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12 Best Crystals for Back Pain: Natural Grounding Relief

INSIDE: Try these crystals for back pain as a natural solution for the physical and emotional suffering caused by this ailment. You might be surprised by the results!


Most of us have to endure back pain at one time or another in our lives. Although in most of these cases, it's not a result of a serious injury, when we are in pain, we will seek out anything it takes to stop it.

Using crystals for back pain is one of the best ways to speed up our recovery as they can be used to alleviate both physical and emotional discomforts.

Whether the back pain stems from strain, physical exercise, or sitting all day at a desk, crystals can help alleviate back pain caused by strain, tension, or injury.

In addition to relaxing our back muscles, many crystals can help us feel calm and grounded.

12 Best Crystals for Back Pain 

Let’s explore 12 of the best crystals that can assist with the healing process, amplifying the effects of other therapies, reducing pain, and aiding the underlying causes.



Hematite is often used to relieve pain that is related to blood circulation. However, it can also relieve back pain. Positive vibrations, strength, and vitality are infused into this beautiful, metallic crystal, and using it can help to absorb negative energy.

Hematite successfully eliminates the results of stress and worry on our physical bodies. It is a grounding crystal that can help us release anxiety and balance our emotions. We can achieve a balanced state of living with the help of this stone.

Additionally, stones for back pain like Hematite can relieve muscle spasms and tensions. This one can also enhance physical energy and make us feel less sedentary. 


Bloodstone is one of the most efficient stones to remove toxins from the body through the cleansing of the blood. Essentially, it supports blood flow and circulation.

The lower chakras can also be empowered by using this crystal. Various studies have shown that lower back pain can be caused by an imbalance of the root chakra. Long-term use of Bloodstone can be beneficial for energizing our base chakra and resolving our back pain.

Bloodstone is also an excellent grounding stone. Besides relaxing our mind and easing tension, it also helps unwind our knotted muscles and promotes a healthy spine. 



The anti-inflammatory properties of Lepidolite make it a soothing stone. We can relieve pain and inflammation from our back and neck with this stone, and it also helps reduce muscle tension and deal with pain more efficiently.

Lepidolite is one of the best stones for those who suffer from muscle tension caused by stress. It dissipates negativity, relieves tension, and eases related disorders. Moreover, Lepidolite offers support to the body and mind where it is needed most.

Another important use of Lepidolite is that it can be used to align the chakras and remove energy blocks from the body. We will be able to support our immune system and muscles by maintaining balance in our chakras with the use of this stone.

Clear Quartz

Another excellent crystal for back pain relief is Clear Quartz, also known as "The Master Healer." Clear Quartz balances the body by stimulating the immune system. Thus, this crystal is capable of healing any physical ailment.

Back pain can be increased by adopting a bad sitting position while using computers. To remind ourselves to sit straight and adopt a better position, we can place a Clear Quartz crystal on our desk.

Furthermore, Clear Quartz works on all of the chakras, making it a great tool for strengthening the aura and removing energy blockages. Additionally, it is an amplifier that enhances the effects of other crystals.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline has many physical benefits and it is one of the best protective stones to have in your collection. In addition to being used to protect against negativity, it is also used to bring emotional stability. However, Black Tourmaline is capable of much more than that.

It can help relieve muscle tension and pain associated with emotional stress, which can support us during times of great back pain. It can help release stress and tension in the back, neck, spine, and muscles while improving circulation.


Stress and tension are often alleviated by Amethyst, reducing migraines and removing energy blocks that exacerbate back pain. In addition to alleviating stress and tension from the body, Amethyst can help reduce pain throughout the body.

You can place an Amethyst stone under your pillow or bed for sweet slumber or wear it close to the skin during stressful times of back pain.

Amethyst promotes good sleep, which can certainly be difficult when you are struggling with back pain.



Having a deep connection to the earth, Howlite makes an excellent grounding stone. A variety of benefits are attributed to this stone, including those related to the skeletal system.

By strengthening the backbone and releasing muscle tension, it supports a healthy back. You might even find that a few minutes of meditation with Howlite can alleviate strain and pain on the back.

Zebra Jasper

Zebra Jasper comes in a variety of colors, including white, green, red, and brown with black stripes. The stones in this family are opaque and come in a range of shades, from dark black to light white. Yin and Yang energies are harmonized in Zebra Jasper to create a sense of balance.

Zebra Jasper is a stone that can counteract apathy and back pain. As a result, we are able to remain optimistic despite the stress of back pain and take on bigger challenges.

As a grounding stone, Zebra Jasper helps us connect with our physical body and find joy in our surroundings. Physically, Zebra Jasper is said to also help with kidney and bladder problems, improve skin, bones, and teeth, and alleviate muscle spasms.

Blue Quartz

Blue Quartz

Another powerful crystal that boosts immunity is Blue Quartz. Strain, tension, or injury-related back pain can be more swiftly relieved when we use this stone for support.

Since Blue Quartz is associated with the throat chakra, it can also relieve neck pain. This stone cleanses and strengthens the body, mind, and spirit. During a sitting meditation with this stone, we can remove energy blockages that cause physical symptoms.

In addition to all of these benefits, we can also use Blue Quartz if we suffer from chronic migraines or headaches.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz is a great crystal for those of us who suffer from back pain caused by emotional stress. It is often used to encourage self-love and support depression and fear. As a result, we will be able to release negative thoughts and be more positive.

It's common for our breathing patterns to change when we are overwhelmed with stress, which leads to tension and strain in the back. Smoky Quartz can help us balance our emotions if this happens to us. In stressful situations, it can help us take a deep breath and remind us to take things slowly.

Additionally, Smoky Quartz is an excellent meditation tool; adding Clear Quartz to it will intensify its effects and help release muscle tension.



Physically, kidney problems and lower back pain can be symptoms of an imbalance in the second chakra. Carnelian can help relieve back pain by activating the sacral chakra.

If we suffer from back pain due to excess weight, Carnelian can boost our self-confidence. As a result, we will be inspired to engage in self-care practices and maintain good physical, mental, and emotional health.

Carnelian is a warm crystal that promotes positivity, happiness, and joy. Crystals like this are excellent for depressed people with physical symptoms like back pain.

Carnelian can be placed on the back or against the sacral chakra to relieve tension. Combining it with Clear Quartz or Tiger's Eye will increase its benefits.


The high-frequency crystal known as Selenite is excellent for relieving back pain. By cleansing and purifying the chakras, it removes blockages that can cause physical symptoms. 

Known for aligning the spinal column and promoting flexibility, this white crystal provides beauty and clarity. In addition, it can be used to support skeletal deformities.

We can also use Selenite if we begin to experience chronic stress. Use Selenite during meditation to promote deep peace, serenity, and tranquility. By doing this, we will be able to release muscle tension and allow ourselves some time to relax.

Pain Relief Stones

How to Use These Stones for Back Pain

To alleviate back and neck strain, we can use all the best crystals for back pain mentioned above. There is a wide variety of ways in which we can harness their benefits.

Here are some of tour favorite ways to take advantage of their wonderful properties...

Rest With Them on Your Back

The best way to relieve back pain with crystals is to program them before carefully placing them on your back and resting.

You can experiment by reciting positive affirmations or meditating for a few minutes to relax your mind and body. For maximum benefit, you can do this for 20-30 minutes or as long as it feels comfortable.

Have Someone Give You a Massage With Them

When we know the underlying cause of our lower back pain, we can choose to ask someone for help by giving us a massage with our crystals of choice.

A professional or a friend can use crystals that will help us address it in a much more pleasant, relaxing and soothing way. Tumbled stones are perfect for this use as they are smooth and polished, so they feel wonderful when pushed against the skin.

Meditate With Them

It is definitely recommended to meditate with crystals, especially if we cannot find an alternative solution to back pain that is caused by stress. It can help us better manage anxiety, focus on the present moment, and reduce negative emotions.

During yoga, we can keep crystals for back pain in our hand or place them on our yoga mat before we begin. We can also have our crystals for back pain in a circle formation around our area of exercise, to help keep us grounded.

Carry Them in Your Pockets 

It is possible to benefit from the healing properties of crystals for back pain by keeping them in your pocket or purse. For a few minutes of relaxation, you can simply reach in and touch them whenever you feel stressed, pained, or tensioned. You can pull them out and massage your lower back as well.

Place Them Under Your Pillow at Night

Crystals for back pain can be used even as we sleep. It is recommended to place them under your pillow at night if you suffer from back pain that keeps you from being able to sleep. The stones will help to ease your muscles and protect your auric field, helping you get better sleep

stones for back pain

Final Thoughts

All in all, crystals for back pain should definitely be taken into account as one of the most powerful natural remedies. While they cannot replace professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, they can provide support in both our emotional and physical lives.

Any of the crystals listed here can be used to help relieve back pain. When combined with Clear Quartz, their properties are intensified. We can choose to meditate with these crystals for back pain or put them under our pillow to release tension.

Today’s modern lifestyle creates a lot of chronic back pain; therefore, crystal healing rituals are an extremely important addition to our daily routine. The use of crystals for relieving back pain is growing among therapists, energy healers, Reiki practitioners, athletes, and many celebrities.

How to Heal With Crystals

* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here. 


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