often composed of a variety of other minerals as well, including Sodalite and Calcite, making it a powerful healing stone of the mind.

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Mental & Emotional Healing Properties of Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli healing properties allow us to unblock our cluttered mind to make room for more authentic thoughts. When carrying this stone, it encourages honest and loving interactions with others, making it a useful tool for mending or nourishing healthy relationships within ourselves or with others.

Here are just a few ways this stone can support your mental and emotional healing...

Enhances Clarity & Creativity of the Mind

Finding clarity and peace of mind is one of the many Lapis Lazuli healing properties people have come to love.

It is easy to fill the mind up with constant to-do lists, wondering thoughts, and unproductive mental imagery. Lapis Lazuli helps to declutter the brain and make room for more productive uses of your time and mental space.

This gorgeous stone also helps to stimulate the creative and intellectual thinking process. This, combined with a clear mind, allows for more out-of-the-box ideas to come to fruition.

Promotes Honest Communication

Lapis Lazuli healing properties promotes honest and truthful communication, both within the self and with external relationships.

This divinely blue stone encourages those in the vicinity to speak their truth. By carrying it in-hand, it strengthens our desire to hold deep and vulnerable conversations with others.

One of Lapis Lazuli’s healing properties is that it promotes harmony and peace in relationships. Many of us can relate to having one or more complicated relationships in our lives. Lapis Lazuli is a helpful stone to keep with you when dealing with a difficult situation or relationship.

Extends a Calm & Loving Frequency

If you find yourself stuck in a negative self-talk loop, Lapis Lazuli can help dispel your negative thoughts and encourage positive perceptions.

It also emits a loving and calming frequency, which will tune into its beholder’s frequency and mindset. This nourishing energy will therefore encourage the desire for self-care and a more positive emotional state.

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Physical Healing Properties of Lapis Lazuli 

Lapis Lazuli’s healing properties connect deeply from the heart to the head, alleviating discomfort from many external and internal issues we may face. This stone provides support in areas of inflammation, healthy heart circulation, and a variety of head and neck issues.

Reduce & Relieve Inflammation

When heated, the healing properties of Lapis Lazuli reduce inflammation for a variety of external and internal skin issues. We enjoy heating up Lapis Lazuli in the sun and using it to reduce skin inflammations such as bug bites and bruising.

Lapis Lazuli can also be warmed or cleansed in water. After heating Lapis Lazuli in warm purified water, this stone can be used to reduce inflammation and eye infections. Use any leftover crystal-infused water as an eye bath once the water has had time to cool.

Promotes Heart Health

Keep Lapis Lazuli close to your heart as it promotes strong circulation and boosts cardiac rhythm. This stone has also been known to help lower high blood pressure through its calming healing properties. 

Supports Head & Neck Issues 

Due to its connection to the throat chakra, Lapis Lazuli supports a variety of head and neck issues we may endure. It is especially beneficial to the vocal cords and thyroid glands within the throat. Those who may suffer from the occasional migraine can find comfort in Lapis Lazuli healing properties as well.

Chakra Stones

Chakra & Spiritual Properties of Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli healing properties connect the heart to the third eye within the chakra system. This powerful connection allows us to speak from the heart with honest and confident expression, while also connecting us to a higher consciousness for powerful universal truths and insights.

Connects to Our Higher Consciousness

Lapis Lazuli activates the third eye, which connects us to our higher consciousness. This chakra directs both our sight and awareness, which controls how we perceive the world we live in.

The vision we have of ourselves also lies within our third eye chakra. The uplifting and empowering healing properties of Lapis Lazuli promote a strong positive perspective of oneself. 

Strengthens Our Inner Voice

This celestial blue stone connects deeply with the throat chakra to restore balance and vitality to our inner voice. When brought to balance, the throat chakra reveals inner truth and allows for an ease of communication.

The throat chakra is also the gateway from the heart to the mind. The balancing of the throat chakra allows for an easy flow of energy from the chakras below, up to the crown of the head. This free flow of energy promotes an open mind and desire for free self-expression.

Represents Universal Truth 

Lapis Lazuli is known to have been used by ancient priests, healers, and royalty, to tap into inner wisdom, power, and psychic abilities. These healing properties of Lapis Lazuli makes it one of the oldest known spiritual crystals used by mankind. Its ability to provide an inner vision and wisdom is what denotes Lapis Lazuli as the stone of Universal Truth.

Lapis Lazuli Meaning

Metaphysical Uses for Lapis Lazuli

There are many ways to benefit from the healing properties of Lapis Lazuli including: 

  • Holding a piece of it when sitting in meditation to connect more deeply into a higher consciousness.
  • Donning a Lapis Lazuli necklace for an open heart and loving frequency.
  • Creating a Lapis Lazuli crystal grid for open communication and calming energies surrounding the community, whether it be a family home or a house full of roommates.
  • When creating Feng Shui in your home, position your Lapis Lazuli in the northern facing areas of your home to promote an area of silent prayer or reflection.

Do you have a desire to achieve financial success and abundance through your career or personal business? Lapis Lazuli represents good luck and fortune when navigating big decisions and projects within the business world.

Do you desire to mend a relationship with a sibling or roommate? Keep Lapis Lazuli close by to support honest and loving communication.

Final Thoughts

Lapis Lazuli healing properties extend from the heart to the head on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. These healing properties allow us to step out of our negative or unproductive ways of being, and step into our truth and inner wisdom.

Use this stone when you are ready to embrace your inner power and find abundance in your career, relationships, and self-esteem. Lapis Lazuli’s soothing and strengthening nature relieves the pains from an internal and external level, and then empowers us to take a giant leap forward with clarity and confidence.

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 Lapis Lazuli Healing Properties

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