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How to Get Natural Cold Relief With Crystals

INSIDE: Crystals have long been prized for distinctive energies, mineral compositions, and therapeutic benefits. This includes advantages that can support traditional medical therapies for natural cold relief and flu alleviation.


Healing stones provide a holistic approach to health that can improve our general well-being while we deal with the problems of cold and flu season. Crystals for cold relief, each with their own unique energies, can help with symptom relief and wellness before and during sickness. This includes boosting immunity, relieving respiratory pain, decreasing stress, and encouraging a happy outlook.

Read on to learn how certain crystals and their advantages can reduce the discomfort of flu symptoms and provide natural cold relief.

11 Crystals for Cold Relief

Certain crystals offer natural cold relief that supports conventional treatment, from enhancing immunity and relieving respiratory system stress to calming tension and enhancing perspective. 

Here are our favorites...


Carnelian, a striking orange variant of chalcedony, has a number of possible advantages for natural cold relief. The vivacious energy of Carnelian can help us fight the normal weariness and sluggishness brought on by sickness, keeping us more active while we recuperate. It boosts immunological function, helping the body fight off viruses and infections more successfully.

The warming qualities of Carnelian help improve blood circulation, supporting the body's natural healing processes, while it can also improve respiratory irritation and congestion, allowing for more comfortable breathing.



The beautiful blue-green gemstone, Aquamarine, has properties that make it perfect for helping with natural cold relief. The soothing properties of Aquamarine can lessen inflammation in the respiratory tract and throat, supporting the respiratory system amd easing coughs and sore throats.

This gem is thought to boost immunity, enabling the body to fight off illnesses more successfully. Because of its connection to straightforward communication, Aquamarine also helps us communicate our symptoms and requirements to healthcare professionals for effective treatment.

Plus, its relaxing effects can help us feel less stressed and anxious, which encourages sound sleep and a quicker recovery.


Bloodstone, with its crimson streaks, strengthens the immune system, helping the body defend itself against viruses and diseases. Its purifying qualities can aid in the cleansing of the liver and blood, enhancing general health.

Bloodstone's energizing energy helps us recover more quickly by reducing weariness, boosting vigor, and easing the body aches and headaches that are frequently brought on by the cold and the flu, making it one of the most effective holistic cold remedies.


Citrine Geode

Citrine, a brilliant yellow to golden-brown variation of Quartz, offers a number of advantages for natural cold relief. When you're sick, Citrine's bright energy can help you stay more active and recover more quickly by keeping you warm. It also boosts immunity, aiding the body's natural cold relief abilities against illnesses.

The elevating energy of Citrine helps us feel better about ourselves, which is crucial for the mental aspects of healing and rehabilitation. It may also help with the nausea and stomach pain that are frequently brought on by flu symptoms.

Lapis Lazuli

Beautiful blue Lapis Lazuli has multiple properties that help with cold and flu treatment. It can ease the bodily aches and headaches that cold and flu frequently bring on. The immune system is also strengthened by Lapis Lazuli, helping the body fight off illnesses.

The relaxing energy of this gemstone helps us to feel less stressed and anxious, which can help us sleep well and heal more quickly. The energy of Lapis Lazuli can also encourage better breathing.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz

A flexible and popular stone, Clear Quartz amplifies the properties of other stones and natural cold relief treatments, increasing their potency for treating sickness.

Making educated selections about treatment alternatives are made easier with the help of Clear Quartz. By balancing the body's energy centers, its harmonizing energy can improve the healing process. A peaceful attitude that is helpful for recuperation may be promoted by Clear Quartz, helping to reduce tension and anxiety.


Amber carries a compound called succinic acid, which has analgesic (pain relief) qualities that can ease headaches and body pains frequently experienced during sickness. Amber also boosts the immune system, and lessens respiratory and throat irritation, giving relief from coughs and sore throats.



The beautiful crystal, Selenite, has numerous antiviral properties and aids in clearing obstructions in the respiratory system, reducing congestion and facilitating better breathing while unwell. Its relaxing effects create an ambiance that is better for relaxation and recovery.

Selenite is renowned for its capacity to release stuck energy and unfavorable emotions, aiding emotional health when ill. In addition to those qualities, it strengthens the immune system, assisting the body's defensive mechanisms during natural cold relief.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline, a grounding and protecting mineral, is said to provide an energy barrier that protects us from outside influences and promotes overall health when we're sick. As a result of the energy of Black Tourmaline, breathing is more easily accomplished when experiencing cold or flu symptoms, resulting in the deep sleep we need to heal and strengthen our immune systems.

Smoky Quartz 

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz, a transparent brown-to-gray crystal, provides consolation by easing the headaches and bodily pains that are frequently brought on by sickness. Its calming effects can reduce tension and anxiety, promoting emotional stability when ill.

Smoky Quartz helps with natural cold relief and recovery by assisting with toxin removal from the body. As a result, breathing might be made easier when experiencing cold or flu symptoms. As with other stones on this list, the relaxing effects of Smoky Quartz can encourage sound sleep, which is essential for healing and the support of the immune system.

Unakite Jasper

Unakite Jasper

With its unusual pink feldspar and green epidote combination, Unakite Jasper offers special advantages for cold and flu treatment. The balancing energy of this gemstone encourages a healthy immunological response, helping the body more successfully adapt to viral assaults.

Along with encouraging patience and persistence, Unakite Jasper is very helpful when dealing with illnesses that take longer to heal from. Its heart-centered energy encourages self-care and self-nurturing while serving as a reminder to do so.

Unakite Jasper is a beneficial ally in the fight for natural cold relief by promoting mental well-being and immune function in these special ways.

How to Use Crystals for Natural Cold Relief 

A natural and holistic method to obtaining relief from the symptoms of the flu may be found by including crystals for cold relief into your health regimen. This section examines a few useful methods for utilizing their energy.

Steam With Crystal Infused Water

A calming and natural way to practice natural cold relief is to steam with crystal-infused water. Choose a water-safe crystal with proven therapeutic qualities to start, such as Amethyst for calming or Clear Quartz for boosting vitality.

Under moon or sunshine, thoroughly wash and charge the selected crystal. After that, set it in a basin of hot, steaming water. The energy of the crystal is carried up in the steam, which can help clear congestion, open up airways, and encourage relaxation.

Lean over the bowl, place a towel over your head, and take long, deep breaths. In times of illness, this technique is sure to bring comfort and ease respiratory distress.

Crystal Massage

One of the most calming and efficient holistic cold remedies is a crystal massage. Choose a smooth tumbled stone, such as Selenite for its relaxing energy. Make sure the stone is energetically pure by cleansing and charging it.

While comfortably reclined, place it on your forehead or chest and start rubbing the crystal over your body in slow, circular strokes, paying special attention to any tight or uncomfortable areas. The energy of the stone helps calm those who are unwell by easing body aches and pains, reducing headaches, and encouraging relaxation.

Lay Crystals on Your Body

Placing crystals on your body is a relaxing and therapeutic meditation technique for natural cold relief. To start, choose a crystal that speaks to your intentions. Look for a place that is calm and cozy to sit or to lie down. While focusing on the crystal's energy, hold it in your palm or place it on your body.

With eyes closed, take a few deep breaths, and release tension. Imagine the energy of the crystal surrounding you, easing your symptoms, and boosting the strength of your immune system. Relaxation, healing, and consolation throughout illness are among the benefits of crystal meditation.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, crystals for cold relief offer a mellow fusion of traditional knowledge and holistic well-being. In times of illness, these gemstones' special energies can offer emotional support, ease physical discomfort, and encourage a feeling of balance.

The usefulness of crystals differs from person to person, so keep that in mind while you explore the world of crystals. To design a specialized healing plan, use your instinct and get advice from both crystal and medical specialists. Crystals can be an effective friend in your path to greater health and well-being because of their inherent beauty and potential healing qualities.

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclaimer notice here. 

How to Get Natural Cold Relief With Crystals

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