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13 Daily Spiritual Practices That Will Improve Your Life Today

INSIDE: There are simple ways to bring spirituality into our daily routine and enhance our connection with Universal Consciousness. Let's dig into 13 spiritual practices to maintain a life that is aligned with your Divine purpose.  


We don't need to retreat to a Himalayan temple or take a vow of silence to have a spiritual life. Performing daily spiritual practices is enough to strengthen the connection with our inner self and bring contentment to our hearts.

Establishing these spiritual practices can reinforce our connection with the Universe, enhance our intuition, and develop our sense of compassion and creativity. These practices also help us find our inner purpose if we have lost our way.

Let's discover the best spiritual practices to make your time on Earth even more valuable.

13 Daily Spiritual Practices to Improve Your Life

Being a spiritual person means living a soulful life that is aligned with your passions and inner calling.

Too many of us only pay attention to our physical well-being without realizing that we also must take care of our spiritual body to have a truly vibrant and healthy life. 

We can reach our true potential by balancing our mind, body, and spirit with these 13 daily spiritual practices aimed at improving our overall lives. 

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Do a Crystal Meditation Each Day  

Beginning our day with a short meditation helps us detach from negative thought patterns and seed our intentions to manifest a more soulful existence.

These meditations can be even more powerful if we hold a healing crystal during our meditations and use its remarkable power in our favor.

Some healing gemstones that can help us start the day more connected to our spiritual values include Clear Quartz, Amethyst, and Black Tourmaline.

Discover how to meditate with crystals here!

Set Your Intentions for the Day in the Morning

We can enjoy a spiritual life when we take action and co-work with the Universe to manifest the things we want to experience. We just need to open a line of communication with the spiritual realm by setting our intentions for the day.

We can ask the Universe to grant us a successful business meeting, put new opportunities in our path, or help us meet someone special.

Let us imagine how we would like these encounters to happen and how we feel about them. That way, the Universe will know how to manifest them in our lives.

Take a Daily Walk or Do a Daily Yoga Practice

Taking a daily walk in a conscious way can be enough to ground ourselves and connect with our inner core.

We can take this fantastic practice one step further and join a yoga class to align our bodies with our spiritual selves and remain connected with our true essence. 

Do Mini Meditations a Couple of Times a Day

Regular 5-minute breaks throughout the day help us tune inward and stay focused on our inner spirit, no matter what is happening around us.

Besides helping us release stress and improve our work performance, this strengthens our connection with our higher self for longer periods of time.

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Read or Watch Something Inspirational Every Day

There are plenty of great books and videos available online that can connect us to ancient spiritual wisdom. Reading or watching some of them can inspire us to embark on our spiritual journey and never lose sight of our divine objectives. 

If we feel we are losing our sense of direction, a few motivational phrases will be enough to keep us going.

Write in a Gratitude Journal Each Night

Gratitude is the foundation of a spiritual lifestyle that is free from negative thoughts and emotions. Expressing gratitude allows us to reach the Universe and let it know we want more of the blessings it has already brought into our lives. 

A wonderful daily spiritual practice is to keep a gratitude journal by your nightstand and write at least five things that happen each day that you are grateful for, no matter how small they may be.

It doesn't matter if they seem trivial; if they bring us closer to our heart's desires, then it's enough to let the Universe know about them.

Take a Salt Bath Each Night

Salt is known as a powerful energetic cleanser. That's why one of the ways to remove our layers of stress and get rid of bad energy is to take a salt bath at the end of the day.

Besides easing achy muscles and joints, it will help you bring your focus back to your spirit and relieve the mental burdens that accumulated during the day.

Walk Barefoot on the Earth at Lunch

Nowadays, most of us spend our time sitting behind a screen, connected to the artificial world of technology. This can put a damper on our spiritual connection and make our minds restless.

Taking a few minutes to touch the ground with the soles of your feet will ground you in the present moment and allow you to make decisions based on the calmness of your spirit instead of reacting to the stress of your circumstances.

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Visualize Having What You Want to Manifest Each Morning

We all have deep desires that we want to achieve at some point in our lives, whether it's a successful career, a happy marriage, or a million dollars in our bank account.

If this longing is connected to our spiritual values, we can ask the Universe to materialize it by visualizing what we want.

Each morning before meditating, imagine sitting on the porch of your dream home, on a plane about to take off for the adventure of a lifetime, or holding hands with the love of your life.

The more details you can visualize, the easier it will be for the Universe to materialize in your existence. Just leave room for flexibility by stating that want you want "or something better for the greatest good of all."

Reflect in a Journal Each Night

Journaling is one of the best spiritual practices as it helps us self-reflect and analyze our inner journey. We just have to grab a notebook and write about everything going around our minds and hearts without any type of restraint. 

Then, we can take a look at it and reflect on our intentions, fears, longings, and concerns. Learning more about ourselves is the fastest way to live a more spiritual life.

Send Love to Someone Everyday

Love is the language of the Universal Consciousness, and sending love to someone every day can strengthen your spiritual journey.

Take a deep breath and feel how every cell of your body fills with pure and unconditional love. Then, pick someone in need of support and send that love to them.

It doesn't have to be directed just to our friends or relatives. We can even choose our rude boss or mean work colleague and send them all of that love. This is one of the most powerful ways to improve our relationships and end the suffering in our own lives.

Love is always the answer.

Walking Barefoot

Get Some Sun Each Day

One of my favorite spiritual practices is one of the most simple but powerful ones: sunbathing. The sun has so many benefits for our physical and emotional well-being, and when we shy away from it and wear sunscreen every time we go outside, we are shielding ourselves from this critical element of life.

The sun powers up our cells, enhances our vitality, and unblocks the solar plexus chakra to keep our spiritual willpower up.

Fifteen minutes of sun a day will make you radiant!

Practice Deep Belly Breathing

Diaphragmatic breathing is a fantastic way to release stress and anxiety while connecting us with our core being.

We can lie down on a flat surface, place one hand on the middle of our chest, place the other hand on our stomach, and inhale slowly through the nose while drawing our breath to the stomach.

Then, we exhale while letting our stomach fall downward. The chest should remain still at all times during this practice.

Final Thoughts

Some people neglect their spiritual journey because they think they don't have the time or energy to travel to a faraway temple and spend most of their days meditating. 

However, we can adjust our spiritual practices to our lifestyle, no matter how busy or demanding.

These thirteen spiritual practices are simple ways to connect with your inner self and become aware of the Universal Consciousness, even while taking care of your mundane daily activities.

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here. 

13 Daily Spiritual Practices

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