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Blue Tiger’s Eye Healing Properties for Expression & Mental Bliss

INSIDE: Want to learn about Blue Tiger’s Eye Healing Properties? From stabilizing emotions to controlling hormones, reducing anxiety, and clearing chakras, this stone is a powerhouse.


Blue Tiger’s Eye healing properties have been used for centuries for mental, physical, and spiritual enhancement. This stone, with its ocean-blue hues and velvety texture, is renowned for its calming effects and its capacity to provide emotional stability, peace, and concord to its user. 

Grayish or greenish bands are common features of Blue Tigers Eye, which is often seen in shades of mid to dark blue. To accentuate the stone's attractiveness, it is extremely iridescent and chatoyant, with a smooth look.

Other names for the Blue Tigers Eye gemstones are Hawk's Eye, Silicified Crocidolite, Falcon's Eye, and Tiger's Eye. 

In India, Namibia, Canada, and Brazil, the biggest reserves of this stone may be found, although it also originates elsewhere as well. But the Blue Tiger’s Eye Healing Properties are universal. 

Blue Tiger’s Eye Properties & Symbolism

Symbolic of power, you'll be more courageous, stronger, and more determined when you wear the Blue Tiger's Eye talisman around your neck. For those looking to improve interaction, fluidity, and clarity of thought, blue stones are the perfect choice.

With the healing properties of Blue Tiger's Eye, you'll be able to deal with anything life tosses at you with a sense of peace and connection. Blue Tiger's Eye is a powerful stone that acts on all levels of the human being: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Blue Tigers Eye Stones

Mental & Emotional Healing Properties of Blue Tiger’s Eye

Tiger's Eye is a defensive gemstone that historically warded people from misfortune and negative desires. It is still utilized by individuals as a defender against the “forces of evil,” and the blue variation of Tiger's Eye retains similar capabilities, as well as the more frequently encountered gold/brown variant. 

Blue Tiger's Eye can offer a helpful boost to cognition and intellectual capacity as it assists to link the right and left hemispheres of the brain. Moreover, it distinguishes between blind optimism about what you think you desire and what you truly require.

Let's look more closely at the Blue Tiger’s Eye healing properties for mental health...

It Makes Us Feel More in Control

Blue Tiger's Eye is a calming stone that can help you feel more comfortable and unwind by reducing tension and anxiety. Many people are aware of the major impact Blue Tiger’s Eye has on anxiety and depression. It can help alleviate weariness and despair and inspire a deeper understanding of our events, both positive and negative. 

Blue Tiger’s Eye healing properties can help us notice difficulties that we normally wouldn't have recognized, giving us a better understanding of our inner conflicts and psychological trauma.

It Steers Us in the Right Direction

To receive fundamental truths, you will have to purge your mind of the clutter in your soul and start opening your chakras, and Blue Tiger's Eye can help with that.

Furthermore, the therapeutic powers of Blue Tiger's Eye can inspire us to relax and set our worries aside. It's far simpler to quiet our irrational fears, tensions, and anxieties when we are calm and rational.

As an added benefit, this stone encourages critical thinking and balances out mood fluctuations. A positive outlook, increased focus, and openness to new ideas are some of the benefits it has to offer.

It Increases Creativity & Reduces Mental Blocks

Increasing our mental talents is another benefit of working with the powers  of Blue Tiger's Eye. Psychic abilities, psychic mediums, and spiritual travel will all benefit from it. 

It helps us break through mental blocks, allowing our ingenuity to soar. When you befriend Blue Tigers Eye, you're likely to find that you are able to come up with more creative solutions to your problems.

Connected with the throat chakra, its energy can help you communicate more effectively, as well.

It Enhances Our Awareness & Our Strengths

The healing properties of the Blue Tiger's Eye can encourage us to be true to ourselves and what we believe in. As a result, we'll be able to better comprehend our feelings and avoid being emotionally weary.

You can enhance your sense of self-worth with the aid of this stone, as it helps to unleash self-confidence and personal strength. When it comes to making good life changes, it can help you do just that. Dreams come true with this stone, according to legend.

It Improves Critical Thinking

When we use Tiger's Eye, we are likely to feel more courageous and able to defend ourselves and our loved ones because of its ability to sharpen perception and aid in critical decision-making.

It Helps Us Stay Focused

When we are under a lot of pressure, Blue Tiger's Eye can come to our aid. Additionally, the stone symbolizes focus and can alleviate stress

The powerful healing properties of Blue Tiger's Eye make it the perfect crystal for students to facilitate test success. It is an amulet that has often been used during graduation ceremonies and during driver's tests.

Physical Healing Properties of Blue Tiger’s Eye

Blue Tiger’s Eye healing properties include the physical ones too. It is an empowering and protective stone that may also aid in the physical healing process. It has a calming effect on the body as well as the mind.

There are several benefits of using Blue Tigers Eye to support the human body. Let's learn about some of them now...

It Eases Sadness

Seasonal affective syndrome sufferers may benefit from Blue Tiger's Eye's ability to alleviate symptoms of sadness and ease the transition between seasons. 

It Supports Asthma

Asthma, as well as angina, may be alleviated by using Blue Tiger's Eye. It can have a soothing affect on the chest and support breathing problems. 

It Improves Joints & Bone Health

It is said that Tiger's Eye stones are powerful healing stones that aid in the maintenance of bones and joint health. Keeping one in your pocket at all times is the best way to enjoy this benefit.

It Supports General Health

This stone has been shown to reinforce the liver and the bladder, and it has an antimicrobial effect. It also helps against the common cold of all types. This stone is said to balance blood sugar levels, harmonize reportedly overactive hormones, and alleviate spasms. 

Tiger's Eye is commonly used to alleviate discomfort and pain, particularly in cases of tendinitis and headaches.

Chakra Crystals

Chakra & Spiritual Properties

The throat chakra is where this stone is most effective. This blue stone balances the energy center that regulates our ability to express ourselves and communicate with others. Here's how it can help...

It Helps With Communication

You are likely to notice an increase in both your self-assurance and your ability to communicate after working with Blue Tiger's Eye. One of the most vital Blue Tiger’s Eye Healing Properties is its ability to support the throat chakra, eliminating obstructions that prevent us from expressing ourselves in a way that is clear and easily understood by others. That is amongst the 

It Makes Flights Smoother

With its connection to the hawk, Blue Tiger's Eye is a particularly helpful stone to carry on airplanes, particularly if you suffer from a fear of being in the air. During the whole of your flight, you'll feel more secure and at ease thanks to this.

It Open New Horizons

Keeping this stone on you at all times not only helps us broaden our minds but also improve the prospects that come our way. To shield ourselves from the malevolent purposes of other individuals, bring a piece of Blue Tiger's Eye with you or place it on your skin so you can absorb its energy.

Blue Tiger's Eye has been known to heighten awareness when we are in an unknown environment or are confronted with an unusual circumstance.

It Helps Us Make Better Decisions

If you wish to boost your determination whenever it pertains to making lifestyle changes or enhancing your health habits, drawing on the energies of this stone may help you.

If you wear Blue Tiger's Eye, it can help you feel less of a need for the harmful foods and beverages that are all around you. In this way, Blue Tiger’s Eye healing properties can make your life much easier for sure. It can also eliminate urges for binge eating, smoking, and drinking.

 Healing Properties of Blue Tigers Eye

Metaphysical Uses for Blue Tiger’s Eye

Whenever it relates to the metaphysical characteristics of Blue Tiger's Eye, a particular stone doesn't veer away from therapeutic work. Thanks to its soothing tones of blue, it does have a significant relaxing impact and balances out worried sensations. 

Moreover, this stone can help to foster tolerance, compassion, and understanding, promoting a growth mindset and helping us comprehend people and the environment around us. This growth of awareness and intuition also helps us communicate more effectively and generate a more hopeful attitude about life.

Blue Tiger's Eye is a magnificent stone for any collection. For individuals who desire a crystal that delivers gentle soothing energies, the force of optimism, and one that operates as a beacon for riches. Blue Tiger's Eye checks all of those boxes. 

Connecting itself with the protective abilities of the golden Tiger's Eye, yet still relying on the tremendous expressive and intelligent characteristics of blue stones, this gemstone will guide you along the road of better self-confidence, wealth, and good fortune.

Final Thoughts

There are many Blue Tiger’s Eye healing properties to know, as it is certainly an important stone for any crystal collection. Whether you want to employ it as jewelry or décor, it will catch the eye immediately. 

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here.


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