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8 Grounding Exercises for Ultimate Balance & Stability

INSIDE: In today’s society, it's easy to feel disconnected from reality. By adopting grounding exercises into your weekly routine, you can remain in the present moment and walk confidently in this physical realm. Let's discover how!


When we are spiritually grounded, we are living in the present moment with a sense of ease and contentment. Most of us desire to feel grounded when making life’s decisions or interacting with others but aren’t always in a position to do so. When we don’t feel grounded we may instead feel insecure, exhausted, confused, or disconnected to our reality.

Being grounded means connecting back to the physical dimension of this world and removing any excess energy that is preventing us from remaining in the present moment. When you are grounded, you feel connected to the earth and empowered to navigate this world with confidence.

Feeling endlessly fatigued, overwhelmed, and disconnected are sure signs that you are in need of some grounding exercises. Read on to gain some useful tips on how to practice grounding when your head is in the clouds.

Grounding Stones

Signs That You Need More Grounding

When you are in a state of disconnect, you are likely going to feel and see the effects of this state in your everyday life. There are many different symptoms you can develop that will tell you it’s time to pause and reconnect back to the present moment, such as...

You Are Feeling Exhausted & Fatigued

An overwhelming feeling of exhaustion can be a sign that you need to ground and slow down. When exhausted, life’s simple tasks may feel too difficult to complete. In a state of exhaustion, a day spent in bed watching Netflix often sounds better than being productive at the office.

Though we all need some days to rest and recoup, a state of exhaustion that lasts longer than a few days may be your sign to do something different.

There are many different grounding exercises you can adopt that will bring you back to your energetic and motivated self.

You Feel Overwhelmed

The amount of opportunities and stimulation in today’s world is both a blessing and a curse. It can make it difficult to determine which direction we should head in life.

A fast-paced world often leads to unhealthy habits, such as a lack self-care, on-the-go meals, and shallow breathing. You’d be surprised how taking the time to slow down and practice grounding exercises can make a huge difference in your everyday lifestyle and overall happiness.

There is a Disconnect Between Your Mind, Body & Reality

Do you ever find it difficult to...

  • Form a clear understanding of a simple concept
  • Find the right words to say in a conversation
  • Interpret certain emotions
  • Struggle with hand-body coordination

These conflicts may be a sign that your head is in the clouds and your mind is disconnected from reality. Grounding exercises such as breath work or meditation can help connect you back to a clear and coherent way of thinking.

How to practice grounding

8 Grounding Exercises for Stability & Balance

There are a variety of grounding exercises you can adopt today that will help you feel more firmly planted on the earth, think more clearly, and feel connected to your physical self. Tools such as the use of certain crystals, breathing techniques, and time spent in nature, are all surefire methods for bringing balance back into your life.

Let's dig into some of our favorites...

Use Grounding Crystals

The amount of healing properties that crystals offer are endless, but one great benefit is their ability to clear blockages in the physical, emotional, and spiritual self.

There are a many crystals available which support the flow of positive energy from the ground to your root chakra. When your root chakra is balanced, you will feel more secure, calm, and self-confident.

Some key crystals to use to tap into your root chakra and ground down are Black Tourmaline and Black Obsidian.

Black Tourmaline is deeply connected to the root chakra. Its electrical properties provide a connection between the earth and the human spirit, making it an incredible grounding stone.

Black Obsidian is said to draw out negative energies from the body and down into the earth, making it a strong grounding force to have on-hand .

Black Tourmaline

Visualize a Cord Grounding You to the Center of the Earth 

One powerful strategy to ground down and feel more connected to the earth is by adopting a visualization meditation. Meditation is an efficient and widely practiced technique to reground oneself for a sense of clarity and presence.

With feet or sitting bones firmly planted on the ground and eyes gently closed, visualize a golden cord connecting you from beneath the ground, up through your root chakra to the crown of your head.

If you are familiar with the chakra system, imagine this cord connecting to each one of your seven main energy points along the spine. Observe the flow of energy from this cord, from the ground to your crown and back to the ground once again.

Feel a strong connection between all parts of your body and visualize this golden cord releasing any negative energy from your body that no longer serves you.

This simple visualization will bring both your mind and body an immediate sense of belonging to the physical realm and the ground that you walk upon.

Practice Fire Breathing

When we bring awareness to our breathe, we are coming back to the present moment, which is why practicing breathing techniques is another great grounding exercise to adopt today.

During the process of conscious breathing, we invite a sense of well-being back into the body by slowing down the central nervous system, waking the body up, and releasing pent up negative energy.

Breath of Fire is one breathing technique that may reduce stress, boosts brain function, and promote better respiratory health. 

Through breath of fire, the inhale is passive and the exhale is active. This breathing technique activates your inner prana, your life force, and wakes up your body and mind.

This is a great grounding exercise to start adopting into your morning routine as it helps you prepare physically and mentally for the day ahead.

Breath Work for Grounding

Spend Time in Nature

Immersing yourself in nature is a great grounding exercise to slow down, clear the mind, and become present. There are countless methods to feeling grounded when outdoors. Here are some of our favorite methods: 

Walk Barefoot

Remove your shoes and bridge the gap between you and Mother Earth. Feel the ground beneath your feet and the dirt between your toes. Embrace the energy this earth has to offer. 

Focus on the sensations of the earth, the dirt, the grass, or the sand below you. Does it feel rough, soft, warm, or cold? How does walking barefoot feel compared to having shoes beneath your feet?


Find a place of solitude to sit, close your eyes, and meditate. If possible, sit next to a body of water and breathe with the flow of energy it offers. Feel yourself breathe in positive energy with every inhalation and release negative energy with each exhalation.

Dance or Exercise

Physical movement is a powerful method to release pent up energy. Throw on a favorite song that gets your feet tapping and feel the music in your bones. Dance like nobody is watching. Allow whatever movements comes up in your body to direct your flow. 

If you’re not a fan of dance, invite in any physical movement that speaks to you. Go for a run outside. Lift some weights in the gym. Grab your yoga mat and attend a class.

Physical movement can look different for anyone but is undeniably healing in terms of returning you back to your physical sense of self. Physical movement also allows for the release of pent up negative energy and thoughts that are taking up precious space in your body and mind. 

Tune Into Your Physical Body

Get quiet with yourself, close your eyes, and tune into your body. How are you feeling physically, emotionally, and mentally in this moment right now?

  • Physically, are you feeling tired, sore, or jittery?
  • Mentally, do you feel relaxed, anxious, frustrated?
  • Emotionally, are you feeling joyful, sad, or fearful?

When you define your current state of being, you invite clarity back to your mind. Understanding how you feel and the reason behind it creates a sense of empowerment and presence.

Gemstone Collections

Take a Salt Bath

When you’re feeling overwhelmed, sick, or exhausted, taking a warm bath is a great grounding exercise to slow down, relax, and take some time for yourself.

Baths are like a warm embrace to the body and can be beneficial for a multitude of reasons. They help relax your muscles if you’re feeling sore or tight. And when you feel relaxed, you are able to tap into the parasympathetic nervous system which allows the mind to relax and process thoughts and emotions more clearly.

Adding salt to your bath will take this grounding exercise to the next level. Not only will salt supercharge the water, but it exposes your body to essential minerals that may be lost throughout the day due to stress of other daily occurrences.

There are a variety of different salts available to enhance the experience of your bath, including Epsom salt, Himalayan salt, Hawaiian salt, and sea salt.

Use Essential Oils

When we consciously embrace our senses, we are able to reground ourselves back to the present moment. One way to reground and relax is by tapping into your sense of smell with scents that are relaxing and up-lifting.  

The best essential oils to seek out to ground down are those with earthy and calming qualities, such as sandalwood, lavender, and pachouli.

If you have an oil diffuser, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the diffuser to create a spa-like and soothing experience in your home or office. 

Before a meditation, add a drop or two to your hands and rub them together to create a heated and calming aroma that will help settle you into your meditation practice. 

By tapping into your sense of smell with scents that bring you ease and joy, you are automatically coming back to the present moment.

Final Thoughts

When faced with difficult situations in today’s society, it is often easy to feel scattered, overwhelmed, or unstable. Between challenges, we may face at work, the copious amount of people we encounter, and endless tasks we must complete, not everyday can feel as simple and straightforward as we want.

Next time you feel overwhelmed, exhausted, or disconnected, come back to this article on how to practice grounding and allow us to help you connect back to the earth, ground down, breathe, and invite joyful presence back into your life.

How to Use Crystals for Health

* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here. 

8 Grounding Exercises for Ultimate Balance & Stability

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