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What Chakra is Indigo & Why? Understanding Third Eye Chakra Color

INSIDE: To understand intuition and the depths of our senses, we need to find balance in the center of our upper chakras. The Third Eye is what chakra is indigo, and the way this color activates our inner wisdom helps us know our spiritual truths and place in the universe.


We’ve learned loads from our deep dive into the various chakra colors, and an important area to consider lies in the balance of our chakras. Over-stimulating or neglecting any of our chakras hurts the equilibrium we strive for in the different areas of our physical, mental, and spiritual lives.

In this article, we ask, “What chakra is indigo?” and here, we find a quintessential metaphor of chakra balance.

The deep blue-violet indigo comes from an inedible plant whose color takes to nearly every type of cloth. Originating in India and cultivated throughout West Africa, indigo-dyed cloth gained immense value as a key import-export, a sign of great wealth when currency served as a weak measure. It also played a deceitful part in slave trades across the Atlantic.

Thus, for such a beautiful, treasured color, its use had a role in oppression and violence. We can understand this in the context of indigo chakra meaning in which we find awareness and insight to both the blessings and the evils in the universe.

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What Chakra is Indigo?

Exploring this chakra invites new levels of wisdom that can move us towards enlightenment while also taking us through incredible intensity.

Let’s examine exactly which chakra responds to the color indigo…

The Third Eye 

The Third Eye chakra color is indigo. When we discuss the Third Eye, some people feel it as an illusive part of our being. However, in spiritual practice, it holds a focal point in understanding the messages sent from the divine universe.

For starters, the Third Eye rests in the space between our eyebrows, just above the bridge of our nose. Although it isn’t a blinking, lidded organ, it has the moniker of “eye” because it enables us to visualize the unseeable.

We don’t gain sight in our human understanding of the sense, but rather we access insight to the invisible energies around us.

When we start to recognize how energy acts and impacts us, we find clarity about the obstacles in our way – whether in our own behaviors, our relationships, or others.

The opening of the Third Eye allows us to finally fit the pieces of our lives’ puzzles together into a complete picture of our true calling.

With the Third Eye as the answer to "what chakra is indigo," we truly see through the dark blue of night to overcome the challenges and blockages that keep us from full spiritual integration with the universe. This is crucial to advancing to our final chakra frequency.

From the Throat to the Crown

The Third Eye sits as the center piece of our upper chakras, balancing the energies from the throat chakra to the crown chakra. That means that even though "what chakra is indigo" refers to the Third Eye, this color charges the throat and crown, too. 

The key to gaining enlightenment in the crown chakra is honing our intuition through the Third Eye. Intuition fuels our interactions with the divine because we cannot rely on our human senses to completely comprehend the effects it has on our soul. Indigo eases the transference of energies between these chakras.

Likewise, integrating our intuition and spirituality into our lived realities requires that we express our values and truths in the world. This can feel intimidating, but when we let the balance from our Third Eye, with the help of indigo, into the throat chakra, we find the voice to make sense of our spiritual practice.

 third eye chakra color

Third Eye Chakra Color Meaning

We’ve established that the Third Eye is the key to "what chakra is indigo," while the throat and crown also find nourishment from this color. Now we can explore indigo’s meaning at our four levels of being through the Third Eye.

Physical Signs for the Third Eye

We know that the general location of the Third Eye is between the brows. But just as with all other chakras, the aura permeates deep within our brain. The various glands of the brain, like the pituitary and pineal, and the carotid nerve plexus activate with the Third Eye as well.

Even our nose and eyes react to the balance of the Third Eye. Similar to the deep blue-violet hues of indigo, a healthy Third eye chakra shows in a person’s gaze that is deep and active, glimmering with color and activity.

As we mentioned, the Third Eye doesn’t access vision in the same way as our eyes, and in turn, sharp physical eyesight doesn’t necessarily mean balance in the chakra. Thus, blind people can have a keen sense in their Third Eye, and they often do.

However, for those with sight, the onset of vision problems can indicate an imbalance in the indigo chakra. Sinus infections and intense allergic reactions also correspond to the Third Eye.

Given the magnitude of intuitive practice, headaches signal a need to take a gentle approach to tuning into the spirit world.

Mental Impact from Indigo

Through the Third Eye, we more fully comprehend how to integrate our physical life with our spiritual calling. On a mental level, nurturing creativity in our everyday existence keeps this chakra aligned, which is another way to understand what chakra is indigo.

Because we have to come to understand how the unique insights we find within ourselves and from our spiritual practices integrate into the world, we need to figure out how to honor our truth as we face the world.

By treating the Third Eye to indigo therapy, we can learn to boldly but calmly move through situations that may test or conflict with our beliefs.

The Third Eye helps us flow through challenges with clear mental fortitude. We can easily visualize how we need to continue forward, when we need to exit certain environments or relationships, and what we can offer from our spiritual gifts to guide others.

When we feel stuck and confused, our Third Eye needs a dose of care. Forgetfulness and a poor memory is evidence that our thoughts are too jumbled to fully comprehend deep spiritual messages. Rather than making healthy choices to progress and grow, we end up reeling from bad decisions.

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Emotional Meaning from What Chakra is Indigo 

Even if the Third Eye doesn’t technically give us the physical sense of sight, it does very much amplify the abilities of all our sense organs. When we recognize the power of our intuition, also known as our sixth sense, we begin to respond to the subtle sounds, tastes, smells, touches, and sights we may have previously missed.

By gaining this deeper awareness of our physical senses, we understand how intricately the universe behaves even when we failed to comprehend it before.

Opening our Third Eye with indigo brings us peace to flow with the universe’s actions. When we celebrate our intuition, we discover that we have no need to resist the patterns of the natural world.

Unsurprisingly, the Third Eye can expose us to psychic ability, but if we aren’t ready because we haven’t properly cared for this chakra, we can suffer hallucinations and nightmares. This can lead to problems with anxiety, obsessions, and denial rather than a willingness to see.

Spiritual Significance and the Third Eye

Understanding indigo chakra meaning at the spiritual level prepares us to surrender to whatever may exist beyond worldly existence. Instead of worrying about how to live perfectly in preparation for what lies beyond or in fear of death, a healthy Third Eye instills acceptance and spiritual peace.

The Third Eye aids in combining our human knowledge and comprehension with divine wisdom. This activates our intuition and prepares us to live in a flow state. By balancing our third eye, we expose ourselves to mystical experiences and inner vision that unifies our earth existence with our future.

These ideas can bring feelings of panic that erase our ability to process spiritual information. An unbalanced Third Eye expresses itself in spaced out thinking and the inability to connect ideas. We feel constantly pulled between ideas of life and death rather than enjoying the ride of existence.

Final Thoughts 

Now that we have a clear understanding of what chakra is indigo and what this color means to the Third Eye, we can find ways to bring healing to our spirit and intuition. Indigo reveals physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual depths we can explore when we willingly work on the balance of our Third Eye chakra.

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What Chakra is Indigo & Why Understanding Third Eye Chakra Color

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