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Find Your Inner Fire With Pyrite Healing Properties

INSIDE: Pyrite healing properties are favorable to both men and women. Anyone who needs to face the day with confidence, clarity, and focus can make great use of this stone. Read on to learn more!


Man, woman, adult or adolescent, Pyrite is a stone that you can use for protection and to ignite the burning passions that reside within. No matter where you stand in this world, the healing properties of Pyrite can assist you. 

Pyrite Properties & Symbolism

Pyrite is a good luck stone that attracts good fortune, wealth, and abundance. It has been called “Fool’s Gold,” but it's anything but. Pyrite healing properties fight against negativity and frustration, while enabling focus and clarity. 

This highly protective stone is not a birthstone, however it is commonly associated with the zodiac sign, Leo. It is said that Pyrite harnesses the sun’s power in order to enhance willpower and strength. 

It is a pale, metallic gold color and is composed of iron sulfide. The name comes from the Greek word “pyr” or “pyros,” which means "fire," due to its ability to create sparks when struck against itself or another hard surface. 

This stone guards against manipulation and provokes assertiveness. It is beneficial to both men who feel inferior and women who need a boost of self-worth. 

Pyrite Tumbled Stones

Let’s take a closer look at how Pyrite healing properties can purify your mind, body, and spirit…

Mental & Emotional Healing Properties

Overcoming fear and anxiety is a common struggle for many of us. Pyrite is a positive energy stone that evokes action-taking and relieves anxiety. It is referred to as a mirror to the self, helping to reveal the causes of most personal problems.

Boosts Creativity & Confidence

The healing properties of Pyrite enable us to think creatively and boost our confidence. This stone is wonderful for anyone experiencing creative obstacles, like writers block or any other lack of inspiration.

Enhances Focus & Clarity

If you’re struggling with procrastination or completing tasks, use Pyrite. This stone increases focus and clarity to eliminate all of those delay tactics that hinder our success. 

Protects Against Negativity

This world is so full of influence that it can take a toll on our mental health. When we feel depressed and just negative overall, we may actually be under attack from bad vibrations. 

Pyrite healing properties are extremely protective and will act as a shield against emotional and psychic attacks.  

Physical Healing Properties of Pyrite

Pyrite healing properties cover the entire scope of healing in the human body. It works for both men and women, with different benefits for each. It is a universal healer and everyone can reap the benefits. 

Provides Nourishment

Pyrite is an extremely universal stone that can be used by anyone in need of assistance. It supports the idea of perfect health by using its universal energies to protect against danger and harm, all while providing nourishment to the body.

Increases Oxygen in Blood Flow

Pyrite healing properties don’t just revolve around mental well-being, but also physical health. It can be used to increase oxygen in the blood, which improves the circulatory and respiratory system. Pyrite can actually be used to alleviate asthma as well. 

Accelerates Physical Healing

Pyrite draws energy from the sun to activate healing throughout the body. It can speed up the healing process, help you identify the cause of disease, and shield the body against environmental pollutants. 

Relieves Flu Symptoms & Aids in Fertility

Next time you're fighting off a cold or flu, invite Pyrite healing properties into your home to help relieve fevers and reduce inflammation.

If you struggle with infertility or impotence, Pyrite stimulates the endocrine system, which can be excellent when combating these issues.  

Chakra Balancing Stones

Chakra & Spiritual Healing With Pyrite

Balancing the chakras is more important than most people think. When the chakras are unbalanced, we feel all those no-good, no-fun feelings. Emotions of anxiety, anger, resentment, greed, instability, and any other negative feeling can be let go by spending some time doing chakra exercises.  

Restore Digestive and Immune Health

Pyrite stimulates the Solar Plexus and the Sacral Chakra. When these chakras are balanced, they help fight infections and allergies, and restore digestive and immune health.  

Enhance Mind-Body Connection

Pyrite healing properties bring about positive energy, and when the sacral chakra is balanced, it controls the flow of information from body to mind and mind to body. This control enhances intuition, gratitude, and flexibility.

Increase Abundance & Vitality

This is an incredible stone for manifestation work. It draws high frequency vibrations to the body and removes all of those feelings of repression and confusion. If you’re struggling with libido, Pyrite can help relieve sensual and sexual tension. 

Place your Pyrite on your solar plexus (belly button area) to anchor your aura. Pyrite healing properties are wonderful at balancing polarities and providing harmony with the aura. 

Use it in Feng Shui to provide Safety & Security

This stone is also a great tool when used in Feng Shui, the art and science of energy flow throughout a home or room. 

Try placing your Pyrite in the Northeast or Southwest areas of your home to provide feelings of safety and security. Putting it in the south area of a bedroom can help improve relationships and spark up new passions. 

Healing Properties of Pyrite

Metaphysical Uses for Pyrite 

Now, let's look at how to use this stone to obtain all of its amazing healing properties...

  • Keep Pyrite with you when you need clarity in a tense situation or to help activate your communication skills when you're in a rough patch in a relationship. 
  • Take Pyrite healing properties with you everywhere you go to fight off fatigue or when you’re meeting with an employer about a promotion or raise. 
  • Hold Pyrite on your pulse points (throat or wrist) to gain protection and boost self confidence. Using Pyrite in meditation boosts vitality and invites in good fortune.
  • Another way to use Pyrite is to combine it with other stones. Find balance when you use Pyrite with other elemental stones like Aquamarine, Citrine or Amethyst. When Pyrite is used with Ametrine, you can be sure to fight off negativity. 
  • Lastly, reduce EMFs when you place Pyrite near your electronics. This can help with headaches and with unblocking any obstacles that are hindering your creativity.

Final Thoughts

Despite being known as fool’s gold, Pyrite is anything but foolish. When used in chakra meditation, you can stimulate your 2nd and 3rd chakras. This in turn will provide stability, conviction, and passion. 

Pyrite covers the entire scope of the human experience; mind, body and soul. If you need encouragement or motivation, you can find it within your Pyrite stone. 

All in all, Pyrite healing properties are the assistant that goes above and beyond, the everyday helper that gives you strength to face the day. Use this stone to find the spark in your life and ignite the passions within you that may be laying dormant.

How to Use Crystals

* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here.

Pyrite Healing Properties

Healing Properties of Pyrite

Pyrite Healing

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