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What Starseed Am I? Discover 19 Types of Starseeds

INSIDE: If you feel like there’s a part of you from out of this world, it's possible you're a starseed. Starseeds are other-worldly spiritual auras that inhabit human forms to guide the Earth towards new dimensions. Get in touch with your origins as you learn about the different types of starseeds.


Through scientific and technological advances in the past half century, humans have made inroads to understanding worlds and galaxies beyond Earth. Studying moons and Mars have revealed fascinating geological aeons that may have supported life elsewhere.

63% of Millennials (currently 25 to 40 years old), express interest in taking part in some form of space exploration. Older generations are happy to keep their feet on the ground but support the call to continue researching space to apply what we find to Earth.

Humans are drawn to the idea of other places and dimensions, and that we aren’t just a lonely planet, species, or global civilization. Perhaps there’s a reason for this. Maybe humans aren’t just attracted to space but are being guided to understand other worlds by people among us.

It could be explained by an influx of many starseeds coming to Earth but still feeling connected and pulled to their intergalactic realms.

What is a Starseed?

Before diving into the types of starseeds, let’s lay a foundation for what a starseed is.

A starseed is a spiritual being, often of advanced consciousness and enlightenment, that leaves the home realm – be it another planet, star, or even historical era – to come to Earth’s current iteration. A starseed takes human form but often feels a distant tug to somewhere else, like a feeling that they aren’t fully human and a knowing that something else exists.

Starseeds have experienced other lives in other galaxies, so they come equipped with spiritual guidance that can help humans realize their true intentions and purposes and attain enlightenment.

Still, starseeds can have divergent missions. Many starseeds are benevolent, eager to spread peace and harmony. However, starseeds from darker realms and civilizations are driven by colonization and greed.

You may not initially recognize your starseed energy or even know you are a starseed. Often starseeds on Earth go through a period of depression and face obstacles that they must contend with before emerging fully into their divine consciousness.

We’ve created a guide to help you find out if you're a starseed. Moving forward from there, the next question is, “What starseed am I?”

Zodiac Stones

19 Types of Starseeds

Fully recognizing your origins and culture will help you truly embody your mission as a starseed on Earth.

These 19 types of starseeds will provide you with an idea of the diverse spiritual beings existing among humans. Each starseed has a different origin realm and mission, and while we describe typical physical features of the starseeds, by no means are these set in stone. 

Let's get to it!


  • Origin Realm: Star cluster Pleiades – a.k.a, Seven Sisters, Messier 45, or Eye of the Bull – in the Taurus constellation
  • Features: Typically tall, slim, and long-limbed with blond hair and blue eyes
  • Mission: To record Earth’s history 

On the star cluster of Pleiades, a matriarchal society operates that exalts relationships, family, children, and women. Divine feminine energy is recognized as a powerful frequency, and the Pleiadians have accessed the the fifth dimension that harnesses creation and love. 

Pleiadians keep a record of Earth to include in the Akashic record, and through this record, they hope to expand human consciousness so that they can evolve into new-dimensional beings. Pleiadians on Earth tend to have deep intuition, nurturing personalities, and steady emotions.

They are typically humanitarian in nature, but some might transgress into manipulative behavior.


  • Origin Realm: Planets Sirius A and B in Vega, the Lyra constellation
  • Features: Lion-like appearance but attracted to canines
  • Mission: To save the planet

Sirians have a strong, grounded connection to the Earth, and this comes from their planets role in igniting the spiritual awakening in human beings. Sirians are level-headed and logical in their thinking and their principles, but they are also creative and expressive in what they want to communicate to humans.

Sirians connect with water because of the Miengu and Merpeople societies on Sirius B. They love dogs and all canines while having feline appearance and tendencies. These connections with natural elements and animals make saving the environment and protecting animal rights an inherent calling for Sirians. 

Ascended Masters, like Jesus and other holy figures to humans are believed to be of this starseed.


  • Origin Realm: Star Arcturus in Bootes constellation
  • Features: Darker complexion; low body temperature and blood pressure
  • Mission: To bring spiritual healing and grounding to humans while on Earth

Withdrawn and stoic, Arcturians are highly driven beings because their role on Earth is of great importance to the reincarnation of humans. They have reached the pinnacle of emotional and mental advancement, so they act as shamans and healers to bring awareness of the spiritual in our physical reality.

Arcturus, a bright red star, is considered to house the most advanced civilization in our galaxy and the prototype of Earth’s civilizations and societies. It is actually a divine realm in the fifth dimension where souls leaving the Earth pass through the Arcturian energetic field to recenter before they rebirth in another realm or back on Earth.

Arcturians’ important job on Earth propels them to leadership and public speaking. Therefore, they may come off as arrogant and guarded in their lofty roles.

They are attracted to mathematics, especially sacred geometry, and technology. They recognize that if technology and spirituality can work in sync, then a new society will form that better understands and disseminates divine knowledge.

What is a Starseed?


  • Origin Realm: Galaxy Andromeda – a.k.a., MS31 or M31
  • Features: Typically oval-shaped face and thin build
  • Mission: To bring peace and love to races enslaved by Reptilians

From spiral-shaped Andromeda, these types of starseeds have an incredible gift of balance. An Andromedan has profound faculties in both the left and right brains. Andromedans are intelligent, especially masterful in science, while also emotionally intuitive.

This spiritual balance in Andromedans gives them some telepathic tendencies that foster compassion and understanding. Thus, they are loving and benevolent and want to guide humans to a freer spiritual life.

In some ways, Andromedans are spiritual warriors set on freeing humans from the negative energy circuits of Reptilian starseeds.


  • Origin Realm: Orion constellation
  • Features: Bright blue or green eyes, born under Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn signs
  • Mission: To learn trust and faith from humans

The starseed type Orion has an interesting, complex presence on Earth. The home entity of Orions, once covered in pristine waters filled with sea mammals, no longer exists within the Orion constellation.

Because Orions have experience with struggles as physical forms, their role on Earth involves creating humans with greater awareness in the mind rather than body. This largely comes through scientific knowledge, as Orions are obsessively curious learners who seek understanding through science and research to share with humans. 

However, Orions’ true mission is to learn from humans how to bring balance to their emotional side. Orions often experience energetic blockages because of their scientific fixations, so they need to practice emotional expression. They are funny, smart beings, but they don’t fully understand the emotional being. 

In some dangerous iterations of starseeds, Orions can serve as Reptilian agents to gain control of humans and the Earth.


  • Origin Realm: Lyra constellation
  • Features: Cat-like qualities
  • Mission: To bring grace and inspiration to humans 

Feline starseeds have psychic abilities that have served humanity since ancient civilizations. The cat-like deities depicted in ancient Egyptian artwork most likely show these types of starseeds.

Feline starseeds focus on strengthening their spirituals skills and have an ability to overcome physical realities. They exist in a higher dimension than humans and make connections to divine consciousness which manifests as light and abundance on Earth.

Amethyst Geodes


  • Origin Realm: Lyra constellation
  • Features: Cat-like, almond-shaped eyes, born under Leo, Sagittarius, or Aries signs
  • Mission: To lead and teach about the physical energy of human form 

Lyrans have a strong connection to humans’ origin story, as humans first came from the Lyra constellation and Lyrans are the oldest souls in the galaxy. Strength is a dominant trait of Lyrans – fiercely independent and physical, Lyrans have an intimate connection to their physical form.

Particularly attuned to the Divine Masculine, these types of starseeds thrive when nurturing the body with exercise and athleticism and with good food and sexual prowess. Lyrans take risks and seek to explore new places, naturally taking the lead to guide humans to appreciate physical presence and abilities.


  • Origin Realm: The extinct planet of Maldek in our solar system
  • Features: Diverse – no common appearance
  • Mission: To save Earth from destruction by out of control technological forces 

Maldek starseeds survived the obliteration of their planet, run down by power grabbing and greed. Maldeks obsessively developed robotic technology to make life easier for them, but they lost sight of the need for their own spiritual work and grew lazy and sick.

As the planet died away, a small group of Maldek starseeds found refuge on Earth because they recognized the follies of their civilization. They inhabit the Earth to try to teach humans how to better incorporate technology, communication, politics, and health to prevent a robotic collapse.

Lemurian & Atlantean 

  • Origin Realm: Several earthly lands now consumed by Earth’s oceans.
  • Features: Incredibly tall with animalistic features but human-evolved appearance
  • Mission: To teach humans advanced societal knowledge without destroying the planet

Similar to Maldek but located on Planet Earth, Lemurians and Atlanteans come from now defunct civilizations. When their physical territories existed on Earth, these societies developed advanced philosophical, spiritual, and medicinal technologies.

Their technologies were so advanced that they are the first types of starseeds to directly communicate with and travel to other planets. However, they abused these developmental successes until it destroyed them through wars and disease.

Lemurians and Atlanteans who survived the destruction of their realms return among humans as starseeds to try to impart the advanced technological wisdom with the lessons of ethics and care in how humans use them in relation to their spiritual intuition.

Where Starseeds Come From


  • Origin Realm: Dimensional realm of energetic fluidity and physical detachment
  • Features: Bird-like qualities
  • Mission: To guide humans through a more spiritual life on Earth

Avian starseeds come from an energetic realm where physical realities don’t exist. Thus, they inhabit a purely spiritual dimension.

On Earth, they come to teach metaphysics and spiritual truths to humans. They want humans to understand that spiritual strength will free humans from the bounds of technology and physicality. In that, humans can advance their civilization.

Avians are typically optimistic beings who have unlimited faith in the spiritual potential of all humans and things. They serve as spirit guides to humans ready to attain enlightenment.


  • Origin Realm: Planet Venus within the fourth dimension
  • Features: Tall and attractive
  • Mission: To offer compassion and divine love on Earth

Venusians typically tap into a sensual, passionate feminine energy. Hathors, the ancient Egyptian cow-goddess of love and motherhood, is believed to have come from Venus in the fourth dimension.

When incarnated to a human form, this type of starseed has “flighty” tendencies that keeps the Venusian in a higher, spiritual realm. Thus, they at times have to reground in order to exist and work on the earth.

Venusians have a great interest in learning about ancient civilizations on Earth and outer space. They also want to know about new age, metaphysical phenomena that lead into the future because they see all time as interconnected across the universe and the divine.


  • Origin Realm: Planet Mars 
  • Features: Unknown
  • Mission: To connect with and advance the human race

The Martian is cloaked in mystery. This may be because of our current proximity to spreading human civilization to Mars.

Martian starseeds want to advance the human race and see it grow. Martian starseeds connect with the water and fire elements, perhaps in an effort to restore these to Mars. A Martian starseed may experience memories and dreams of the Red Planet in some pre-existing form.

Zodiac Stones


  • Origin Realm: “North Star” Polaris
  • Features: Very tall and androgynous
  • Mission: To study human origins and dimensional ascension

Polarian starseeds are considered the first spiritual beings who traversed from higher dimensions to take form in physical human bodies.

Polarian starseeds have a mighty energetic connection to the earth because of these high dimensional frequencies. That means that Polarians can experience physical sensations in alignment with Earth’s natural calamities, disasters, and catastrophes. They feel like they have roots that have been tethered to Earth for millennia.

It can be hard for Polarian starseeds to fully realize their purpose on Earth, so they try to learn as much as possible about humans and the environment. They are empathic and able to share spiritual enlightenment as they mediate between humans and the planet to bring them in balance.


  • Origin Realm: Beta Centauri
  • Features: Diverse – shy, introverted personality
  • Mission: To spread unconditional love on Earth

Hadarian starseeds have experienced trauma from a pervious planetary take over by a tyrannical group of beings. Hadarians on Earth fled their planet to escape slavery, and because of the struggles they have experienced, they focus on love and relationships.

Some people see Hadarian starseeds as “hippies” who want to spread pure love. Hadarians are focused on building strong, happy relationships in which they can share their love and empathy.

They are not driven by monetary gain at all, but their loving instincts also make them vulnerable to the ill intentions of manipulative people. 


  • Origin Realm: Draco, or dragon, constellation
  • Features: Lizard-like appearance with lower body temperatures attracted to heat
  • Mission: To unite people to a common goal

Draconian starseeds enter into complex types of starseeds. Draconians have chameleon intentions – for good or evil. They are drawn to math, science, and technology, but can use these in good and bad ways.

When Draconian starseeds are driven by an evil intention, they tend to be selfish and money-hungry. They are manipulative leaders who feel threatened by any authority that seems more powerful than themselves.

On the other hand, Draconian starseeds in proper spiritual alignment work to unite humans by waking up their consciousness to the needs of humanity. They are steadfast in accomplishing their goals and missions.

Types of Starseeds


  • Origin Realm: Unknown
  • Features: Lizard-like
  • Mission: To keep humans in the dark about spiritual enlightenment

Reptilians include Draconians and other Lizard people like Saurians. This starseed rarely has a positive mission to complete, though in rare cases they can.

Reptilians are shape-shifters and have physical appearances that tend to confuse or trick humans. The goal of Reptilians is to gain control over human societies so that they can manipulate Earth for the benefit of their own civilization, not humans.

Many other starseeds exist to try to fight against Reptilians and bring humans to divine consciousness rather than selfish greed.

Agarthan Beings

  • Origin Realm: Inside the hollow Earth in a civilization called Agarthan
  • Features: Tall, thin, pointed elf-like qualities
  • Mission: To protect the environment

While many other types of starseeds come from otherworldly realms, Agarthan Beings actually come from a faery realm within Earth. That is why they have both physical and soul connections to Earth’s cycles and pains, including memories of the drowning of Atlantis.

Agarthan Beings are driven to actively protect and save the environment. Sometimes, Agarthan Beings experience dreams of descending into the earth. They understand the deep layers of the earth and how what happens on the surface bores into the soul of the planet.

Indigo, Crystal & Rainbow 

  • Origin Realm: Earth’s spiritual dimension
  • Features: Diverse
  • Mission: To serve humans selflessly in pursuit of consciousness

Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow starseeds actually come from a spiritual dimension of Earth still in the process of ascension. These three starseeds have supernatural powers of telepathy, clairvoyance, and energy-cleansing that they put in service to humans.

Indigos and Crystals have specially endowed powers – from Archangel Michael and Archangel Gabriel, respectively. Indigos works for justice and peace and have no tolerance for unfairness or evil. Crystals bring joy, light, and harmony in thought and action to balance the raging spirit of Indigos.

Rainbows are the youngest wave of healing frequency on Earth and we are still coming to understand their spiritual role. That’s why many Rainbows seem detached from humans.

However, all three understand this detachment from the physical. Their work on Earth serves to strengthen their spiritual resolve for future reincarnations.


  • Origin Realm: Many planets
  • Features: Diverse
  • Mission: To work for the light

Lightworkers are unique types of starseeds. Though they hail from many planets, they have no allegiance to a society, planet, or culture. They have been called to help in spiritual evolution. 

Their mission is solely to spread light, love, and goodness. They do not judge other civilizations or missions. Lightworkers aim to help humanity rise in consciousness here on Earth. 

Final Thoughts 

If you’ve found yourself questioning, “What starseed am I?,” hopefully this article has enlightened you to the diverse worlds, galaxies, and realms you may have an original attachment to.

These 19 types show the vast diversity of starseeds in the universe, but there may be many, many more. Because starseeds are a spiritual essence, you may also be a hybrid or fusion of several starseed auras teaming together to multiply their missions.

There is a world – no – galaxies of possibilities!

Am I an Empath Quiz

* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here. 

What Starseed Am I?

Types of Starseeds

What Starseed Type Are You?



I have just been switched to stepping into 5d I saw everything turn to plasma today. I’m a lightworker not sure we’re from. My life has been filled with trauma, mediumship, healing others. Connected to crystals. Never fit in but see all. Thank you for this reading was super interesting.

Ashley Willard

My name is Ashley. My whole life has been traumatic experience one after another. I feel I am her for a reason as my life has been difficult and heart breaking and I don’t think that anyone would have chosen this unless it be for great purpose I hope. I feel alone and lost , looking for guidance or a sign. My dreams are vivid of times and places not of this life and I know it is possible they are telling me of memories from many others. There has to be something more … I need to find myself and my purpose so I can carry out my mission and feel for once in my life that all of my misery and misfortune will have purpose…. please help me find my purpose.


I am recently awakened tho I believe something has been happening since childhood,I’ve had many dreams representing alien entities,and space craft in my life I’m now 63 yrs old and would truly like to know which I am,I would appreciate it,I still have a long ways to go I think,can you help?just seeking answers.


I am told i am going through it and have been for many years but something is blocking it
Like I know all the right answers but do what ever everyone else wants it done like. I can put my hand all friends and feel the black energy flow from them to me That’s when I need my me time to clean myself and get ride if the blackness I took in. I don’t know which sees I am or how to control this as I can go very dark and shut not good. At all and I don’t want to go down that path ever again Help pleaee


I am starseed, yet I don’t know where I come from….I have felt out of place with family and friends as well as others people. I have always felt abandoned…I had a very rough upbringing, but still feel blessed to be me and to go through all that growing up has really shaped who I am. I am truly grateful for my earthly experiences. That being said though I always, and I absolutely mean always wanted and want to go home; but have yet to find a home.. that feels like home ; in all my 38 years on the planet

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