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7 Amethyst Geode Uses to Beautify & Transform Your Life

INSIDE: Whether you’re looking for healing energy or some beautiful eye candy, Amethyst Geode uses range from furniture to jewelry, and they radiate positive vibrations throughout your home and body all the while.


Amethyst has an ancient and storied mythology. In its supposed origin from Greek mythology comes the sordid story of an intoxicated Bacchus, God of Wine, who forcefully pursued the maiden Amethyst.

Goddess Diana protected Amethyst from Bacchus’ aggressive hounds in pursuit of the maiden by turning her into a Clear Quartz crystal. Remorsefully, Bacchus drains his wine over the beautiful visage, staining the stone in a deep purple color, bestowing the name Amethyst on this crystal form.

In religious lore, Amethyst adorns Bishop’s rings in Catholicism as a protective amulet to the bishop as he brings healing and knowledge to the people. The massive gemstone set on his ring can radiate powerful, divine energy to be absorbed by common humans.

More recently, Amethyst’s protective qualities have been put to the test. Scientists have found that these geodes actually shield against radiation! Amethyst ore can deflect more gamma beams than concrete materials. 

With so much protective might contained in these gorgeous stone formations, Amethyst Geodes are important for everybody, not just bishops and gods.

Finding Amethyst Geode uses can bring this powerful energy into your home and closer to your personal aura.

Amethyst Geodes

Amethyst Geodes Are Sooooo Versatile

The beauty of Amethyst Geodes alone may attract you to incorporate more of them in your home and wardrobe, but Amethyst is way more than a pretty stone! It packs so much healing power in its crystal structure.

The versatility of this crystal means that Amethyst Geode uses instill a mighty punch of soothing vibrations, positive energy, and spiritual protection.

They Calm Anxious Thoughts

Amethyst’s prime power is providing calming, relaxing energy that can draw you out of a stressful state of thinking. Its energy can improve your self-confidence to envision your divine abilities.

This allows the mind and body to open up to more positive experiences. Amethyst brings balance so that you can maintain stasis in your thoughts and actions. It deters the negative emotions and memories that harbor depression, anxiety, and addiction.

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They Stimulate Positive Intentions

Even though an Amethyst Geode use brings balance, stability, and calm, it is so versatile that it also energizes. It doesn’t give you intense bursts of stamina and fire. Instead, it allows you to discover creative paths to transformation.

Amethyst helps us take mindful, steadfast action in the direction we want to go. It reveals insights by tapping into the crown and third eye chakras so that you can match your actions with your truest intentions. This opens the mind and soul to more positive feelings and reactions.

They Protect Our Spiritual Journey

While Amethyst helps lead us on our most fulfilling path, it won’t do so blindly. This crystal offers incredible protection. 

It arms us against evil psychic forces and negative thoughts. Amethyst clears the road ahead for us so that we can take a safe, steady journey. 

Though we may talk about the spiritual and physical realms as separate entities, in fact, all are entangled. Amethyst’s ability to inject calm, motivating pulses that maintain balanced energy helps in physical manifestations, such as good blood pressure and circulation, healthy sleep patterns, endocrine maintenance, and hormone production.

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Amethyst Calming Powers

Amethyst Geode Uses You Might Not Have Considered

With so many versatile properties, it’s time to introduce the myriad Amethyst Geode uses that can infuse your everyday with physical, mental, and spiritual healing.

Whether you find great housewares like an Amethyst Geode table or wear Amethyst Geode jewelry, let's learn how this natural piece of art can enhance our daily living.

Amethyst Geodes for Vibration 

To understand the incredible vibrational power of Amethyst Geodes, you need to know a bit about how they form. For starters, Amethyst Geodes refer to sorts of lava bubbles that formed deep in the earth and take thousands of years to develop their crystal interiors.

The outside of the “bubble” is hardened lava that looks like any common rock, but when broken open, you'll find the amazing carpet of Amethyst crystals inside! These pockets form from gas cavities in the lava that then fill with a melted liquid of Quartz and iron.

Just imagine the rumbling lava under the earth’s surfice spreading. It slows down, and as the liquid in these pockets cools, different sizes of Amethyst crystals take shape.

Amethyst Geodes hold that vibrational energy within, so by finding Amethyst Geode uses in a space, you can amplify the vibrations that reverberate in a room and home.

Amethyst is suitable for all areas of the Bagua map in Feng Shui, although it is most powerful in the zone of Knowledge and Wisdom. Its ability to serve in all spaces comes from the vibrations it emits, enabling the balanced flow of energy.

Amethyst Geodes for Beauty 

Even with all the benefits of Amethyst’s crystal properties, it can simply work as stunning home décor. The spectrum of purple colors that happen as the iron-infused liquid solidifies inside the geode provides an awesome range of style to incorporate in your interior design.

Amethyst Geodes take unpredictable shapes and sizes. The process of extracting Amethyst Geodes from the earth is a delicate exercise.

This involves probing into lava fields with small cameras to understand the boundaries of the bubbles. Then, miners carefully chip around the space to try to preserve the outer rock shell and to leave the crystals undisturbed inside.

When an Amethyst Geode emerges intact, different panels can be shorn or the entire geode split in two to reveal the natural beauty inside. The range of shapes and cuttings allow many depths of purples to show, packing a geological history into your geode sculpture.

Amethyst Tumbled Stones

Amethyst Geode Jewelry

If the power of Amethyst crystals really speaks to you, why not incorporate Amethyst Geode uses into your life beyond your home? A great way to carry Amethyst with you all day is by wearing it as jewelry. 

As a piece of jewelry, Amethyst Geodes can similarly take many shapes and colors, from light lilac to deep violet. You can find crystal jewlery that incorporates Amethyst crystals in ring settings or within woven-string jewelry.

The best part of Amethyst Geode jewelry is that you not only allow the crystalline vibrations to work on your own body and chakras, but you also bring it into every space you go.

When you meet friends or sit next to co-workers, your Amethyst jewelry resonates positive energy that can seep into their spiritual aura as well. It’s a physical embodiment of the spiritual gifts you hope to spread in the world. 

Amethyst Trees

A symbol of life in many ancient traditions, trees mark a connection with earth. An Amethyst tree creates a strong vehicle for Amethyst energy to unite your upper spiritual and lower grounding chakra.

Because Amethyst Geodes come from the depths of the earth, it naturally has a relationship to the Earth Chakra, but the vibrant purple infuses the crown chakra as well.

Amethyst trees typically have a crystal base to represent the stone’s origins. With a trunk and branches extending from this base, Amethyst pebbles are attached to the branches to attract divine wisdom and insight to nourish the tree. 

These can be bought in different sizes, so you can easily place crystal trees on tabletops and desks or as larger art pieces around the home. They also take smaller forms represented on necklaces and pendants.

Amethyst Geode Table

While Amethyst Geode uses abound when you have crystals of different shapes and sizes, a way to really make a statement in your space is with an Amethyst Geode table

These masterpieces of nature and craftsmanship involve the careful extraction of the geode but also an understanding of how to cut into the geode so that the crystals can shine and release its high vibrational energy into your home.

The table serves multiple purposes. It isn’t just a practical piece of furniture. While Amethyst’s life-changing powers can easily fill your home just in its presence, by functionally using your geode table on a daily basis, you charge whatever you place on it – food, journals, photos – with intentional blessings of serenity and growth.

Amethyst Point

Amethyst Geode Points

Inside an Amethyst Geode, the crystals that take shape form pointed tips called terminations. Sometimes, these points are taken out of the geode structure.

For Amethyst Geode uses, these Amethyst crystal points have a powerful channeling energy so that you can take a more focused approach to how you saturate your space with Amethyst’s powers.

The tip of an Amethyst crystal guides the energy in the direction of the point. For example, placing an Amethyst Geode point on your bedside table with the tip pointing towards your body allows energetic, healing vibrations to beam towards you as you sleep. 

You can position Amethyst Geode points throughout your home on different surfaces and in different directions to create an aura of protection shining from each crystal. 

Amethyst Tumbled Stones

For a more subtle display of Amethyst Geode use in your life, simply having small tumbled stones will still give you incredible benefits. 

Tumbled Amethyst stones are easy to fit in your pocket or purse so you have them with you at all times. Considering the crystal’s protective power during travel, it’s a great idea to keep these tumbled stones handy. Maybe keep one nestled in your glove compartment or another safe spot in your car.

You can use tumbled stones as home décor as well. These smooth, rounded crystals create a gorgeous, understated piece of art when displayed in a clear glass bowl or other container.

You can keep them in a bowl near your front door to grab one on the go or to invite guests to hold one in their hand as a calming, meditative practice in your home. 

Final Thoughts 

Placing Amethyst Geodes in your home and as a part of your wardrobe will invite peace, harmony, and guidance into your everyday life. These powerful crystals will dissipate negative energy and make room for positivity and growth.

With so many shapes and hues, you can find Amethyst Geode uses to fit into the décor of every room and for your personal style.

Amethyst Geodes

* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclaimer notice here.

Amethyst Geode Uses

Ways to Use Amethyst Geodes

How to Use Amethyst Geodes

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