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How to Find Your Purpose: 8 Ways to Find Fulfillment & Meaning

INSIDE: We get up everyday, ready to tackle daily tasks and busy schedules, but it doesn’t always feel fulfilling. That’s because it doesn’t fuel our true spiritual purpose. Learn how to find your purpose with these tips so you can direct your life with intention and joy.


There’s something magnificent about taking an aimless drive, parking somewhere with an incredible view of the sky, and staring up at the stars. It gives us a sense of freedom and the feeling like we have plenty of time.

If we’re being honest though, we rarely get the chance to wander aimlessly. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing – having a purpose puts us on track to manifest our dreams and fulfill our intentions.

In fact, according to a study by a team of University of Michigan researchers, having a life purpose may save your life, or at least prolong it. 

Knowing how to find your purpose will present you with a roadmap for the sharp turns, traffic jams, and open highway that life might bring.

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8 Tips for How to Find Your Purpose

We can tap into our purpose in so many ways. Every individual will take a different path, and these tips can give us the momentum to solidify and commit to our purpose. 

Spend More Time Going Inward 

No two people in this world will have the exact same purpose. We may have similar values and head in similar directions, but our purposes are incredibly individual and personal.

That means we have to take time to go inwards. With deep thought and meditation, you can work on how to find your purpose. What’s important is to truly set aside and respect the time that you dedicate to these practices.

When we go inward, we can take stock of what might be holding us back and work to release it. Even better, spending time in deep reflection can reveal our spiritual gifts and what we can do for the world. Going inward should become an incredibly empowering process. 

Bring Your Purpose Into Your Goals

As you work on how to find your purpose, you might realize much more targeted and focused things you want to pursue. That’s because when we find our purpose, it makes it easier to choose and prioritize what we do with our time. It also clarifies important things we hope to accomplish in our lives.

Setting goals can keep us on track to move forward, but before we find our purpose, we often focus on goals that we think matter more than they actually do.

When you bring your purpose forward to help articulate your goals, you will find that the things you need to do and give attention to significantly shift.

Purpose-driven goals tap into our true gifts and invite greater intention and satisfaction into all the actions we take.

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Engage in Journaling for Self-Discovery

This tip relates to what we’ve covered so far. However, let’s take it a bit further and consider how we can use journaling to truly discover our deep, individual gifts and efforts.

When you journal for self-discovery, think about these question:

  • What do you perceive as your unique strength?
  • How have you used this strength in different situations, both the challenges and triumphs?
  • What do you do for others, and what have others done for you?
  • Do these actions truly align with your purpose?

One journaling session isn’t going to give you a grand vision of how everything fits together with your purpose. But you don’t need to overwhelm yourself trying to answer all of the questions above in one sitting – some of them may not resonate with you anyway.

When you schedule time to journal and really dig deep, you begin to draw a clear roadmap for how to find your purpose.

Establish Your Values & Personal Mission Statement

We’ve talked about how individual our purposes are. Lean into and protect this. Take ownership of what truth you have aligned yourself with.

When you consider what values drive you and fuel your sense of satisfaction and joy, you can envision what you truly intend to accomplish in life. Consider articulating this through a solid personal mission statement.

This will be a completely individual mantra you create for yourself to help keep you on track with what you determine as your purpose. In fact, by establishing a firm statement and values that support it, you use a method for how to find your higher purpose, a step closer to spiritual enlightenment and fulfillment. 

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Review Your Life & Discover Your Lessons

It’s never too late to lean how to find your purpose. An amazing part of this process brings reflection on our past and how what we have done and what has happened to us has fed or led us in purpose.

Invest time in reviewing the things you have done, accomplished, or even failed at in your life. How do these moments relate to what you are beginning to see as your purpose?

When you realize moments of pain or mistakes you’ve made, try to revise them as lessons toward your goals and purpose. This will reset you into an abundance mindset in which even the hard moments and obstacles provide you with beautiful experiences to solidify your purpose.

Raise Your Vibration

Finding purpose is one level, but knowing how to find your higher purpose, that ties to your spiritual and divine calling elevates your experiences even more. To tap into your higher purpose, you need to raise your vibration.

There are many ways to get our energy to vibe even stronger than it already does in spiritual practice. Activities like yoga and meditation really set our focus on connecting to our inner vibration and elevating it. Investing time to fuel your body with healthful practices makes you feel physically better, all the while raising your spiritual aura to new heights.

Using crystals and healing stones is a fantastic way to maintain continuous frequencies that tune and increase your vibes. Because crystals constantly emit energy, by wearing crystal jewelry, you can passively work on your vibration, or you can combine them in your other intentional practices. 

Find Your Lessons

Make Time & Space for What You Want in Your Life

We’re very serious about this point: you have to make time in your life to explore how to find your purpose. If you fill your time with unfulfilling, soul-crushing work and activities, you get farther and farther away from your purpose.

You have to make room for the chance to discover new pathways to your purpose. If you have to slog through your days, feeling miserable in your work or with the people you surround yourself with, you probably are not living for your purpose.

Finding your purpose doesn’t always begin with beautiful rays of sunshine and fresh flowers popping up from your aura. It can be a painful journey at first when you realize that some things are not working for you in your life. Detaching from those things takes work but it is so worth it – and it leads to bright, optimistic days!

Be Curious

Open your mind to new opportunities and practices. It can lead you to how to find your purpose. You may find yourself venturing outside of your comfort zone, but that often reveals your true gifts and calling.

Curiosity can be the most fun aspect of finding your purpose because it can lead you towards other wonderful people living similarly purpose-driven lives. When you build a community around your purpose, you find people willing to help you stay on track and to team up with to make a better world. 

Final Thoughts

Something we’ve learned from all of this is that driving down a country road to contemplate the stars might not be so aimless after all! 

As a method for how to find your purpose, along with the tips we’ve covered here, you’re headed in a wonderful direction. 

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here. 

How to Find Your Purpose

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