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What Chakra is Blue & Why? Understanding Throat Chakra Color

INSIDE: Open communication allows us to grow as individuals because we can listen to the wisdom of others and share our own insights. By examining what chakra is blue, we can tap into our creative expression and appreciate the knowledge and insights we gain from what we hear around us.


Between the great ball of fire that hangs over our planet – i.e., the Sun – and our eyes, many messages must pass from there to here in order for us to process the amazing colors of nature. For example, we see the sky as blue for three reasons:

  1. The spectrum of different wavelengths of sunlight
  2. Rayleigh scattering (the way sunlight hits molecules in the air and scatters)
  3. The way rods and cones in our eyes respond to different light wavelengths

In all these steps, communication from one being to another helps move information and understanding so that we have the chance to experience the peaceful radiance of a blue sky. This perfectly aligns with how we can understand what chakra is blue.

Communication enables clarity, understanding, connection, and intelligence. The blue chakra encourages us to explore not just how we interact and tell our stories to others but also what we say to ourselves. It encourages creative expression inspired from our earthly existence to communicate our higher calling in the world.

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What Chakra is Blue?

When we want to work on communicating our faith and our needs and stay receptive to the sound guidance and loving language of others, we can look to our throat chakra for healing and balance.

The Throat Chakra Color

The color blue generates a frequency that both soothes and energizes the throat chakra. Along our chakral spine, the node for the throat rests in the region of our collar bones, sitting in the bowl-like space formed where they meet. Throat chakra energy resonates through the neck and jaw because it is our innately human ability to interact through language.

However, the throat chakra ignites more than the way we speak our truth. It allows us to access creative modes of expression through our bodies to further communicate how we feel and what we believe to others.

While the sacral chakra taps into a primal, sexual creativity in our bodies, the throat chakra, which we now know as the answer to "what chakra is blue?", combines our unique manner of expression with mindful, conscious understanding.

This way, what we say can truly reflect our heart’s convictions and can be shared with compassion and intelligent understanding.

Speaking to the Heart & the Third Eye

There’s a reason that the throat chakra lies between the heart chakra and the third eye. That’s because we need the love and empathy honed from our heart chakra in order to openly listen to others and the logic and intellect informed by our spiritual vision through our third eye. 

As we’ve talked about with other chakra colors, just because the answer to "what chakra is blue?" corresponds to the throat doesn’t meant that this soothing color can’t provide healing to other nodes. Every color gives a spectrum of hues that transition into other colors, and blue flows through cyan to the heart’s green and through darker shades that approach the third eye’s indigo.

So, blue sharpen our communication to convey measured, well-spoken meaning. We can disagree or criticize something that does not mesh with our truth from a healthy throat chakra that presents our thoughts compassionately and gently.

Blue healing also enables us to accept the criticism, knowledge, and feedback offered to us by loving guides and partners because we value the growth their information can give us.

throat chakra color blue chakra meaning

Throat Chakra Color Meaning

If the color blue corresponds with the throat chakra, let’s look at the ways that we can recognize optimum wellbeing of this chakra on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. We can also learn how blue healing restores our throat chakra to balance. 

Physical Signs for the Throat Chakra

Related to the throat region, this chakra includes the esophagus, jaw, neck, and mouth. Through the most basic signs, a strong throat chakra on the physical plane is represented by an upheld head supported by a long, strong neck that feels supple and stable. It comes through a steady voice, no matter what pitch, that does not waver but carries a calm, yet commanding, pleasant sound. 

A bit deeper inside, our mouth harbors good oral hygiene and breath on the way to the inner core of the throat. We find a healthy thyroid and hormone balance when our throat chakra feels balanced.

Perhaps we can take it as a funny sign for what chakra is blue that the aisle of mouthwash at a local pharmacy, grocer, or superstore contains large bottles filled with a liquid somewhere along the spectrum of blue, if not in its deepest shade.

What does mouthwash remedy? Bad breath and dental and gum issues, a not at all funny sign that we need to tend to our throat chakra.

Other symptoms of an issue include a hunched neck that hangs the head lower and lower. A stiff jaw unable to allow comfortable eating and speaking, even to the point of a condition like TMJ, indicates a problem.

Of course, losing our voice obviously communicates that the throat chakra calls for attention, and illnesses like strep throat and laryngitis require that we give our throat healing.

Mental Connection to What Chakra is Blue 

The advice of “think before you speak” echoes like a mantra for the throat chakra, but it should not prevent us from expressing ourselves and our beliefs. When our throat chakra finds equilibrium, we can fluidly transition between keen, attentive listening and intelligent, compassionate speaking.

This requires that we mentally process information with the ebb and flow of energy so that we can always deliver messages from our heart.

Through the throat chakra, we gain the ability to better interpret the symbols and signs in our lives that inform our actions and our needs. Then, we can find ways to express these interpretations into our lives and interactions.

Expression flows in many ways, not always verbal, though for many people, it’s important to be able to communicate to others through words since our ways of creative expression are all so unique. What matters is finding the rhythm that allows us to nurture our creative messages while also finding our needs met.

Flow plays a large part in how we can also realize when a problem has come on the mental level of our throat chakra. When we struggle to communicate to those we love and trust the most, or even when we feel our voice stifled in the presence of others, we need to send blue love to the throat.

In our mind, confusion and erratic thoughts can manifest in unstable movements and a tendency to interrupt other people rather than mindfully listening.

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Emotional Resonance in the Throat

The throat chakra allows us to feel peace and calm in what we need to express. Instead of an uncontrollable desire to speak, we can sense the timing of what we want to say so that our message can land on receptive, open ears.

A healthy chakra lends a tranquil air to conversation. We become capable of having deep, deliberate discussions that challenge us but that end up building stronger emotional ties and understanding. We present empathy and acceptance in communication

We turn to healing what chakra is blue when we feel dominated by a sense of restlessness and unease, experiencing anxiety and resistance to speak openly.

On the other hand, we can also end up too loud, even to the point of shouting, and rather than taking time to consider our words, we stumble into lies for the sake of speaking. 

Spiritual of Blue Chakra Meaning

An incredible aspect of the answer to "what chakra is blue?" rests in how we can discover ways to connect our creative expression with our spiritual practice. Because the throat chakra attunes our listening and speaking, we hone our ability to recognize messages sent from the universe to teach us.

For every individual, spirituality can have a unique meaning, and the throat chakra enables us to find the ways we want to express this into the world or simply in communion with the divine. Even more than some external spirit in the universe, we also dig deep into ourselves.

This may be the greatest spiritual significance in the throat chakra, our ability and willingness to speak to ourselves. While we harness self-love in the heart, the throat helps us to truthfully express love to our bodies and minds.

In the absence of the inner connection, our throat chakra weakens. We lose our passion for creativity and expression, feeling trapped in a void and depleted of energy.

Final Thoughts 

When we bring blue healing to our throat chakra, we discover endless ways to communicate and express ourselves, all the while aware of when we should truly speak and when to listen to the sounds of the universe. That is the answer tov "what chakra is blue?"

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclaimer notice here. 

What Chakra is Blue?

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