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Angelite Healing Properties for Spiritual Wisdom, Honesty & Life Purpose

INSIDE: When looking to truly unleash spiritual wisdom and embark on a soul-filled journey, Angelite provides us what we need to safely traverse other-worldly realms. Angelite healing properties target the mind and body for intentional, holistic living. So be an angel – read on to learn about this amazing crystal.


The Harmonic Convergence took place more than 30 years ago. A collective meditation event held in significant locations around the world – 200 sites in the United States and 50 other spots in other parts of the globe – brought droves of people together for common good and a call for peace. And this was before the age of social media hashtags and Facebook events!

On the day of Harmonic Convergence in 1987, marked by important astrological alignments, some people gathered at Machu Picchu in Peru to meditate. There, the crystal, Angelite, was found, and it is believed that the collective energies generated during the Convergence may have drawn this incredible stone to the earth’s surface.

Found in other places in small deposits around the world like Mexico, Poland, Chile, and the Persian Gulf, it is a rare crystal with intense powers.

Angelite Stones

Angelite Properties & Symbolism

Angelite emanates an opaque blue color, ranging from a pale grey to medium periwinkle. It forms of calcium sulfate, making it a soft stone. Often, it holds traces of Hematite, an important crystal that absorbs negativity and evil attacks, and giving Angelite flecks of red, black, brown, and white.

Etymologically, Angelite bridges two meanings. Most obviously, it contains the word “angel,” representative of any type of spirit being or guide. In ancient Greek language, the word, "angel" is connected to the idea of a messenger – this could suggest bearers of good news or terrible omens. Angelite also relates to the wind, a carrier for essences that ignite our senses.

In a more modern Greek meaning, Angelite’s alternative name, Anhydrite Gypsum, reveals an important physical attribute of the stone. "Anhydras" means "without water" in Greek – the crystal formed as water evaporated from calcium sulfate deposits.

Interestingly, if Angelite comes in contact with water, it transforms into Gypsum or Celestite, but if heated again to a high temperature, it can return to its Angelite form.

But Angelite should be cherished and protected, not experimented with by morphing between Gypsum states. When we understand Angelite healing properties, we can fully grasp the magnificence of this ethereal stone.

Mental & Emotional Healing Properties of Angelite 

Angelite’s strengths shine in its ability to conquer our mental ailments and promote emotional wellbeing. Its healing qualities are almost limitless.

Let's look at some of them now...

Promotes Honesty

Emotional healing often requires us to take incredibly difficult, honest journeys into our pasts if we want to embrace a happy, healthful future. Angelite allows us to access our true feelings and to examine our actions and relationships with truth and clarity.

This can be a hard process but it's so worth it to heal wounded hearts.

Angelite bolsters our ability to offer others, as well as ourselves, compassion and empathy so that we can embrace forgiveness. This makes room within our mind and soul for more enlightened experiences.

Inspires Purpose

When we feel lost and wayward, it has a detrimental impact on our mental health. One of the Angelite healing properties that can transform our mindset is its ability to reveal our truest purpose and life intention.

When we recognize what we can contribute to the world and why we matter in the great equation of spiritual existence, we access greater joy and fulfillment. Then, our souls can process and heal through the ups and downs more easily.

Releases Anger and Fear

Carrying anger and resentment weighs us down, leaving our minds sore and exhausted. Angelite works through honesty to allow us to forgive and move forward.

Sometimes anger actually arises from our fear, and we misdirect our anxiety into a sense of anger and judgment to make excuses for our inaction. Angelite helps to remove our hesitation and the blocks that keep us from moving forward.

Guides Spiritual Practice

We don’t always realize how to nourish our spiritual health. The ability to reveal our spiritual needs and connect us to practices that inspire spiritual growth is a key Angelite healing property.

By finding soulful inspiration, we tend to take better care of all facets of our wellbeing. Thus, Angelite prompts us to bring our mind, body, and soul in sync to find a healthy balance between spending time building our spiritual energy and strength.

Angelite Healing Properties

Physical Healing Properties of Angelite

Just as Angelite eases our mind and heart to develop a calmer, healthier sense of emotional wellbeing, it can also contribute to our physical condition and promote healthful habits.

Relieves Headaches 

When we dive into spiritual exploration, which we’ll be inspired to do with Angelite, it can have an overwhelming effect on our brainwaves. What a relief that among Angelite healing properties is its ability to ease headaches and tension.

Because it resonates with the upper chakras (we’ll talk about that later), resting Angelite on our forehead when we feel migraine symptoms arise can help us slow down and pause to mitigate the pain. Taking time to stop and find the root of a headache can invite faster healing.

Regulates Metabolism

We talked about the heaviness of anger and fear, but stress and unbalanced emotions can contribute to a different type of weightiness in our bodies. By helping us find emotional balance, Angelite also targets our metabolism.

Inspiring new healthy habits that fuel our bodies, Angelite contributes to better physical stamina and fitness that suits our unique body and design.

Boosts Healing

Among Angelite healing properties, this crystal plays a more pointed role in physical healing by amping up our immune system so that we can overcome illness easily.

When Angelite awakens our senses and mental intuition, we gain the foresight to take care of our bodies and tend to its needs when we feel changes arise. Thus it gives us the wisdom to nurture our physical needs.

Supports Hormone Balance

Angelite fuels the throat chakra, which means it also takes care of the thyroid. A healthy thyroid provides balanced hormones which contribute to overall physical health.

Chakra Stones

Chakra & Spiritual Properties

Mental, physical, and spiritual harmony relies on a balanced chakra system. Angelite has amazing qualities that makes it a healer for all of the upper chakras – the throat, third eye, and crown.

Properties for the Crown Chakra

Our crown chakra links us to divine realms and the broader universe. One chakra-centered Angelite healing property sharpens our crown chakra so that we can more easily access spiritual consciousness

Opening communication between our minds and higher spirits enables us to understand and interpret spiritual messages that can guide us further in our intentions and life purposes.

Third Eye Healing Properties

Hand-in-hand with our crown chakra, we need an active, healthy third eye chakra to access our intuition and learn to trust our inner wisdom. Angelite tunes our third eye so that we can amplify our spiritual gifts and psychic abilities.

With a balanced and open third eye, Angelite invites new insights and communication to move from our heart into the universe.

Healing Properties for the Throat Chakra

An important Angelite healing property connects to the throat chakra. As the first upper chakra after the heart bridge, our throat chakra allows us to communicate truth and purpose.

Angelite hones our message and reveals new ways that we can express our intentions. We find better ways to share our spiritual wisdom with others that uniquely draws on our individual strengths.

Metaphysical Uses for Angelite

Clearly by now, we should understand that Angelite healing properties bring us in touch with deep spiritual wisdom and carry us into astral experiences beyond our earthly realm. When we find confidence and truth in ourselves, we are better able to access spirit guides who can lead us to enlightenment.

These angels and guides can unleash potent abilities in us that we can only realize when we concentrate and practice our spiritual focus. Angelite especially works on clairvoyance and telepathy, and the more we use it in spiritual practice, the easier we may find messages coming through.

Final Thoughts

Tap into Angelite healing properties to access wisdom, peace, and union with a global vibration of spiritual consciousness. While Angelite has intense spiritual resonance, it provides holistic healing and strength to bring all aspects of our being into harmony.

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclaimer notice here. 

Angelite Healing Properties

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