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Chakra Healing Practices for Greater Well-Being, Happiness & Balance

INSIDE: There are so many chakra healing practices that we can engage in to bring balance to our energy systems. Here are 14 different techniques that you can easily integrate into your life. 


The importance of balanced chakras isn’t a novel concept. In fact, chakra healing practices have been practices for centuries.

According to NCBI, researchers suggest that energy is the basis for integral physiology, which combines Western and Eastern healing practices in order to improve our health.

14 Chakra Healing Practices to Try This Year

While energy isn’t tangible in itself, what we can do to improve our wellbeing is try out different methods that help improve the condition of each energy center (chakra).

Here are some simple yet powerful chakra healing techniques...


Crystals are powerful healing tools as they are high-vibrational and directly connected to the energy of the Earth.

Each of the healing stones carry a specific vibrational blueprint that when in contact with our chakras, works to transmit positive energy and eliminate blockages.

Chakra alignment and balancing with stones is a simple practice that can take place anywhere. To use them for chakra healing, we can carry them with us or place them on targeted areas of our bodies.

Each chakra has corresponding crystals whose healing properties are particularly beneficial for it.

Here are some of our favorites...

Gemstone Collections

For massively potent chakra healing with crystals, you can also place one from each group on the chakra it correlates with to form a balanced line of 7 crystals.

Only do so if it feels right for you. If possible, try experimenting with various crystals from each group to find the perfect match for you. 


Chakra healing music has a therapeutic effect on us. Sound frequencies are healing both for the body and mind, and qualities of music, like vibration and tone, can help unblock our energy centers.

To use music for chakra healing, set the intention to balance your chakras, and then be open to flow with the sound. Focus on the sound and try to let thoughts just pass by.

Most of our body is made of water, and just like a glass of water on top of a speaker, healing music will work to move us internally and reset our energy.

You can listen to chakra healing music whenever you get the opportunity and can focus on the sound frequency, be it before sleep or when traveling.

Here's some music that will help raise your vibration and unblock your chakras:


Chakra healing meditation serves to help us get in touch with each of the energy centers. We can do this by ourselves or by listening to a guided meditation.

Alone, we can focus on each of the chakras individually as we breathe in and out, starting from the root chakra and finishing with the crown chakra.

It's important to try to focus on the energy flow as you transition from one chakra to the other and to remain positive about each chakra. This will help bring attention to our sense of wholeness through becoming aware of each of the seven centers.

For those who work well with mantras when meditating, you can try to focus on and repeat this one:  

  • I am whole. I am balanced. Energy flows through me.

If you can’t find a place for guided meditation locally, you can try these 7 chakra guided meditations.

Crystals Are Healing Tools


A lot of our chakra blockages happen as a result of our disconnect from nature.

While spending time outdoors, we can try to tune into how we feel in the fresh air or in the sunlight. This will help increase awareness and get us back in touch with our energy centers.

Time in nature helps to naturally alleviate symptoms of blockages no matter what chakras are blocked, bringing us back to balance.

Reiki & Bodywork

Reiki is a chakra healing technique that serves to target blockages by allowing healing energy to flow from the practitioner to the client.

Reiki practitioners use their abilities to detect imbalanced energy from our chakras. Through reiki, we come in contact with positive, fresh energy, which then helps balance under active or overactive chakras, supporting a harmonious energy flow.


Yoga can awaken kundalini energy, which then gets channeled from the root toward the crown chakra. By activating our body through a combination of coordination, breathing, and focused attention, we are able to get in touch with each of the 7 energy centers and balance the chakras.

Some of the asanas, such as Shavasana are particularly designed to bring greater awareness to specific parts of the body. This helps us feel more relaxed and more in sync.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are a particularly beneficial way to balance chakras for people who work well with sensory stimulation. Holistic aromatherapy uses various scents that correspond with each of the chakras, helping to stimulate their energy.

We can use essential oils by applying them to skin, clothes, and bedsheets or by smelling them. It is good to choose seven preferred scents for each of the chakras and use them as prevention or when we feel particularly unbalanced.

Use a trusted source to figure out which scents work for which energy centers. Here are some examples. 

  • Root Chakra - Ginger, Sandalwood
  • Sacral Chakra - Rosewood, Clary Sage, Orange
  • Solar Plexus - Lemongrass, Vetiver
  • Heart Chakra - Jasmine, Rose
  • Throat Chakra - Tea Tree, Chamomile
  • Third Eye Chakra - Rosemary, Cedarwood
  • Crown Chakra - Frankincense, Lavender

Chakra Healing Gemstones


Eating food that corresponds with chakra colors can help improve the state of each chakra.

For instance, red peppers and tomatoes resonate with the root chakra. Oranges help unblock the sacral chakra, bananas the solar plexus chakra, and so forth.

What we eat influences not only our well-being, but also the state of our energy centers.

Color Therapy

Color therapy can be as simple as exposing ourselves to seven colors that represent chakras on a daily basis or using chakra light therapy. Simply looking at a certain color can help boost the potency of a specific chakra.

Color therapy is one of the simplest chakra healing techniques we can do for ourselves, and we can start with choosing what to wear in the morning.

This is potent because every color has a specific wavelength that corresponds with a particular chakra.


Visualization unblocks and activates chakras. We can do this exercise when sitting or laying down, ideally with our eyes closed.

Throughout the process, focus on each of the chakras individually. Visualize a cord or a tie that connects you to the ground. Then, extend this cord from the root to the sacral chakra and so on until you connect all the energy centers with this cord.

What does the cord look like? Imagine it being strong, powerful, and charged with positive energy.

You can envision strong tree branches, silk, or golden stings, whatever feels right for you. It's important to imagine each of the chakras becoming stronger and more radiant as you go through the process of visualization.

This will not only connect them but will give you a powerful sense of expansion. Feeling expansive after a visualization practice means that your chakras are opening to receive positive energy.


Breathwork can be considered a type of meditation for chakra healing. Becoming aware of our breathing is essential for the health of our chakras.

As we inhale, we can try to ‘’track’’ our breath and imagine air filling in each of the energy centers. We can also imagine a circling of inhaled air from the crown and third eye chakra, where we inhale, down to the root chakra, and do this in reverse as we exhale.

Mindful breathing brings our attention to each part of our body, improving the circulation of oxygen, calming us, and opening our chakras in the process.

Acupuncture & EFT

Acupuncture and EFT are trusted chakra healing techniques that focus on sensitive points on our body to create a sort of energetic equilibrium.

They relieve tension and energy blockages stored in particular areas of the body and this has a direct impact on the energy flow within us.

Our chakras are focal acupuncture points, and during acupuncture treatments, they become sensitized and open to energy exchange.


Earthing is a grounding practice that can balance our energy. For this technique, all you need is yourself and the ground.

Take off your footwear and socks and start walking barefoot. Feel the ground with every step you take and imagine energy flowing from the ground through your legs and torso up to the crown chakra.

If and whenever possible, try practicing this on an unaltered surface such as grass or sand. This will connect you with the earth and revive your chakras as you go.

Alternatively, you can practice earthing anywhere you are (even with your footwear on), as long as you are in a peaceful environment where you can truly connect with the energy of Mother Earth.


A gratitude attitude balances our chakras by shifting our focus onto the positive things associated with each of the 7 chakras.

There are two ways we can do this:

  1. Dedicate time to each individual chakras and the blessings associated with it. For example, to heal the heart  chakra, we can be grateful for loving friends and family. For the throat chakra, we can be grateful for the ability to speak and listen.
  2. Simply practice gratitude in general. When we are happy to have what we have, our energy centers tend to respond by releasing doubt, guilt, or fear.

Final Thoughts

All of the strategies are effective chakra healing practices, so choose the ones that resonate with you the most and integrate them into your life. Then, tell us what impact it had in the comments below!

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here.

Chakra Healing Practices

Chakra Healing Practices

Chakra Healing Practices

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