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Feng Shui Kitchen Tips for Health, Well-Being & Vitality

INSIDE: With these feng shui kitchen tips, you can set you and your family up for greater well-being and health. The kitchen is the heart of the home and sometimes, it needs a little help to balance the energy there.


The kitchen is the place in our homes that is most directly connected to our wellbeing.

Interesting research results published by Medical News Today have shown that our kitchen habits are much more important for our health than we previously thought.

How we prepare food, what we eat, and what we decide to buy for the fridge always reflects on our health.

This creates positive or negative associations in our minds, and all of this creates energy. Because of that, our kitchen can become a place where we nourish ourselves or a place that creates inner conflict.

Feng shui is here to help us create a positive and healthy space that will work for us and our wellbeing, instead of against us. 

The Benefits of Using Feng Shui in a Kitchen

It's no wonder the kitchen is considered to be the heart of the home. In feng shui, it resonates with yin energy and is associated with prosperity and abundance.

After all, this is the place where we eat, a place that is crucial for our wellbeing and vitality.

The energy in this space is powerful and just like the quality of food we eat, it influences our health, for the good or for the bad. It either feeds our soul or contributes to more imbalance.

In feng shui, the kitchen is regarded as one of the trinity rooms, which are essential for maintaining a healthy mind, body, and spirit. Therefore, following feng shui rules allows us to create a healthier space for ourselves and our family.

These ancient principles are known to bring more harmony and balance to the kitchen space.

Chakra Healing Stones

When used accordingly, due to the prominent fire element, feng shui attracts resources and wealth and helps eliminate tension and chaos from the space. This way, it helps encourage healthier habits and transforms the kitchen into a nurturing space that cherishes anyone who enters it.

A feng shui kitchen is a place that revitalizes, improves our wellbeing, and helps attract true abundance. Because of this, we are able to manifest luck, money, and prosperity with ease.

With the right choice of furniture and decor, we can prevent conflicts and disagreements in the home and transform the kitchen into a warm and welcoming space.

Top Feng Shui Kitchen Tips

If you're thinking about decorating your kitchen using feng shui principles, you'll need some simple guidelines that you can follow to enhance the positive energy in the space.

Let's dig in and learn the best feng shui kitchen tips...

Stay Loyal to Preferable Bagua Style

No matter if you are more into the Classical or Western feng shui Bagua map, once you choose the style that makes you feel good, it is advisable to stay loyal to it.

This will help you determine the energetic position of your kitchen in the home, and then help you choose decorations that are in alignment with the chosen Bagua.

This matters because the kitchen is probably one of the busiest rooms and will generate a lot of powerful energies. Choosing your Bagua preference will help create beneficial Qi (energy). 

Choose Favorable Directions

Each home has auspicious directions. If you are building a home, the best directions for the kitchen are east, south, and southeast. These are the lucky directions and will help attract abundance.

For those who already own a home, placing a stove, oven, or microwave in these directions will help balance the energies and have a similar effect.

Feng Shui Kitchen Cures

The Kitchen Door Shouldn’t Be Across From the Front Door

Having a kitchen door directly facing the main entrance to your home draws most of the energy entering the home towards the kitchen, both the good and the bad.

A kitchen is a place of growth and health and therefore should be blessed with the most positive vibrations there are.

If dislocating the front door is not possible, what can help is avoiding placing the stove directly across the kitchen door. The stove represents a fire element and while it’s empowering, fire can ‘’burn’’ more gentle energy coming in. 

Use Feng Shui Kitchen Colors

When choosing feng shui colors for the kitchen, it's the orientation of the kitchen that will tell us what colors work the best. However, the colors we opt for are also connected to the five elements and can impact the prominence of each.

Here's how to plan out your feng shui kitchen colors...

Southwest, Northwest & Southeast Kitchens

The southwest, northwest, and southeast areas on the Bagua map are connected to the earth element.

If this is the orientation of your kitchen, beige, sand color, and earthy tones are going to be the best option for interior elements. These are considered to be the most beneficial for creating a good-vibe kitchen because they ground and balance the water and fire element, which dominate the area.

West-Facing Kitchens

White and grey are colors of metal and are the perfect choice for west-oriented kitchens, and can be good for grounding energy. Metal elements and colors act calming and bring clarity, efficiency, and lightness.

North-Facing Kitchens

The north-facing kitchen will benefit the most from blue and black tones, which resonate with the water element. It supports renewal, stimulates freshness and the easy flow of Qi.

This can be a good choice if your kitchen is fire-predominant. Because a kitchen is a place where the fire element is already prominent, avoiding red decor or red wallpaper can help balance the five elements.

East-Facing Kitchens

Using the colors green and brown will support the element of wood and are ideal for a kitchen that are orientated towards the east. These shades are known to stimulate good health, growth, and vitality.

Wood is known to fuel the fire and therefore can increase the high energy in the space. If your cabinets are made of wood, it is already creating a lot of powerful energy and may turn out to be overwhelming.  

Smudge Sticks

Place a Fire Element at the Center

The stove carries powerful fire energy. Just like the ancients who prepared food around the fire pit, which was at the center, having a stove as a part of a central kitchen island brings in warmth and vitality.

This puts you in a commanding position, where you are more in control of the vibration in your feng shui kitchen.

When a stove is at the center, the powerful energy coming from it is equally dispersed across the room, spreading the energy of joy and inspiration. Fire represents Yang energy and therefore has the power to attract good luck.

Avoid Conflicts of Fire & Water

In the kitchen, while the stove represents fire, the sink represents water. These two elements are at odds and may cause a disturbance in the energy when combined.

This happens when the sink is either placed directly across from the stove or next to it.

Avoiding these two placements can prevent one from interfering with the other, but also prevents tension and conflicts in your home.

Use Crystals to Amplify the Auspicious Chi

Crystals carry positive vibrations and have the ability to boost positive energy and absorb negative vibrations. Placing them in the kitchen will help improve the good chi in the space.

Here are some feng shui kitchen crystals for creating good chi...

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz cleanses the space and absorbs negative energy, helping improve our immune system and health. It is one of the best crystals to have in the kitchen if you're trying to embrace healthier habits or lose weight.



Carnelian protects us from malicious energy, and prevents fires and accidents in the kitchen. This crystal helps eliminate anger and conflicts, replacing negative energy with warmth. 


Calcite helps neutralize bad chi and supports uninhibited energy flow in the room. It helps release stagnant energy from the space, allowing fresh, healthier vibrations to come in.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz creates an aura of loving energy, making any space a more welcoming one. It is healing and invites gratitude, helping us make diet and lifestyle choices that promote self-love.


Blue Apatite

Apatite helps us keep up with a healthy diet regimen, heal metabolic issues, and improve our wellbeing. This crystal cleanses the kitchen space from negativity and inspires us to be more caring and of service to our family members. 



Amethyst transmutes negative Qi into more loving vibrations and helps balance all five feng shui elements. It creates energetic protection in the kitchen, raising the vibration in the area, making it a safer, more pleasant space to be in. 

Choose Complementary Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets take up a lot of space; therefore, choosing the right elements can help enhance good vibrations.

Marble and granite elements have grounding power, helping to stabilize the energy of predominantly wooden counters.

Because doors of any type are regarded as blocks, cabinets with glass elements can create transparency and allow for undisturbed Chi flow.

Upper cabinets should reach the ceiling, as any space above them tends to accumulate bad vibrations. 

Clearing Up Space

To have a good functioning feng shui kitchen that generates positive energy, it is important to eliminate everything old and rusty from it.

By clearing up space, we allow for new, fresh energies to come in, and we support growth and prevent stagnation.

Old pans, kitchen tools, and appliances we don’t use prevent new energy from coming in.

Additionally, keeping knives and sharp objects well organized and safely stored inside a cabinet will make a kitchen a safer, more auspicious place.

This is important, as old things represent stagnation and melancholy, and sharp objects invite conflict. 

Consider smudging to clear the energy in the kitchen on a regular basis.

Keep a Tidy Fridge

Fresh fruits and vegetables not only help keep us strong and healthy but also bring the same energy to our home.

Natural, organic food reminds us of growth and good habits, and energy helps level up the vibration in the kitchen. Conversely, rotten or expired food creates stagnant energy, which just like food, gets worse over time. 

Keep your fridge in tidy shape. Not only will you be able to find things easier, but you'll also inspire positive vibrations.

The Power of Plants

Another powerful way to start attracting wealth and abundance is by adding feng shui kitchen plants.

Because the kitchen is particularly abundant in the fire element, followed by water, wood, and metal, we can ground these vibrations by adding healthy, well-kept plants in the space. 

The best plants to have are fresh flowers and those we actually use for cooking, like parsley, mint, or basil. This will stimulate growth and help improve our wellbeing.

Plants to avoid, however, are those with thorns and pointed leaves, as in feng shui, sharp objects (or plants) create negative energy. 

Feng Shui Kitchen Cures

Besides following the rules above, there are a few feng shui kitchen cures that can instantly level up the vibration in the space. This can help heal the area from bad energy coaxed either by unfortunate orientation, bad home planning, or an imbalance of elements.

Here are some small, low-budget, but powerful changes you can make in your kitchen...

  • Use decorations and art to make the space more enjoyable. By hanging beautiful food posters and art on your kitchen walls, you'll invite more joy to come your way.
  • If two elements are in conflict with one another, like the oven and the sink, placing a healthy, potted plant in between them can defuse the tension and ground the energy. Placing a plant on top of the refrigerator can have a similar effect. 
  • Placing EMF protection stones like Rose Quartz or Clear Quartz near kitchen appliances can help increase the good Chi and eliminate symptoms of electromagnetic radiation in the kitchen. Place crystals such as Calcite, Apatite, Amethyst, or Carnelian near the stove, as this will help level the powerful fire energy.
  • If the kitchen is placed in an area that isn't suitable to feng shui, such as the front of your home or directly across from the main entrance, keeping doors closed will prevent a loss of positive Chi and an accumulation of negative Chi coming from the outside.
  • Mirrors are not the best decor option for the kitchen. However, if you don’t have a commanding position when using the stove or the oven, placing a mirror nearby can act as a cure. If we see who is coming in, we have a commanding position and this makes us feel safe and in control in the kitchen.
  • The bathroom is where we get rid of energy, and the kitchen is where we fuel our bodies. If the kitchen or bathroom are next to each other, placing grounding crystals and adding green decor, clay decor, or plants where the shared wall is will prevent the energy of the bathroom from interfering with Chi in the kitchen.

Final Thoughts About These Feng Shui Kitchen Tips

Try these feng shui kitchen tips today and notice the energy shifts in your household. It's one of the greatest improvements you can make in your home.

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here.

Feng Shui Kitchen Tips

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