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Merkaba Sacred Geometry: How to Activate Your Star Tetrahedron Light Body

INSIDE: The universe has a funny way of balancing things in nature. The Merkaba sacred geometry symbol is a Divinely orchestrated geometric shape that has the power to help us become more balanced, get back in touch with spirit, and find enlightenment when we most need it. Here's how...


Using sacred shapes, such as the Merkaba sacred geometry symbol, on our healing journey can help us connect to nature and the Divine self.

According to Psychology Today, being open to seeing and believing in synchronicities can be helpful during psychotherapy, and this ancient symbol can help with that.

Let's dive in to understand what is Merkaba, and what makes this symbol so powerful….

What is Merkaba Sacred Geometry?

Merkaba is an ancient sacred geometry symbol. It is a star formation made of tetrahedrons that share the same vertical axis and the same center but are pointed in opposite directions, forming a Merkaba star.

There are two tetrahedral structures in its base. They look like triangular pyramids that pierce one another symmetrically. Each of the two rotates in a different direction, creating perfect synchronicity. 

It is one of the highest vibration geometric shapes designed by the universe and it is found in everything around us, from cells and microorganisms to water, plants, animals, crystals, and our own body.

What is Merkaba

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Let’s see what the Merkaba sacred symbol represents, and how you can use it in your spiritual awakening...

Merkaba Symbolism & Meaning

Throughout history, the Merkaba symbol was most associated with Hebrew tradition, and then Christianity. The word is of Hebrew origin and translates to light, spirit, and body.

Merkaba Sacred Geometry symbolizes the unity of opposites. It marries light and dark, masculine and feminine energy, the material world, and the spiritual realm.

Because it includes tetrahedron pyramid shapes, it represents fire elements and is associated with igniting our inner flame or light of life.

Similar to cells in our body, which too, have a geometric formation, Merkaba is a geometric formation of our spiritual body, the geometric shape of our spirit. It symbolizes all parts of us that can’t be physically touched and that make us one with the Universe.

The tetrahedrons in its structure are associated with the Divine and higher knowledge, bringing us greater awareness and helping us connect with source. The upward point of the Merkaba sacred geometry tetrahedron brings us closer to God or spirit, while the point that’s turned downwards connects us with Earth and brings a sense of groundedness.

Amethyst Geodes

What is Merkaba Activation & Why You Should Try It?

There is a Merkaba in all of us; we just need to figure out how to connect to its power. The activation of the Merkaba star tetrahedron is exactly that: it is a spiritual practice that has a purpose to elevate our consciousness, heal, and bring balance, harmony, and light into our lives.

More than anything else, it is used to ignite our inner flame and awaken us to all the beauty and positivity available to us with the power of sacred geometry.

It uses the power of the Merkaba star to reign us closer to nature and our inner truth, spark the fire of life within, and awaken us. The activation of Merkaba sacred geometry is all about focusing on the divine sacred geometry symbol and letting it work through us.

Here is why it can be so beneficial...

It Unlocks Your Full Potential

Its frequency stimulates personal growth in both the physical and spiritual realm. It frees the soul and is focused on enlightening and stirring up a lust for life by reconnecting us to our true self, our talents, and the inner potential we hold inside.

The activation is a wake-up call that speeds up spiritual growth as the star spins. We become more aware of how powerful we are, sometimes even finding talents and superpowers we were never consciously aware of prior to activation.

star tetrahedron

It Stimulates Powerful Spiritual Awakenings

Merkaba can help you connect with the Divine and open the portals of communication with your spirit guides. Its power is that of enlightenment and awakening, and by activating it, we are connecting with higher intelligence and universal truths.

The activation is a powerful practice because it balances energies both within us and the energies in our environment, helping us feel more whole and connected to our higher selves and the universe.

It Raises Our Vibration 

When we use the Merkaba sacred geometry symbol in our spiritual rituals, we are actively changing our vibration, removing energetic obstacles, and inviting positive vibrations to accompany us on our spiritual ascension journey.

It not only helps remove residual energy, but it actually activates high frequencies and changes your own frequency. This helps raise your vibration, assists us with manifesting, and stimulates the flow of energy through the body, making us feel replenished, hopeful, and more aligned with our true needs and desires.

It transforms the energy, lights us up, and helps us progress on our self-development journey, while simultaneously protecting our energy.

It Removes Energetic Blockages & Balances Chakras

Because it has the power to remove energetic blockages, Merkaba can help us recognize and then release limiting conscious and unconscious beliefs that hold us back in life.

It does so by awakening us to our power, helping us release fear, doubt, worry, and self-deprecating thoughts, and replacing them with pure light and positivity. Merkaba sacred geometry can activate and unblock chakras and can be used both for single chakra work or for balancing all chakras.


How To Perform Merkaba Activation Yourself?

The Merkaba star is closely associated with the fire element, our life force, and the light we have within. As the word implies, to truly feel what is Merkaba, activate its Divine potential, and access what it offers energetically, we need to get it to spin.

You can make an extra effort to prepare for the activation by clearing out a meditation space, letting some fresh air in, and smudging the space with sage.

Visualize, Breathe & Meditate

There are a few ways to get your Merkaba spinning, but the most important element is visualization.

Find yourself a quiet and cozy place for meditation and strike a meditation pose that suits you. As you dive into the meditative state, take deep breaths and visualize your Merkaba star. “Feel’’ the shape of it, visualize its details, its color, and feel the energy it gives off.

Everyone will visualize the shape differently, so don’t worry too much about what your Merkaba sacred geometry star looks like, how big, or colorful it is, or what is around it. There are no right or wrong ways to visualize it, as the only thing that matters is that you are focusing on the two pyramids that form the Merkaba.

As you meditate, visualize it spinning in a synchronized way around the straight vertical axis with the top of one pyramid being the bottom point and the other the upper point. Be mindful of your breathing, and envision rays of light illuminating you as the star spins.

As the star spins faster, feel your vibration rising. You might feel a slight rush of adrenaline or a sudden elevation in your mind.

Some may also feel a pleasant sensation of sudden inspiration or a rush of joy and excitement. These are all signs that your mind is awakening and that the activation of Merkaba is working, so enjoy the ride!

Crystals for merkaba activation

Use the Power Of Crystals 

The only tools you need are your consciousness and the ability to visualize the shape. However, you can use the power of crystals to enhance the whole experience and support your Merkaba sacred geometry activation.

Crystals not only have the power to amplify positive vibrations and speed up the healing process, but they are a form of sacred geometry themselves and will be perfect balancing tools during a Merkaba activation ritual.

You can place them to form a triangle around you as you meditate. This will create a protective shield around your aura and ward off any energies that threaten to defocus you during the meditation.

Alternatively, you can hold one or two energy cleansing crystals, such as Clear Quartz and Black Tourmaline, in your hand during the activation.

If you want to align your chakras during the star tetrahedron activation ritual and bring more balance into your life, you can use different chakra crystals, especially Third Eye Chakra crystals and Crown Chakra Crystals, as these will open the lines of communication with the Divine, just as the Merkaba does. 

Final Thoughts 

The Merkaba symbol is here to help us bridge the gap between opposites and create a balanced life so that we can discover and cherish our full potential. If we stop for a brief moment and activate the power of it, Merkaba will help us elevate spiritually, leading us to prosperity and harmony. 

What Crystal Should I Use

* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here.

Merkaba Sacred Geometry



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