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How to Use Crystals for Emotional Healing

INSIDE: Emotional healing can be hard, painful work. Crystals for emotional healing can help ease the pain and lead you towards forgiveness, acceptance, and renewal.


Emotional pain has real influence on how we move forward and continue to function in the everyday. In the reality of emotional turmoil, we rush to get better and back to normal, but it isn’t a process that can or should happen overnight.

The unique thing about emotional pain, as compared to physical pain, is the deep cognitive and psychological damage it can do. Emotional pain often accompanies physical pain, too. 

If treated properly, we eventually let go and forget physical symptoms of pain. We don’t “re-feel” physical pain unless it is inflicted on us again. Yet emotional trauma and fear can stick with us long after accidents and injuries happen. 

In reverse, emotional pain can cause physical discomfort. Have you ever experienced jaw tension when you are stressed and anxious? If you were calm, you probably wouldn’t feel that.

We have little control over how pain might hit, but we do have tools to help us deal with and accept emotional pain. When we adopt practices for emotional healing, we teach ourselves that emotional pain is legitimate, difficult, and temporary. We also create the space and time to heal.

Engaging in active emotional healing allows us to actually move on sooner than if we just try to stuff away our emotions – eventually they will run wild!

Using crystals for emotional healing helps materialize self-compassion, acceptance, and communication of the pain that accompanies negative emotions.

Emotional Healing Stones

Ways to Use Crystals for Emotional Healing

Emotional healing rarely comes in a simple prescription or straightforward treatment. But incorporating different healing methods can do wonders for an emotional treatment plan, which may include professional, medical care too.

Try using crystal energy to bring about emotional healing. Here are some ways to do that…

Meditate With Them

When you have emotional pain, meditation can feel like torture as your mind circles around and around what caused the pain. However, meditation is an amazing tool to help you calmly reflect on your pain and process your emotions.

When we meditate with crystals for emotional healing, you can channel frequencies that attract positive energy.

As you meditate, picture the crystals’ vibrations moving between your heart and mind and embracing the feelings of emotional pain. Then, let the vibrations carry that pain out of your body and provide healing.

Keep Them With You & Get to Know Them

You can also keep tumbled stones with you all the time, tucked in your pocket or worn as jewelry. In this way, crystals can passively work on your emotions, but to be truly effective, you should invest in understanding and giving attention to your crystals. 

Getting to know your crystals will empower you to take control of your emotional healing. It will also charge your crystals with healing intentions because you are investing energy to care for yourself and your crystals together.

Healing Stone Collections

Create a Crystal Grid

Crystals programmed in an emotional grid have intense power. In tune with sacred geometric patterns, a crystal grid amplifies healing energy in and around your aura.

You can create a crystal grid as a sort of altar and let it work on your intention while you keep it in place until you feel and recognize your emotional recovery.

    With an activated crystal grid, you can take time to sit in its aura and meditate. Then, let the crystals work together on your intention as you continue to live your life.

    Drink a Crystal Elixir

    Another great way to feel the healing power of crystals involves letting the crystal essence flow through your body system in a crystal elixir. Crystal elixirs are like healing teas, but they are made by infusing crystal energy into water.

    By steeping crystals in water, you can drink this potion as you let the minerals and vibrations nourish you. As the elixir is digested and carried into your blood stream, imagine it flowing to your heart and soul and bringing you peace and forgiveness.

    Note that not all crystals can come in contact with water, so this is a good reminder to get to know your crystals and how to keep them safe. Consult our Crystal Care Guide for more info.

    Journal With Them

    Keeping emotions lodged in your mind and your heart can develop physical symptoms and pain that can make everything worse! Let your emotions go by pouring your thoughts and feelings onto a page in your journal.

    Whenever you journal about your emotions, hold onto healing stones so that the negativity and pain that you express on paper stays there rather than returning to your inner realm.

    10 Best Crystals for Emotional Healing

    Crystals are conduits for the emotional work you have to do towards healing. These 10 crystals for emotional healing top our list of emotional power tools…


    If you visit our healing stones blog often (and we sure hope you do!), you might notice by now that we love Amethyst. We want everyone to know why Amethyst is one of the best crystals for emotional healing.

    While Amethyst can both soothe and energize, we want to focus on its calming power here. Amethyst invites harmony to your emotions and works to eliminate the rage and negativity that certain emotions can bring.

    It aids in addressing mental ailments like OCD and drastically reduces feelings of stress and overwhelm.

    Rose Quartz

    Rose Quartz

    Rose Quartz has a gentle, tranquil quality in its milky pink color. It works by helping you forgive, accept, and love yourself. Rose Quartz loosens the grip of guilt that you feel when emotions get the best of you.

    When you find acceptance and balance in your emotions, you can create a stronger self relationship, which in turn helps with feelings of abandonment. Rose Quartz breaks through emotional blockades that prevent you from true healing and release. 

    Rose Quartz helps you remain calm through confrontations, conflicts, and criticisms. And if aggression overcomes your control, it brings you back into harmony.


    Known as "the peace stone," Lepidolite is a type of mica found in colors of purple, lilac, and pink. It has an incredible elemental make up of lithium, a metal used in anti-anxiety medication.

    Metallic lithium exhibits an electromagnetic frequency in Lepidolite that allows the crystal to clear pollution and an over-accumulation of energy.

    Lepidolite works on the upper chakras, namely the heart, third eye, and crown. By removing stuck energy between chakras, Lepidolite facilitates deeper emotional healing.

    It can help you make the decisions you need to allow healing and to change psychological patterns that circulate feelings of defeat, anxiety, and depression.

    Black Obsidian

    Black Obsidian

    Sometimes when you feel down and depressed, you want to channel darkness and wear all black. But a more constructive way to incorporate black into your mood is to use dark crystals for emotional healing.

    Black Obsidian is a great option because it helps repressed emotions arise out of us so that we can feel it and heal it.

    This strong crystal offers a fortress against acutely painful emotions born out of abuse. It empowers those with addictions to conquer their fears, grief, and demons that try to numb the emotional pain. 


    While emotional healing requires you to confront a lot of dark, scary emotions, you also need to introduce happiness and positivity into your treatment. Citrine breeds optimism and inspiration for what you will find on the other side of emotional recovery. 

    Citrine can set you in a good mood so that you can calmly address any emotions that hold you back from fulfilling your purpose. It enables honesty and expression of your emotions so that the negative feelings can manifest into positive modes of forgiveness and release.



    Aquamarine is a fantastic crystal for emotional healing because it resonates with the energies of calm and focus. With this stone, you can alleviate your nerves and feelings of anxiety by centering your attention on inspiring inner peace and contentment. 

    Aquamarine proves especially useful during times of crisis, when emotions can push us to indecision or bad decisions. It helps us sort out our feelings to make the best choices for our emotional health.


    Amazonite, the stone of truth and courage, displays a beautiful turquoise green hue, sometimes flecked with bits of yellow and grey. Among the crystals for emotional healing, this one targets the heart and throat chakras so that you recognize your true feelings and gain the courage to express your emotions. 

    With ancient ties to Amazonian women warriors, Amazonite holds lots of feminine energy and can be potent for women dealing with emotional trauma.

    Amazonite balances emotions so that in conflicts, we can approach our opponent without judgment or aggression, not as an enemy but as another heart seeking healing.



    Many emotions come from our relationships with others. Emerald promotes tranquility and understanding as we intertwine our emotions with those of the people we love.

    Emerald can definitely empower empaths to work towards emotional stability rather than absorbing emotions from others. This crystal imbues love and compassion in the heart chakra so that we acknowledge the depth and diversity of emotions in everyone.


    It’s important during healing to aim for grounding calmness, so crystals for emotional healing that connect to Earth can provide a rooted reminder. Chrysocolla, with its green and blue patterns, resembles a view of the earth from out in the universe.

    Using Chrysocolla in emotional healing emphasizes stability and calm. It minimizes tumultuous emotions that often overflow in rage and anger.

    Connected to the throat chakra, Chrysocolla pushes through hesitancy so that you can fully articulate your emotions to others and look for forgiveness.

    Orange Calcite

    Orange Calcite

    Our final crystal, Orange Calcite, heralds in joy as we replace negative emotions with positivity and happiness.

    Orange Calcite invigorates our energy so that we can heal and move on from heavy emotions. Working through the sacral chakra, Orange Calcite activates the energetic flow between the physical body and mind so that emotional healing propels us forward towards abundance.

    Final Thoughts

    We consider these the 10 best crystals for emotional healing. By using them through self-care and emotional healing practices, you can feel safe and calm as you confront your feelings.

    Time spent on emotional healing leads to more emotional strength and stamina that makes future pain easier to overcome. Invite crystals into your healing space, and experience your emotions transforming into positivity, happiness, and joy.

    How to Use Crystals for Emotional Health

    * Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here.
    How to Use Crystals for Emotional Healing
    Emotional Healing Crystals
    How to Use Emotional Healing Stones

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