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How to Use Crystals for Emotional Self Care

INSIDE: No matter what you're going through, some of the best tools for emotional self care are crystals. They are here to support us and help us work through our feelings so that we can move beyond them.


Half of the health problems in the world have roots in emotional distress and suppressed emotions. For instance, research published by the Centre For Mental Health has shown that kidney disease and mental health are interconnected.

This is why caring for our emotional wellbeing is as equally important as exercising or dieting to stay physically fit.

Let's talk about how crystals can help with emotional self care to ease some of that emotional distress.

How to Use Crystals For Emotional Self-Care

Crystals work with our emotional body in a variety of ways. They affect physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of our lives.

They target various energy centers in the body, helping us deal with the causes and effects emotions have on our wellbeing. Because of that, using crystals for improving our wellbeing is one of the most powerful emotional self care strategies.

Here are some examples of how we can use them...

  • Carry them in your purse, pocket, or wallet
  • Keep them by your bed or under the pillow
  • Meditate with them
  • Use crystals with affirmations
  • Use them while journaling about emotions
  • Hold them in your hands
  • Make a crystal elixir
  • Put them in your bath
  • Hold them when showering
  • Carry them as jewelry, amulets, and charms
  • Cry with them
  • Celebrate with them
  • Pray with them

These rituals are your tools for nourishment. Some will be more compatible for you than others, but all can be used for improving your wellbeing.

Healing Crystals

How Crystals Improve Emotional Well-Being

Now that we know the techniques and rituals, here's how crystals are used and how they work to improve the relationship with our emotional selves...

Understanding Emotions 

The best way to nourish our emotional self is by first identifying and then understanding how we feel. Sometimes, especially when emotions are heavy, we tend to block our emotions and suppress how we feel.

Crystals bring about greater awareness and can help us feel those emotions so that we can let them gently pass. They help us sit with our emotions, without judgment or rationalizing.

Meditating with crystals can help us gain this sense of clarity and understanding.

Emotional Release

Speaking of heavy emotions, did you know that crystals help release pent up emotions? And they do it wonderfully.

No matter if it’s an event that happened long ago or yesterday’s drama at work, crystals help us let go of distress and assist us in staying balanced in critical situations.

Carrying them with us can make us more resilient to everyday stressors that affect emotional and mental health. For instance, holding a crystal in our fist when we are angry can help draw out toxic rage from our aura.

Not only can they help prevent impulsiveness, but also help us truly let go of situations we cannot control. Releasing emotions is healthy, and will help us stay sane and feel emotionally lighter and balanced in the long run.

Amplifying the Power of Positive Emotions

Using gemstones as part of your emotional self care routine not only help us deal with difficult emotions, but more importantly, lift our mood up.

Crystals naturally amplify any positive vibration they come in contact with, so using them for gratitude rituals can help positive emotions truly reach us and remain with us.

Joy, hope, and serenity are all essential for our wellbeing, and crystals can help us feel their depth and focus more on things that make us happy without bringing us into a manic state.

So, every time you feel down, sit with a loving crystal and say words of gratitude. The crystal will amplify the thoughts and help you attract more positive experiences.

Emotional Self Care Strategies

Recognizing Our Emotional Needs

One of the most common causes of inner turmoil and suffering is the inability to recognize our own needs. So many of us have no trouble giving but do have trouble with receiving love and kindness.

Crystals help create an inner balance that allows us to go within and figure out what our soul truly needs. Their frequency can encourage us to speak our needs and realize that we do deserve everything we so gladly give out.

Recognizing our emotional needs is an important step to inner fulfillment, and using crystals will help us on this self-discovery journey.

Journaling about how we feel while holding a crystal can help us gain a broader perspective and get to a place of self-discovery.

Cultivating Emotional Expression

With their healing energy, crystals help us to use healthy coping mechanisms instead of choosing unhealthy habits. They stimulate creativity, which is directly linked to our emotional selves.

Because of that, they help us express how we feel in a constructive way through their therapeutic nature. They also inspire us to choose therapeutic activities that nourish our soul, such as painting or writing. 

Aid With Depression & Anxiety

Crystals have the ability to help us cope better when we have daunting depressive episodes. When there is little hope and we feel helpless, simply holding a healing gemstone in times of distress can help heavy emotions pass.

Their energy is comforting and loving, and they have a direct impact on our mood. Because of their natural antidepressant properties, these natural healers act stabilizing and can be the light in our dark moments.

If anxiety or depression are frequent, we can carry them as a first-aid in our pocket or a purse, to prevent episodes from occurring or at least helping us deal when they do arise.

Stress Relief Crystals

Improving Our Relationship Ourselves

Crystals help us let go of the need to criticize ourselves. As they carry loving vibrations, using them for emotional healing rituals can help us develop more empathy for ourselves.

This energy raises our self-love capacity, teaching us how to be less dismissive and more forgiving with ourselves. It teaches us how to embrace and accept every emotion as a natural and integral part of who we are.

Emotional self care and nourishment lie in self-acceptance, and this is exactly what crystals can help us master, helping us recognize that we are worthy just as we are.

Affirmations, meditation, and journaling with crystals can be particularly helpful for mastering empathy towards oneself. 

First Aid for Highly Sensitive Individuals

Empaths and highly sensitive people feel very deeply. Crystals can help them find inner balance in an overstimulating environment and soothe without numbing their intense emotions.

Since they absorb various types of harmful radiation, crystals can prevent organic or physical overstimulation of the nervous system, which causes emotional distress.

Wearing crystal jewelry can help tone down external vibrations and bring a sense of calm. 

Understanding the Subconscious

With the help of crystals, we can recognize not only our needs and desires but also our triggers. This can help us let go of things that no longer serve us, whether it's habits, people, or thoughts, all which affect how we feel.

Crystals for emotional self care bring about greater awareness of what drives our behavior and what stands behind painful emotions or even joy and satisfaction.

When we are in touch to look within, we are less prone to being shaken up by triggering events.

Emotional Triggers

Letting Go of Guilt, Anger & Shame

Since they are high-vibrational, gemstones are particularly healing for individuals who struggle with frequent or haunting feelings of guilt or shame.

These heavy emotions tend to pile up due to trauma and negative experiences, significantly lowering our ability to live authentically.

Crystals are perfect for emotional detox and can be used for cultivating empathy towards oneself, gently eliminating these burdensome feelings. This leaves more space in our psyche for positive and nourishing emotions and thoughts to flourish.

Setting Healthy Boundaries

To care for our emotional wellbeing is to be able to put ourselves first when we need to. Gemstones help us embrace more self-love and then act from such a  place.

Setting boundaries is essential for our wellbeing, and certain crystals work to strengthen our sense of self, helping us embrace personal power. When we set boundaries, we act kindly towards ourselves and create a fruitful ground for emotional contentment.

Balancing Moods

No matter if it’s stress or hormonal changes (or both), healing gemstones can help balance our reactions and moods. Using crystals for emotional self care can help even out the relationship between the rational mind and the emotional body, bringing us balance and harmony.

They help us go through life cycles, preventing exterior disturbances and biological imbalance from affecting the quality of our lives.

Showering and bathing with crystals is a great way to wash away inner turbulence, as both water and crystals work to reset and refresh our energy.

Developing Emotional Strength & Maturity

In the end, the powerful frequency of crystals helps us level up emotionally. Since they work directly with our higher selves, crystals are used to help us elevate and develop emotional resilience.

Their energy doesn’t shut off emotions, but rather helps us observe them objectively when we need to so we can use highly-emotional experiences to grow.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, crystals truly are some of the best emotional self care tools. There are generally no bad side-effects; instead, they are here to support us in overcoming emotional trauma and distress so that we can live our best lives.

What Crystal is Best for Me

* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here. 

How to Use Crystals for Emotional Self Care

Crystals for Emotional Self Care

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