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Natural Anxiety Relief for Kids: 9 Solutions to Ease Their Stress

INSIDE: By teaching kids how to get grounded and channel their emotions, we are ensuring they have a healthy outlet and are developing positive coping mechanisms for dealing with unpleasant feelings. Let’s talk about natural anxiety relief for kids now!


All children are sensitive to energy, and almost all feel anxious at times, especially when stressed or scared. According to Child Mind Institute, 30% of children suffer from anxiety at some point in their childhood and later in adolescence.

Because they have yet to learn and experience the world, their coping mechanisms are a little different than ours. But we can help them cope with how they feel in a healthy way.

Here are some ideas for natural anxiety relief for kids you'll want to implement today!

Natural Anxiety Relief for Kids: 9 Solutions 

Kids are beams of light, but they too can sometimes feel pressured by the big world. An anxious child stays away, can’t sleep or eat properly, and can’t focus. They express verbally, or nonverbally that they are worried, afraid, or stressed.

When that happens (or even before it happens), here's what we can do to help them feel a little better…

Create a Calm Down Bin

A calm down bin is a constructive, creative and fun way to channel your child’s frustration, anxiety, or sadness. It can include anything your child would find relaxing and entertaining, including different tools, papers, colored pencils, fidget spinners, and sensory toys that can help them in stressful times. 

Ideally, these items should be kept in a specific place, so your child knows where to go when they feel a little antsy.

To make it even more effective, place some grounding and healing crystals, which are natural stress relievers, in their calm down bin.

Crystals like Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Amazonite, and Garnet offer natural anxiety relief for kids and will do wonders for their wellbeing. Crystals for kids help alleviate stress, eliminate negativity from their environment, and help them process emotions in a healthy way.

Tumbled Stones

Do Yoga With Your Child

No matter how old your child is, yoga is always an excellent option, even for older toddlers. While older children have more coordination, youngsters can also benefit from light and simple yoga stretches and asanas.

Yoga not only improves our mood but also helps children shift the focus into the present and onto the body, rather than the mind, helping them relax.

As a result of yoga practice, especially when it becomes a routine, just like adults, kids learn to become more present and mindful. More so, yoga serves as incredibly useful natural anxiety relief for kids, helping them manage their stress, channel their frustration, and regulate their emotions through physical activity.

Meditate With Your Child

Even young children can meditate. By teaching them how to do so, practicing with them, and explaining to them how they can benefit from meditation, we are teaching them to be mindful and manage their anxiety, even at a young age.

Meditation is great for helping them calm down when they are fidgety, since it is ab grounding and calming practice. It's a great way to improve focus and self-discipline, but most importantly, it helps children deal with unpleasant emotions through increased awareness and presence. 

Crystals for Kids Stress

Foster a Creative Outlet 

Fostering a creative outlet helps a child shift focus from burdensome thoughts and towards something creative and constructive. The key to doing this is finding an activity your child enjoys doing, and then channeling their interest to that activity as frequently as you can.

Simply provide them with the necessary tools, and let them explore. Kids are naturally curious, and once something occupies their mind, there will be very little space for anxiety to plague them.

Productivity and creativity is a form of natural anxiety relief for kids that will also help them boost self-confidence, which has a positive impact on their well-being in the long run.


The practice of journaling isn’t reserved for adults only. Journaling is a private, powerful way for every child to explore and learn more about their feelings. No matter if it’s sketches, drawings, or simple sentences, journaling relieves stress and helps children feel less isolated.

Writing down their anxieties and worries without the fear of being shamed or scolded about it can help them release what they are holding inside in a healthy, creative way.

Go for a Walk

Walks are therapeutic for kids and a natural anxiety relief for kids. An anxious child feels anxiety in their mind and all over their body, which is why a walk can help them release tension and relax.

For a child, taking a daily walk with the family is a way for them to connect with you, relax, and let go of their worries and excess energy that has been piling up and making them anxious.

Outdoor activities like this make them feel like a part of the world, rather than isolated or lonely. It is always good to practice mindfulness while walking, such as bringing attention to the leaves, trees, or the river as it will shift the focus away from fear and stress.

Stress Relief Crystals


Kids are powerful manifestors and they tend to be in touch with their intuition, which is why Reiki can be an incredibly soothing experience for them. Kids are sensitive to energy, and they will easily take on the energy of those around them. Reiki helps eliminate tension and negativity they have been subjected to in a gentle way.

Energy work is a type of natural anxiety relief for kids that is potent as their minds are limitless and their aura is open to healing. It will help them feel peaceful and serene, but also cleansing their aura from accumulated negativity and worry that plagues them. 

Improve Their Sleep

Restlessness and difficulty falling asleep are some of the symptoms of anxiety. One way we can help them is by adding some healing ingredients near their bed, such as lavender or crystals for sleep.

Place Amethyst under their pillow or on a nightstand to absorb negative vibrations and calm their minds. This is a powerful protective gemstone and it offers natural stress and anxiety relief.

It will not only protect them from nightmares but also stir their imagination in a positive way, helping them fall asleep easier and enjoy adventurous dreams.

Amethyst is a calming, natural anxiety relief for kids. Its healing vibration is especially useful for kids who struggle with anxiety-related insomnia and have difficulty staying asleep.

Amethyst to Help Kids Sleep

Improve Their Diet 

Processed foods or a monotonous diet can be directly linked to anxiety in children. No matter how fussy of an eater they are, improving your child’s diet in simple and creative ways can do so much for their mental health.

Fruits and vegetables may not be their favorite, but they offer natural anxiety relief for kids that is rich in essential nutrients, helping to reduce unpleasant symptoms.

Make sure you enrich their menu with omega 3 and B Vitamin complex foods, such as nuts, seed, and fish, as these are essential for both their growth and mental health. These foods are natural anxiety relievers and help maintain brain health and optimal hormonal function, which is responsible for anxiety regulation.

Final Thoughts 

Kids feel the feels too. With a little help, they can learn to channel and release stress and worry and replace it with joyous energy. By teaching them all the ways they can relax and by spending quality time with them relaxing, we can help them overcome whatever is weighing them down.

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here. 

Natural Anxiety Relief for Kids

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