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10 Fascinating Expert Crystal Tips That Will Surprise You

INSIDE: These 10 crystal tips come from the top experts in the industry, and we think you'll find them to be pretty fascinating. Many of the answers these tips provide are contrary to popular belief and likely to surprise you!


What's the most powerful crystal?

Why are you drawn to certain crystals?

Do you really need to charge your crystals?

These are questions we all wonder, and we thought it would be fun to answer them in a different way. That's why we compiled this roundup of crystal tips from our 10 favorite crystal experts! Let's dig in… 

Hibiscus Moon 

Why Quartz is the Most Powerful Crystal

According to Hibiscus Moon, quartz may just be the most powerful crystal because it possesses the properties of piezoelectricity, pyroelectricity, and triboluminescence. Here's a quick summary of what each of those properties mean: 

  • Piezoelectricity - the ability to produce voltage when pressurized
  • Pyroelectricity - the ability to produce voltage when heated or cooled
  • Triboluminescence - the ability to produce light when struck

Quartz comes in many different forms and colors, some of which include amethyst, citrine, clear quartz, rose quartz, yellow quartz, blue quartz, aventurine, jasper, agate, carnelian, and tiger's eye.

Hibiscus Moon feels that crystals with these three properties are the most powerful because they can "more easily tap into the body's voltage and polarity." She teaches more about the physics behind this stuff in her Certified Crystal Healer Course and on her website:

Healing Crystals For You

Why You Should Use Crystals to Raise Your Vibration

Liz from writes about raising your vibration with the help of crystals. Raising our vibration is important because it makes us feel happy, peaceful, loving, positive, energetic, and confident.

The etheric body is the energy field around the body, and when the frequency of the etheric body is higher, we feel better physically, mentally, and spiritually than if it were lower.

Chakras are part of the etheric body. They are spinning vortices of energy that each vibrate at their own frequency. Each one manages the function of certain systems in the body.

We vibrate at a lower frequency when we experience emotional or physical pain and when we haven't been maintaining our etheric body. Likewise, each of our chakras can function individually at lower vibrations, thereby effecting different parts of the body and mind.

Crystals are one of the best ways to raise your vibration so that you can experience the happiness, health, and well-being you desire. We like what Liz wrote when she said, "The choice of the crystal to use is important, as it communicates with your body via its vibration."

You can learn more from Healing Crystals For You here:

Crystal Tips Raise Vibration

Cosmic Cuts

Amethyst Geodes Soothe & Uplift at the Same Time

Cosmic Cuts is known for their incredible inventory of high-quality amethyst geodes. One of the things they often write about amethyst geodes is their ability to soothe and uplift at the same time.

The energy of amethyst geodes is so serene that it melts away stress, reduces negative energy, and can help us drift off to sleep. Yet, at the same time, it doesn't leave us drowsy or unable to take action. On the contrary, amethyst helps us pursue our dreams and work from a heightened state of mind.

It brings clarity to our thoughts and control over our emotions, and with that combination, there is nothing standing in our way. By feeling more relaxed and alert at the same time, there is no limit to what we can accomplish, which is why amethyst can improve so many different areas your life, from your relationships, work, physical health, spirituality, and mental health.

Amethyst geodes are an incredibly powerful and natural solution for stress management. They help the mind and body to release the burdens of stress, allowing you to feel more alive and freeing your mind from feeling cloudy, overactive, or weighed down.

You can browse Cosmic Cuts' selection of amethyst geodes here.

Amethyst Geodes

A Surplice of Spirit

Pendulums Have All the Answers, But They Need Your Intuition

Crystal pendulums can be used to help you get answers and make decisions in your life. You can use your pendulum to assist you with questions related to:

  • love, health, career, finances
  • weighing your choices
  • locating lost items

Melanie from A Surplice of Spirit believes that pendulums just might have all the answers but that they do so by tapping into our intuition. She describes it as a "visible way of confirming or not confirming things that we probably already know within us."

She goes on to explain that the more we use and connect with a spiritual pendulum, the more accurate it will become for us. Over time, it's like it becomes tuned to your intuition, and your intuition becomes sharpened as a result of using the tool. In this way, pendulums actually strengthen our intuition.

You can visit Surplice of Life here:

Ethan Lazzerini

The Difference Between Natural Citrine & Heated Citrine

The debate about natural and heated citrine is a heated one (pun intended), but we agree with Ethan Lazzerini's view on the subject.

Heat-treated citrine is really amethyst that has been subjected to heat. Amethyst is purple and when it is treated with heat, it turns golden yellow.

From a composition point of view, citrine and amethyst are very similar, and Ethan even points out that most mineral books don't even distinguish between them and simply lump them into the category of quartz.

Ethan also recognizes that metaphysically, there certainly is a difference since the difference in color provides two very different energetic vibrations.

When looking at the differences between natural citrine and heated citrine, Ethan points out that both can be useful and that they just carry a different energy. He prefers the higher energy of the natural citrine and the cleansing properties it provides, but he also recognizes that heated citrine can be useful when the energy of bright golden orange colors are needed.

You can learn more from Ethan here:

Serendipity Crystals

How Crystals Are Affected by Planetary Shifts

Kristy Hodges from Serendipity Crystals points out in her article, Crystals - The Moon & the Planets, that we can be drawn to different crystals depending on the planetary movements that are occurring in our solar system.

As planets rotate, it shifts the magnetic field of the other planets around it, including earth, and it also affects the magnetic field of humans. 

Each planet has a unique energy that is associated with different emotions and concepts, therefore depending on the position of each planet in respect to earth, we are affected in corresponding ways. For example, Mercury affects us in ways that have to do with communication and travel, while Venus is associated with love and emotions.

These different magnetic tugs can cause us to be drawn to certain crystals that can help us balance the emotions and experiences we are having at the time as a result of the planetary shifts. For example, Kristy points out that during Mercury retrograde, it is common to find ourselves reaching for blue stones since they help improve our communications.

You can check out her website here:

Crystalis Institute

Why You Don't Need to Charge Crystals

We love Naisha Ahsian's take on charging crystals, which is that there is no need to charge crystals unless they haven't been cleared properly.

Naisha believes that crystals don't actually run out of energy, and therefore don't need to be charged up. Since crystals are electromagnetic oscillators, they provide a continuous stream of energy as long as they are vibrating at their natural frequency.

The natural frequency of crystals can get knocked off kilter, however, causing it to not oscillate properly. When this happens, it needs to be cleared, not charged, so that it can be brought back in harmony with its natural frequency.

If you charge a crystal that is out of sync with its natural frequency, you end up amping up the energy that is already off kilter. By clearing it instead, you bring it back in sync with its natural frequency, and then there is no need to charge it.

Naisha Ahsian offers her wisdom at the Crystalis Institute for Personal & Planetary Transformation:

Crystal Tips Drawn to Certain Crystals

Love & Light School of Crystal Therapy 

Why We Are Drawn to Certain Crystals

According to Ashley Leavy from Love & Light School of Crystal Therapy, each person is drawn to different stones. And not only that, we are drawn to certain stones at different points in our lives based on what is going on in our lives at the time. This happens because we are being drawn to the energy that we need to help us with what we are currently experiencing.

What does it mean to be drawn to a stone? It means that if you are in a crystal shop, certain stones will catch your eye or you'll feel like you need to pick one of them up. If you're looking at images of stones online, you'll find that you overlook some and feel called to learn about others.

Crystals can often work like companions, helping us to heal or balance an aspect of our lives. But it is not unlikely that the need for that stone will die down as you start improving that area of your life. That's because the energy that stone provides is no longer needed, and then you might feel drawn to a different stone.

Ashley reassured us that rather than feeling sad when we no longer have the same connection with our stones, feel grateful that they have done their job for us.

You can check visit Love & Light School of Crystal Therapy here:

What Crystal is Best for me Quiz

Krista Mitchell

Crystals for Empathic & Psychic Children

Krista Mitchell is passionate about using crystals to help empathic and psychic children cope with their spiritual and psychic gifts. She advocates that there are two things that will help these children the most:

  1. Sanctuary - Ensure they have a safe space both figuratively between parent and child, and literally (which is usually their bedroom).
  2. Empowerment - Help your child feel empowered and strong so that they can exercise authority when it comes to their own energy.

Krista reveals several crystals that can help with both of these things. For the bedroom, she suggests celestite placed near the bed in line with the child's head, and selenite sticks on the windowsills and/or around the perimeter of their bed. These crystals emit a very high frequency that helps invite angels in for protection while naturally repelling lower harmful frequencies.

She also promotes that children wear crystals for protection. It's wise to let your child choose their own crystals because they innately know what will work best for them. Otherwise, good suggested crystals to wear include:

As always when working with crystals for children, take steps to ensure young children aren't able to hurt themselves with the crystals or put them in their mouths.

You can learn more from Krista at

Academy of Inner Resonance

Why Some Crystals Can Affect Us Negatively

The Academy of Inner Resonance wrote about why some crystals affect us negatively in their article, Crystals: Why a Little Knowledge Can be Dangerous. They explain that crystals aren't good or bad, they are neutral, and that it only feels like certain crystals are causing a negative reaction in your life because you aren't understanding the unique vibration that stone provides.

They provide the following examples to explain this point:

  • Clear Quartz - This stone is an energizer, so if you put it in the bedroom, you are likely to disturb your sleep.
  • Black Tourmaline - This stone attracts to us the things we have not yet resolved in our lives so that we can work on resolving them. While the personal growth that can result is clearly a positive thing, the experiences we have to go through to get there can often feel negative. For example, you might find yourself having more arguments or feeling like your life has been turned upside down.
  • Some other stones help promote change in our lives by bringing us closer to who we really are. Again, some "negative" things may have to take place before we get to that point. 

When you work with a crystal, it is important to understand the energy of that crystal, and look at all the ways it is working in your life. Sometimes, it just takes a simple shift like moving the location of the crystal. Other times, it takes a shift in attitude toward the crystal, such as realizing that certain crystals aren't going to instantly improve your life but will instead bring you opportunities to make changes. And other times, a different crystal would be best. All of that can be decided when you take the time to understand your crystal on a deeper level.

You can visit the Academy of Inner Resonance here:


There you have it! 10 great tips from 10 amazing crystal experts. What was your favorite tip and why? Please leave your answer in the comments below.

Healing Gemstones

* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. This article may contain affiliate links. Please read our full disclaimer notice here. 

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