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Eighth House in Astrology: Exploring the Depths of the Human Psyche

INSIDE: The eighth house in astrology rules several aspects of our lives, including shared assets, death, and rebirth. It is linked to the depths of the human psyche and plays an important role in personal transformation and maturing. Let’s discover how you can become the master of your destiny by mastering your 8th house challenges.


Real personal growth rarely happens in the comfort zone. To grow and transform, we need to dive deep into the subconscious and face challenges.

According to the International Coach Academy, multiple research shows that doing what makes us uncomfortable inspires positive change in terms of strengthening character and maturing. The more we interact with our environment, the more we can embrace our fullest potential.

In astrology, the house that deals with the subconscious patterns and transformation is the eighth house. Being a house that is associated with the depth of our psyche, the forbidden, our impulses, and shared resources, the eighth house in astrology can help us understand our blockages and embrace our power.

If you’d like to learn more about what your 8th house means, you're in the right place.

The Meaning and Symbolism of the Eighth House in Astrology 

The eighth house is one of the succedent astrological houses. As such, it supports and expands on the activity of the 7th house of partnerships and one-on-one relationships. It adds a tone of depth to these matters, adding sensuality and passion to marriage, and representing the joint finances of business and marriage partners.

Because of its connection to human psychology and evolution, it is associated with the subconscious fears, blockages, and beliefs we are meant to overcome in order to mature and fully step into adulthood.

Similar to the 5th house, it is associated with sex. However, while in the 5th house, romance and sex are lighthearted, the sexuality of the 8th house is intense, deep, and private. It is this house that shows us what happens behind closed doors, the forbidden, the private, and the hidden.

While the second house, which opposes the eighth house, deals with our finances and what we build in the material world, the 8th house deals with other people's money, inheritance, shared resources, and debts.

Coming after the 7th house of partnerships, the 8th house deals with intimacy and private life. This is a house of shared resources and positions, both emotional, physical, and material. However, its essence is not only transactional.

The eighth house in astrology deals with power and powerlessness, control and the lack of it, and passion and the absence of it. That's why the eighth house is where we are pushed to develop the ability to truly share resources and power so we can establish an equilibrium in life.

Being one of the four houses that don’t aspect the first house, the 8th house activity is hidden from the public eye, and sometimes it is hidden from ourselves, too. It is seen as the house of the subconscious, and the depth of the human psyche, dealing with all things concealed, be it love life, sexuality, taboos, or the occult.

In traditional astrology, the 8h house is considered a malefic house because it rules death, the forbidden, and danger.

Regardless of its reputation,  the eighth house has its blessings, just like any other house in astrology. It represents our raw, hidden, personal powers and the ability to transform ourselves and our reality, as well as personal growth and rebirth.

It governs not only physical death but metaphorical death and rebirth. As such, it is one of the most important houses to look at when trying to understand someone’s psyche and subconscious self and when we are trying find ways to rise above challenges to become truly empowered.

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Although quite complex, just like any other house, the eighth house brings both challenges and hidden gifts. Let’s see how its energy manifests based on the different signs and planets involved…

Eighth House in Signs 

The sign found on the cusp of the eighth house in astrology gives us an insight into the overall theme of the 8th house in our natal chart. It adds a basic flavor to how the matters of the 8th house manifest in the chart holder's life.

Here are the energetic themes based on the zodiac sign found on the cusp:

Eighth House in Aries - A desire to overpower, a desire to dominate, a fear of being beaten up and a fear of losing, experimenting with the forbidden, impulsive decisions and actions, headstrong and uncompromisable, financial rollercoaster, potent sexuality

Eighth House in Taurus - Resisting change, playing it safe, financial gains through others, stable marital finances, preferring stability and routine over chaos and the unknown, difficulty digesting sudden changes, increased libido and sensuality, possessiveness

Eighth House in Gemini - Optimistic about reluctance to dive deep into the subconscious, adaptability to change, changeable finances, relying on the power of intellect to transform, exploring the metaphysical, growth by gathering polarizing experiences 

Eighth House in Cancer - Transforming through experiencing emotional extremes, difficulty leaving "safety net" and comfort zones, going from innocence to resilience, strong attachments to people and things, difficulty letting go, maturing by mastering self-reliance 

Eighth House in Leo - Maturing by transcending the limitations of the ego, exploring the ego death, stable income through other people, exploring personal power through playing different roles, emphasis on passion, a desire to lead and be in control over joint finances and lovers

Eighth House in Virgo - Transformation for these natives with this eighth house in astrology happens through self-empowerment, a deep interest in the human psyche, the ability to dive deep into the matter, a compulsion to analyze and dive deep, a thirst for forbidden knowledge, intellectualizing rather than feeling 

Eighth House in Libra - Balanced joint finances, a need to develop the ability to see beyond the surface, idealism in life and love, a danger of being blindsided, compulsive decisions, transformation happens by learning to be comfortable alone and by taming codependency

Eighth House in Scorpio - Testing one’s limits to discover personal power, a desire to know and understand the forbidden and the taboo, deep thinking and feeling, intensity in intimate relationships, fears of losing control, transformation happens through learning healthy interdependence

Eighth House in Sagittarius - Constantly adapting and going through changes in the psyche, interest in spirituality and higher knowledge, healthy sexual appetite, a desire to know and experience everything, actively seeking transformation and growth

Eighth House in Capricorn - Self-made rather than reliant on other’s finances, unafraid of brutal truths of life, a compulsion to detach from lovers, a need to be independent, transformation happens by learning to let others in and getting to know the depth of them

Eighth House in Aquarius - Interested in "out of the ordinary," transforming by challenging limiting beliefs, lessons are learned by outgrowing fixed mindsets and tuning into the spiritual rather than intellectualizing, difficulty sharing assets and developing interdependence, powerful intellect

Eighth House in Pisces - Learning to see through the facade of others, a fear of making a concrete change in the material world, keeping private life private, a danger of being deceived in financial matters, powerful intuition, transforming by stepping out of the comfort zone and doing things instead of feeling or thinking about change

8th House in Astrology

Planets in 8th House

Planets in the eighth house in astrology tell us about how our transformation and growth will occur. They are associated with our challenges and the hidden gifts we are meant to discover in order to grow and elevate consciousness to become truly empowered.

Sun in the 8th House

When the Sun illuminates one’s 8th house of secrets and taboos, the need to shine brightly and be the center of attention becomes much more subtle. Personal power is found in keeping to oneself, leading a private life, and striving toward fulfillment without making much noise in the process.

However, despite the love of privacy, the Sun in the 8th house is rather powerful and fearless, even if they seem reserved on the outside.

This placement makes one’s character anything but superficial as ego satisfaction goes way beyond possessions or status. Because the Sun represents ego, and the 8th house rules the depths of the soul, self-expression may be found in pushing societal and personal limits.

Sun in 8th house individuals are great psychologists and philosophers by nature and are not afraid to show up to the world in a way that rocks some boats along the way. Their self-presentation can be colored with shock effects, as they are not afraid to show up in an authentic way that aligns with their beliefs.

Self-improvement, challenges,  transformation, and personal growth are celebrated rather than feared. They may even go out of their way to test their limits of knowledge and experience, finding great satisfaction in testing their abilities. 

Such natives usually have a mature approach to life and desire to build self-confidence by experiencing all that life has to offer, both good and bad. The main mantra is - the more one experiences, the more powerful one can become.

Moon in the 8th House

Moon is the most private, most vulnerable part of our spiritual and emotional DNA. In the eighth house in astrology, it gladly retreats into its crab shell to reflect and protect its emotions.

Although gifted with incredible emotional intelligence, the Moon in the 8th house feels more comfortable turning inward and may keep relationships on surface levels until they feel they can trust someone.

While they strive to connect on a deep level, it can be challenging to meet like-minded people, who are equally open to spiritual and emotional exchange. Relationships are never taken lightly, especially close ones.

Folks with this placement have a powerful intuition and ability to tackle metaphysical and ethereal matters with ease. They can often sense things and have good judgment.

The transactional nature of the 8th house in this case is focused more on emotional safety, rather than the material world. In youth, they can be dependent on others to the point of losing their personality and independence, whether that's monetary or emotional. This placement often indicates strongly developed psychic abilities.

With deep emotions, a rich inner world, and the powerful imagination that these folks are blessed with, there's a need for emotional self-discipline and positive introspection. Otherwise, if they are not careful, the emotional richness and depth they are blessed with can take a toll on their mental health and wellbeing. 

Mercury in the 8th House

Mercury in the 8th house folks is extremely aware of their surroundings. Mercury deals with details with problem-solving, and when it comes to the 8th house, it promotes deep introspection and analysis. These people are the most detailed observers and strategists and have a talent for uncovering mysteries and debunking myths.

Mercury in the 8th house enjoys a rewarding deep conversation and has a keen interest in understanding secret knowledge and what is forbidden. Their minds are sharp and they can easily spot a mistake in any system.

These qualities make them excellent investigators, agents, and detectives, as they hardly ever miss the key information. Once something catches their interest, they are ready to dig deep and find the origins, causes, and consequences of anything.

Mercury in the eighth house in astrology can spark an interest in taboo subjects, public and financial affairs, and the metaphysical.

Because of the desire to know everything and get to the bottom of things, there can be a risk of mental burnout, over-intellectualization, and a tendency to overanalyze everything.

However, their sharp mind can be their biggest ally or their biggest enemy. There can be a tendency to become too frantic about personal beliefs and caught up in a vicious circle of constant analysis and detecting threats.

Because of this, there is a need to periodically detach and practice mindfulness, as these individuals can become nervous, anxious, and stressed. Depending on how Mercury is expected, this placement can indicate big financial losses through taxes and debts.

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Venus in the 8th House

When the gentle, sophisticated nature of Venus is found in someone’s 8th natal house, it creates a strong urge to bond with someone on a deeply meaningful level.

Venus is the planet of love and sensuality, and in the eighth house, everything it governs becomes much more intensified. Love life becomes driven by a need to belong, feel love intensely, and become one with a partner.

The relational nature of Venus makes these natives seek deep and transformative connections and they are not likely to settle with someone that doesn't light their fire. Because the 8th house governs other people's money, Venus here brings wealth through inheritance, family, marriage, or partnerships.

Venus is how we love and relate to others, and when it's found in the eighth house, we relate with intensity and passion. Intimate connections are a big priority, and so is exploring one’s sensual nature and seeking pleasures.

Venus is also a planet of flirtation, and in the 8th house, it can make natives especially mysterious, alluring, and seductive to others. They may draw in complicated partners or possessive partners, or be possessive themselves. The 8th house can be too intense for the gentle Venus, bringing out fears of abandonment, loneliness, possessiveness, or jealousy.

There is a danger of over-idealizing love and losing oneself in a connection.

Tantric sex, bonding with one another on a deep spiritual and emotional level, plays huge importance as soul connections are often the number one priority. Forbidden and secret love can also be a common theme.

Mars in the 8th House 

Mars in the eighth house in astrology natives have a strong will, inborn resilience, and a strength of character to be reckoned with. Many times, their character can be described as "still water runs deep."

However, they have an aura of authority around them and they usually develop strong core values as a result of constant transformation and personal growth. Mars is a challenging influence, and natives with this placement may often experience many challenges in life and be forced to grow up faster so they can rise above obstacles.

This desire to transform and push boundaries makes them incredibly strong individuals.

Because of their cunning nature and since they don’t always share their motives openly with outside observers, they may appear mysterious, and hard to figure out.

Since Mars is a planet associated with wars, weapons, sharp edges, and fighting, these natives can excel as surgeons, in law enforcement, and military. However, they can be equally passionate about testing the status quo.  

Mars placed here is not afraid to challenge the world, test the limits, rebel against the establishment or explore the forbidden and the taboo. They can often be drawn to pushing not only the limits of society but their own limits as well for the sake of growth and transformation.

Daredevil behaviors, anarchy, and excessive experimentation with the forbidden and the taboo, be it sexuality, beliefs, or substances, can also be themes of this placement.

Jupiter in the 8th House

Jupiter in the 8th house brings money and wealth through other people. The planet of expansion brings good luck in monetary matters related to partnerships inheritance and other people in general. This placement comes with great potential to expand personal wealth through associations and collaborations.

Due to their philosophical nature, these natives are usually open-minded about differences and taboo subjects. They are rarely judgmental and tend to see the broader picture before they jump to conclusions.

Even when the path gets rough, folks with this natal placement don't dwell in negativity for too long and tend to pick themselves up after a defeat. They are more likely to go with the flow of life and accept the ups and downs of life as they come and go.

Because Jupiter governs good luck and expansion, they are usually Divinely protected from great harm and accidents. Thanks to their optimistic nature and openness to whatever life brings, personal transformation comes easier to them and it doesn't take them long to rise above a challenging situation.

Their private and sexual life is often colored with a dose of liberty. Sexuality, and experimenting with metaphysical, new, or forbidden knowledge are seen as arenas for expansion.

As a matter of fact, because of its expansive nature, Jupiter can intensify the matters of the 8th house, be it a need for intimacy, sexuality, or a desire to explore the unknown and the taboo. Although these individuals are quite lucky, there is a danger of taking everything too lightly, putting oneself at unnecessary risks.

Astrology Eighth House

Saturn in the 8th House

Both Saturn and the 8th are associated with death. Natives with this placement can go from fearing nothing to fearing everything. Life is challenging and Saturn in the eighth house in astrology people are fully aware of that.

Because this is a challenging position, Saturn will put their will and resilience to the test. The path of these folks is challenging and full of trials and errors. Throughout life, they will fall many times, only to get up wiser and stronger.

While they may face many challenges, their path is ultimately leading them to becoming masters of their destiny and to mastering the process of transformation itself.

Saturn is a teacher, and if they use their difficult lessons to grow and rise above like a phoenix, there is very little that will shake their foundation once established. As a result, as they mature, they often develop top leadership qualities and become wise gurus. With each 8th house Saturn lesson, they become more resilient and grow tougher skin.

Saturn in the 8th house can symbolize the path of someone who goes from rags to riches. To them, nothing is ever given, but everything is earned through hard work, especially money. Because Saturn rules the elderly, this can either apply to their parents or themselves.

These natives may have an obsession with death and the occult, and they may even have a first-hand death experience, real or metaphorical.

In some instances, Saturn in the 8th house can develop over-dependence on others' resources, to the point of completely losing monetary independence. There is a need to be careful when trusting others with money, and avoiding debts. If not, they can spiral into pessimism, depression, and dark thoughts, which is why this placement requires a lot of introspection, patience with oneself, and healing work.

Uranus in the 8th House

The unpredictable Uranus in the house of transformation creates a deep desire to transform by pushing societal or personal boundaries. These natives have no trouble standing out and doing things that are out of the norm if what they do aligns with their world views.

Uranus placed here creates a desire to explore everything that is different, hidden, mysterious, and forbidden. Even when they are gentle and fit in quite well within a society, Uranus here can give their character a dose of eccentricity and mystery.

Because Uranus likes experimentation, hidden business deals and taboo love affairs are not uncommon. They may seek thrills just for the sake of feeling alive, be that in the physical or mental space by reevaluating their belief systems.

They are innovators in nature and thrive when exposed to new situations and new knowledge. Whether consciously or not, unlike many, they thrive in the face of change and will take any challenge head-on.

What's more, these folks are brave and are not afraid to stand by themselves, even if that means being outcasted or faced with resistance.  

Since Uranus has an unpredictable nature, it is important to be careful and not to test luck too much, as Uranus placed in the eighth house in astrology is also associated with sudden accidents and mishaps. It is advisable to avoid any extremes and not push way beyond personal limits.

Their rebellious nature and a desire to explore the taboo can sometimes get them in trouble if they aren't careful. Unexpected financial gains and losses are also a theme, as Uranus favors lottery wins as much as it favors losing money to debt.

Neptune in the 8th House

Neptune in the 8th house highlights spirituality and inner work on one's path to personal transformation. The planet of illusions and ideals placed here boosts one’s intuition and ability to truly dive deep into the subconscious.

Neptune in the 8th house folks don’t mind retreating in their private worlds to reevaluate their connections or goals. Many times these folks are mystics and are highly gifted psychics.

Because Neptune likes to idealize, there is an inclination to romanticize life and relationships, to the point of losing touch with the real world and its problems.

They have increased sensitivity and empathy for others’ suffering, sometimes to the point of being self-sacrificing. That's why many times, they may go through challenges and problems that are imposed on them by others, be those regarding money or connections.

Neptune is associated with the subconscious, and before they embrace their gifts, these folks can find difficulty integrating their spiritual knowledge and putting it into practice.

Their biggest transformation and power of regeneration lies in exploring the unknown and connecting to their higher self. This 8th house placement will prompt them to transform by inspiring them to learn how to see beyond what is presented to them in the physical.

Ironically, it is usually negative experiences, such as lies, fraud, and deceit in love or concerning finances, that help them grow and embrace the higher octave of their Neptune in the 8th house. Tantric sexuality, a search for one true love, and love idealization are common.

Pluto in the 8th House

There's no better placement for Pluto than the 8th house. When the planet of transformation and rebirth comes to the house that deals with the same theme, we get an individual with a mighty character that’s not so easily influenced by others.

Pluto in the eighth house in astrology people would rather make a mistake than avoid risks altogether. Their strong characters can attract powerful opposition from others, but this same power can help them build an empire if they are ready to stand up and fight on their own when required.

Intense and passionate, once these folks have their eyes on something or someone, they will do anything in their power to get it.

Unshakable leaders by nature, they are either all in or all out and can even be frantic about their objects or objectives of interest. They stand strong in their beliefs, especially those that are metaphysical and are related to their inner truths.

Occult, psychology, alternative healing, metaphysics, and the forbidden come as natural interests, as they are usually incredible at reading between the lines. These natives are captivating and magnetic, and can easily draw others to them and catch them in their spider's net.

The transformation lies in acknowledging that they can and should always control everything around them. It is common for them to try to exert control over what brings them emotional security, and this usually stems from subconscious fears of being vulnerable and overpowered.

Growth and maturity are found in discovering the ability to let go and not hold on too tightly to anything external. Conversely, they may be inclined to give their power away to others.

Growth lies in regaining that power, cutting ties, and learning to stand on their own, without being controlled by anything or anyone.

Final Thoughts

If we open ourselves up to its potential, the eighth house is the house that can help us develop our character more than any other house. While it deals with heavy stuff, the subconscious and transformation, this house is meant to help us mature and learn to look beyond the surface in order to find true fulfillment and live a purposeful life.

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