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Rainbow Fluorite Healing Properties for an Open Mind & Chakra Balancing

INSIDE: If you’re looking for a bright and uplifting stone, Rainbow Fluorite healing properties are just for you. Not only is this stone full of color, but it's also packed with calming and happy energies. 


Rainbow Fluorite is beautiful and it's easy to lose yourself in its lustrous colorations. No need to be a crystal expert — even beginners or people with no experience with healing stones can appreciate Rainbow Fluorite. 

Rainbow Fluorite Properties & Symbolism

This striking crystal comes in a range of colors and sections within each stone. However, purple, blue, green, and yellow are often most prominent. Due to its multi-colored characteristics, it comes full of different types of healing qualities. 

Fluorite is generally known as the “genius stone,” and Rainbow Fluorite is nothing short of genius as well. In addition to increasing mental function, it is also highly protective and grounding. 

For more than three centuries, Rainbow Fluorite has been used as decoration and even as a light source. It can be found in Brazil, China, Europe and Mexico. 

Each crystal is different from one another, making Rainbow Fluorite healing properties incredibly useful for anyone. Additionally, this stone is the zodiac crystal for both Capricorn and Pisces.  

Rainbow Fluorite

Mental & Emotional Healing Properties

Rainbow Fluorite healing properties are wonderful for mental function and emotional health. This stone is efficient at allowing us to maintain an open mind while activating motivation and focus.

As you can see, it isn’t just beautiful to look at, this crystal is beneficial for your mental health too. Here are some reasons why...

Inspires a Balanced & Open-Minded Perspective

Rainbow Fluorite healing properties help us find balance and perspective within our daily lives. Due to its multi-colored appearance, it allows us to see things in different ways. 

Enhances Intuition

This is an intelligent stone. It promotes quick thinking, problem solving, and overall improves our intuition. It is especially useful when you are struggling with a complex issue. 

Improves Concentration & Information Retention 

Being unable to focus or concentrate is a very common struggle. Today we face so many different types of distractions and consume all sorts of information all the time. Using Rainbow Fluorite at work or school will help with information retention and concentration in order for you to meet deadlines and work efficiently.

Increases Positivity & Self-Love

Incorporating Rainbow Fluorite healing properties into your self care routine is a great way to boost positivity. Its magical colors uplift and brighten our days, which in turn can help with self love. It is a great stone for boosting confidence and providing personal strength.

Reduces Stress

You may be thinking, “how can such a bright and happy stone reduce stress?” Well, Rainbow Fluorite actually has a highly soothing and calming energy which is great for when we are overwhelmed, anxious or stressed.

Physical Healing Properties of Rainbow Fluorite

When looking for a multi-faceted stone that can help with a wide variety of ailments, Rainbow Fluorite is the go-to. The healing properties of Rainbow Fluorite don’t stop at emotional or spiritual wellbeing. Each color of the crystal has its own unique benefit! 

Promotes Digestive Health

The green section of Rainbow Fluorite is effective for stomach cramps and intestinal discomfort. The color green has a strong focus on promoting health of all kinds, so really you could use a Rainbow Fluorite crystal that is mostly green for just about anything.

Helps Relieve A Sore Throat or Cough

Rainbow Fluorite healing properties have many talents, and with its soothing nature, it can be very beneficial for relieving a sore throat. It is actually thought to help relieve the eyes and nose as well, which make it an ideal stone for combatting a cold or flu. 

Cleanses & Detoxifies the Body

This is an all-around cleansing and healing stone. It cleanses and purifies the body that is in need of a little TLC. It strengthens and regenerates almost all areas of the body that need extra attention. 

Strengthens Bones

Rainbow Fluorite can assist with osteoporosis, which is a disease that weakens the bones. It does this by strengthening the spine and promoting proper posture. Additionally, it aids with relieving stiff joints in order to enhance mobility. 

Chakra Healing Stones

Chakra & Spiritual Healing With Rainbow Fluorite

The healing properties of Rainbow Fluorite resonate deeply with all chakras, mainly due to its color variety. Balancing each chakra is important in order to improve consciousness and overall health. Its wide variety of uses and benefits make this the ideal stone for chakra and spiritual healing. 

Increases Spiritual Development

Rainbow Fluorite healing properties allow us to enhance our psychic development, especially if the color purple is most prominent. Purple resonates with the third eye chakra that enables us to deepen our consciousness and increase out intuition.

Heals & Cleanses the Aura

When our Rainbow Fluorite consists of a lot of green, it is very helpful for us when we are in need of some aura treatment. The color green promotes love and absorbs excess energy, making it great to balance an overworked or polluted aura. 

Manifestation Work

The yellow areas of Rainbow Fluorite are great for manifestation work. It allows us to gain new understandings and manifest our intentions. Additionally, yellow Rainbow Fluorite healing properties harmonize our energies in order to enhance creativity. 

Healing Properties of Rainbow Fluorite

Metaphysical Uses for Rainbow Fluorite

With all the different Rainbow Fluorite healing properties, there are many different uses. When you bring this crystal into our home, you can put it basically anywhere and it will balance the energies and provide harmony. 

If you are going through emotional turmoil and need some healing, hold this stone in your hand. Suffering from a creative block? Place Rainbow Fluorite in a bowl with other crystals like Citrine, Onyx, or Sodalite to enhance your creative talents. 

Meditating with this stone is an efficient way to balance all of the chakras and cleanse your aura. Additionally, you can even bring Rainbow Fluorite to your therapy sessions to help you express and communicate effectively. 

Final Thoughts

Rainbow Fluorite healing properties are essentially endless due to its radiant color variations. No two stones are similar, so you’ll have your own unique Rainbow Fluorite crystal to help you with whatever needs healing. 

Not only is this crystal wonderful for mental function and emotional health, it also strengthens bones and promotes healthy digestion. You can even use it to relieve a cold or flu. 

When our chakras get overwhelmed and fall out of balance, Rainbow Fluorite is there to restore them to equilibrium. When used in Feng Shui, it is sure to bring peace and harmony into the home. 

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here.

Rainbow Fluorite Healing Properties

Healing Properties of Rainbow Fluorite

Rainbow Fluorite Healing

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