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The Best Healing Crystals & Gemstones for Students

INSIDE: One of the easiest and most natural ways for students to manage their stress and achieve the mental clarity they desire is through the use of these 5 gemstones for students. 


The life of a student is often fraught with stress, anxiety, and the overwhelming pressure to perform well in class. In order to manage this stress, students may turn to a variety of calming activities, some more constructive than others.

Meditation is one such activity that is becoming increasingly popular among both high school and college students as a means of reducing stress and anxiety.

Meditating alongside these 5 healing crystals and gemstones for students can help you achieve a calmer headspace that will enable you to tackle your studies with renewed motivation and vigor.

5 of Our Favorite Gemstones for Students


Amethyst is by far one of the best (if not the best) gemstones for students because it is so versatile. Not only does it provide a calming effect that can melt away stress and anxiety, but it also uplifts at the same time. That means, students can enjoy its sedative effects without losing the energy they need to complete their studies.

In addition, amethyst stones promote mental clarity and improve memory, focus, and decision-making. It's a great companion to have by your side when you need to learn something difficult or when you are having trouble focusing.

Amethyst is also helpful for warding off electromagnetic smog that comes from using too many electronic devices, which can help improve students' physical and mental health.

Amethyst Geodes - Best Gemstones for Students


Carnelian is one of the best gemstones for students who need motivation to complete their final papers, projects, and exams. This stone possesses a stabilizing energy that promotes courage while dispelling apathy.

With Carnelian's help, students can work toward their goals consistently, overcoming any obstacles or negative thoughts that may come their way.

Additionally, carnelian can help improve concentration, focus, and creativity while discouraging mental lethargy. It’s perfect for students burning the midnight oil and for art students who need an extra burst of creative juices.


Fluorite is a soothing and stabilizing stone often associated with the heart, throat, and third eye chakra. Due to its association with these higher chakras, fluorite can be very beneficial in soothing the mind and opening the heart.

Fluorite is a very stable stone that helps bring peace and balance to the user, both physically and mentally. It's one of our favorite gemstones for students because it can be used to cleanse an area of negative energy and create a comfortable environment that is more conducive to learning.

Fluorite can also help increase concentration, self-confidence, and decision-making—all traits that are instrumental in the life of a student.


Howlite is one of the best gemstones for students, particularly for those preparing for upcoming exams.

It has a soothing energy that promotes memory and knowledge while reducing stress and anxiety. This can prove useful when studying for an exam or when in the throes of a difficult test, and it can significantly help students who suffer from test anxiety.

Howlite can also help settle an overactive mind, which can help students who often find themselves second-guessing their answers on exams. This stone can also help alleviate others symptoms of stress common in students, including insomnia and anxiety attacks.

Crystal Jewelry

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye encourages protection and clarity in all facets of life, including student life. This stone also provides a bit of luck, which can be very helpful for individuals who may be underprepared for their upcoming exams.

Tiger’s eye also promotes mental clarity and enables the user to focus on the task at hand, allowing them to tackle their school work without interference from their emotions.

As a stone of protection, tiger’s eye provides the user with a sense of courage, self-confidence, and purpose while simultaneously dispelling tension, anxiety, and fear. For all of these reasons, it's one of our favorite gemstones for students.

In Conclusion

With exam season wrapping up and a new semester right around the corner, it’s important to take stock of your mental well-being and abilities.

At Cosmic Cuts, we offer a wide selection of healing crystals, gemstones, and rare geodes for sale to help you conquer your classwork with confidence and poise.

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here.

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Best Gemstones for Students

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