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How to Use Your Large Geode For More Focus, Growth and Love

INSIDE: The allure of large geodes is real. From their breathtaking beauty to their potent healing energy, large amethyst geodes can be used for personal growth and increased mental focus and love.

From the time Michael Harrison was a little boy, he was in awe of stones and crystals.

He dumped his matchbox car containers out and filled the slots with stones he found in driveways, and he meditated for hours with the crystals he began collecting in his teens.

But he yearned for a large geode, an amethyst geode to be exact.

To him, it was the holy grail of all metaphysical stones.

But finding a quality amethyst geode served to be more difficult than expected. Instead, all he found was overpriced or low-quality geodes.

After great success as a pharmaceutical sales rep in his twenties, he was left with the devastating feeling that he was making a bad contribution to the world. He felt he was putting all of his time and energy into influencing what doctors gave to their patients whether they needed it or not.

That's when he sacrificed everything, left his job, rented out his house, moved back in with his parents, and tenaciously worked to acquire a small number of amethyst geodes that he could resell.

Five years later, Michael has sold thousands of large geodes and numerous other healing stones right here on, all with the quality, price, and customer service he would expect himself.

His gifts to this world have finally taken wing, and he sells these world treasures with the love and respect they deserve.

The Allure of Large Geodes

Like Michael, you might be mesmerized by the remarkable beauty and power of large geodes. Afterall, they are alluring. Each one is unique, and each type of geode presents a different healing energy that can improve our lives in its own way.

The larger the geode, the stronger their energy field, so while a smaller geode will offer benefits, a large geode is the way to go if you want to jumpstart your personal growth and health.

When you own a large geode, you are literally in possession of a piece of the earth's history. Geodes form when gas cavities within lava fill with mineralized liquid and develop into crystals over thousands of years. Really large geodes can take a million years to develop. We've written a whole article on the formation process of the amethyst geode here.

Staring into a large geode will occupy you for hours. Each little crystal point contains a whole world of colors, sparkles, and dimensions. You'll discover something new each time you gaze into it.

Large Geode Closeup

Rough around the edges, and stunning on the inside, large geodes are not unlike many people who wear a mask to hide their insecurities not even realizing how beautiful they already are on the inside.

When you own a large geode, it will certainly be the talk of your home. Friends, and family will admire it and will want to be around its captivating beauty and irresistible energy.

Amethyst Benefits

The Amazing Amethyst Geode

Our favorite geodes here at Cosmic Cuts are amethyst geodes. They are the most alluring of all large geodes due to their deep purple color and their vast healing properties.

One thing's for sure; a large amethyst geode will change your life. We find the most significant transformations come in the way of mental focus, personal growth, and more love. Let us explain...

How to Use a Large Amethyst Geode for Mental Focus?

The amethyst stone has the incredible power to relax and calm us. It has a tranquilizing effect that is unique in that it soothes and uplifts at the same time.

That combination is what sets the mind up for a new level of mental capacities. No longer burdened by stress, mental cloudiness, and an overactive mind, our brains are free to function in a heightened state.

We find ourselves being able to focus on tasks with greater ease, and we feel a sense of mental clarity which can only be compared to a brand new computer that hasn't been loaded up with apps, programs, and data. We feel more clear in thought, and our mind feels spacious and able to take in as much information as we throw at it.

Amethyst Large Geode Quote 1

There is no limit to what we can accomplish in this mental state, and the amethyst provides it for us with no strings attached!

  • The more time you spend around your amethyst geode, the more you'll experience these benefits, but the feeling can also be felt instantly, especially when you are in the presence of a large geode.
  • Try placing your large geode in a room where you tend to do a lot of thinking, such as a home office, and notice how much easier it is to work productively.
  • Place your amethyst geode in a room where you tend to endure a lot of stress and enjoy the difference it provides for you.
  • Mediate next to your large amethyst geode to multiply its mind-soothing and uplifting effects. This is the fastest and most potent way to improve your mental focus and clarity of mind. You'll feel sharper and ready to take on whatever comes your way. Do that on a daily basis, and you multiply your results even further.

How Does a Large Amethyst Geode Brings Personal Growth?

Now that we've explained what amethyst's calming yet uplifting energy can do for the mind, let's look at what it can do for your overall personal growth.

Amethysts & Spirituality

Amethyst is considered to be one of the most spiritual stones in existence. It balances and cleanses the third eye chakra and crown chakra, and opens up our connection to higher consciousness. That alone has the capacity to transform a person from the inside out.

Crown Chakra For Large Geode

When our intuition is heightened, our personal growth is naturally piqued since we are able to access guidance and information that is not based simply on our own experience and interpretation of the world, but also on the truths of the universe. We generally become more peaceful, compassionate, intentional, and inspired as a result.

Amethysts & Stress-Free Serenity

Amethyst provides such a serene and soothing energy that it can melt away our stress and help us to feel calm and emotionally in control just by being in its presence.

When we are free of stress and feel more in control of our emotions, there is nothing standing in our way! It's a freeing and motivating feeling that instantly jumps us into gear as we start achieving our dreams and inspiring those around us to do the same.

Being stress-free takes away the cloud that hangs over so many of us and replaces it with a radiant sun. We feel happier, more relaxed, and more friendly. We can make better decisions, and we even sleep better, which only adds to our renewed sense of self.

Amethyst Large Geode Quote Image 2

The ways in which we can grow personally with the help of a large amethyst geode are limitless!

  • Consider placing your large amethyst geode in an area of your home where you tend to reflect and meditate. You'll find it takes you deeper into your meditative state, bringing you closer to your inner spirit and more in line with who you really are.
  • Spend time next to your large geode every day. Meditate next to it, journal next to it, or just spend time gazing into its beauty.
  • Keep track of your experiences in a journal so you can look back on all the personal growth your amethyst geode has helped provide.
  • Amethyst also has the power to charge and cleanse other crystals. Simply place smaller crystals on or near your large amethyst geode so you can enjoy the best healing benefits of your other crystals and stones as well.

Largest Selection of High Quality Amethyst Geodes

How Does an Amethyst Geode Promote Love?

When we refer to love, we aren't just talking about romantic love, although a large amethyst geode can certainly improve that area of your life as well. Here's what we're talking about, however...

One of the most amazing things about amethyst is its ability to transmute negative energy into love. There is nothing more powerful on this planet than love, so what could be better than a healing stone that takes all the "crap" in your life and turns it into the energy of love?

Amethyst Large Geode Quote Image 3

Some crystals decrease negative energy and some actually boomerang it back at the source, but amethyst goes a huge step beyond that and actually turns it into the best energy available on this earth.

Where there is love, there is peace.

When love is present, there is no reason to judge others or ourselves.

When we are surrounded by loving energy, we get along better with everyone with whom we interact.

All you need is loveThe energy of love makes us happy, united, and peaceful.

What could be better than all of that?

If this were the only thing amethyst could do for us, it would be enough because love makes everything better. Afterall, as John Lennon sang, "All you need is love!"

A large amethyst geode will bring so much love into your life that you'll wonder what you did before it.

  • Place your amethyst geode in the center of your home to provide loving energy all throughout your house.
  • When you are feeling the pain of a negative experience, sit next to your large geode to transmute the energy.
  • Meditate each day next to your large amethyst geode to bring more love into your mind, body, and spirit. The more love you feel within you, the more love you can give, the more you will attract good things to you, and the happier you will be.
  • Plan dates with your partner that involve being near your amethyst geode. You'll enhance your love for each other and have a great night!

FAQs About Large Geodes

Where Can I Find Large Geodes for Sale?

Local crystal shops are a great place to go see large geodes in person, but not every town has a local crystal shop that offers such unique specimens.

That's why Cosmic Cuts has made it our goal to provide ease of access to the world's most unique and quality geodes. Our online crystal shop specializes in large geodes, especially large amethyst geodes for sale. We offer free shipping on orders over $35 and certificates of authenticity on everything purchased from our shop, and we only offer the highest quality geodes. From time to time, we also feature large citrine geodes and large geode slices.

The bottom line is, when you are looking for a large geode for sale, you want to be sure you are getting a quality piece. We've written an article about how to ensure your large geode is high quality here. That article also talks about the grading process we use for our large amethyst geode cathedral inventory.

In Conclusion

Whether you are want to bring more love into your life, free your mind from daily stress, or improve your personal growth, a large amethyst geode will help. 

There's nothing like the soothing energy of the amethyst, and when combined with a large geode, you'll feel its amazing energy ten-fold.

Browse Michael's latest selection of authentic amethyst geodes here. Each of his large geodes has been carefully selected to ensure only the highest quality, and they have been protected and saged on a regular basis so they can thrive in the most peaceful and healing environment possible. He even provides free shipping on orders over $35 and a free gift with each purchase!

Amethyst and Citrine Geodes

* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. This article may contain affiliate links. Please read our full disclaimer notice here.

Large Geode

How to Use Your Large Geode

Large Amethyst Geode

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