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How to Use Crystals in Your Self Care Routine

INSIDE: It's so fun to use crystals in a self care routine because it amplifies the healing benefits of the practice. Here's a bunch of ideas to help you incorporate healing stones into your self care rituals.


As more and more people come to realize, crystals are much more than beautiful objects. They can also be used to improve our health and have a direct effect on our energy.

Interesting research published by Science Daily has scientifically proven that Quartz crystals have the power to charge Earth’s magnetic field.

With that being said, using them as part of our everyday routine can do a lot for our spiritual wellbeing and health.

As a matter of fact, making crystals an essential part of your self care routine can do wonders in shielding you from bad energy and elevating your frequency.

Here are some simple yet powerful ways to improve your wellbeing using healing gemstones...

How Can Crystals Add to a Self Care Routine?

Crystals carry powerful energetic information that has the ability to change our frequency. They specifically target weakened points in our energetic body, absorb negative energy, and then work to gradually create a protective shield around us.

In the same way that we physical mend wounds with medicine, using crystals as part of a self-care routine can help mend energetic, emotional, and spiritual wounds that are as equally important. This way, we aren't only taking the time for ourselves, but also using the most of it.

More so, by working with frequencies, every crystal targets a specific health issue and helps speed up the healing or recovery process.

By using them daily, we are able to discharge unwanted energy, such as stress, anxiety, or fear in a gentle and natural way. This takes self care to a whole new level, but also amplifies the healing properties of crystals.

 Amethyst Geodes

How to Use Crystals in Your Self Care Rituals?

There are a few tricks you can use at home to maximize the healing ability of the crystals you use. Let’s look at them now...


Certain crystals, such as Clear Quartz and Serpentine, work directly with the higher self. That means that they help with our self-development and support our self-discovery.

Depending on which chakras they resonate with, certain crystals not only help clear energetic blockages, they also help us become more conscious of them in a non-anxious way.

Then comes journaling, which helps us express and bring attention to how we feel and what we think.

When we combine journaling and crystals together, they have a powerful therapeutic effect.

Whether we are meditating on a piece of crystal prior to journaling or holding it while we write and draw, we are enhancing our ability to comprehend emotions and thoughts.

Crystals enhance our awareness and make everything we write down more potent, helping us accept and love ourselves more just as we are.

Crystals also have the power to teach us how to let go of self-judgment, which can help us feel more comfortable expressing our thoughts in an unfiltered way.

We can choose crystals depending on what part of consciousness and our personality we would like to journal about.

For instance, for self-expression, we can journal with Kyanite, while for resolving trauma, we might seek energetic support in Lapis Lazuli.

Crystals and Self Care Rituals


Relaxing baths have a cleansing property, as do crystals. Healing gemstones are meant to eliminate and absorb negative energy stored in our aura, so adding them to water when bathing will raise the vibration of water and our own vibration.

For such a sacred ritual, we can choose crystals from the Quartz family, particularly Rose Quartz, to help us embrace self-love and feel nourished or Smoky Quartz if we feel the need to get rid of stress and ground ourselves.

For the best result, make sure your crystal is cleansed, as this will eliminate any residue energy it was absorbing.

You can start the sacred bath ritual with gratitude and an intention, be it to relax, recharge, or enhance self-love. This will level-up the frequency of the water and bring attention to the specific healing properties of your chosen crystal.

This way, as its power is amplified, you are able to completely immerse in its healing properties and enjoy healing benefits.

Foot Soaks

The energetic spots on the body that are closest to the ground are on the feet, which makes them particularly vulnerable to changes in the environment.

However, this also means that they have an incredible ability to transmit energy from the ground up and help us align our chakras.

Adding crystals in foot soaks can help alleviate health issues, particularly those related to tiredness, aches, and stiffness that is felt in the body.

By placing them in the water, it will draw out stagnant, negative energy from our body, and help refresh our aura. Crystals amplify the healing properties of water, while also targeting specific weak points in our energetic body, helping us to relax. 

This is one of the self care rituals that doesn’t require anything other than water and a healing crystal. However, for an extra rich foot soak, we can use a mixture of warm water with crystals, essential oils, and fresh or dried healing herbs.

Having foot soaks with clear sand and chosen gemstones will not only help exfoliate your feet but amplify the energy of the crystals; therefore strengthening your energetic field.

Exotic Crystals

Meditating With Crystals

Meditation causes positive neuronal changes in the body, and this improves our resilience to stress and anxiety.

Paired with crystals, this practice gets even more powerful. This is because gemstones have a certain high-vibrational frequency that impacts our aura and boost our receptiveness to higher frequencies.

Meditating with crystals as part of our self care routine raises our awareness and helps us transcend to higher levels of consciousness.

We can practice meditating while holding a crystal or a pair of them in our hands, or we can simply place them near us. If possible, you can try to create a circle of crystals around yourself to amplify transformative potential.

When meditating with a few crystals, make sure you limit your choice to a maximum of three different crystals. This will prevent energetic overwhelm and instead create nourishing, high-vibrational energy that helps you calm your mind and reach a new level of awareness.

Here are some of the best meditation crystals to try.

Sleep Routine

We all know how essential sleep is for our wellbeing. Placing crystals under your pillow not only improves your quality of sleep, making it more efficient, but also rejuvenates your body and energy field.

Many crystals, such as Lepidolite, Amethyst, or Tiger Jasper are known for their ability to prevent insomnia and other sleep disorders. Their claiming frequencies ensure we have a sound sleep, helping us truly rest.

As we rest, crystals like these prevent energy from interfering with our aura and this makes them powerful self care routine tools. Having one of them under the pillow will act as an energetic shield.

Additionally, many good night crystals have healing properties that can improve skin conditions, prevent hormonal imbalance, improve immunity, and prevent haunting nightmares.

Crystals for Meditation

Crystal Elixirs

Crystal elixirs are liquid healers. To make one for your self care ritual, all you need is a crystal and spring water.

No matter if you're going to drink the elixir right away or use only a few drops daily, all crystal elixirs carry specific healing properties.

When mixed with water, a chosen crystal releases positive energy that influences the vibration of the water.

For instance, depending on your intention, crystal elixirs can be used for reducing stress and anxiety (Amethyst Elixir) or for self-love and acceptance (Rose Quartz) or whatever purpose you need. 

Simply choose a crystal you are drawn to and focus on one or two of its healing properties. Positive intentions do change the molecular structure of water, which means the water we drink, when blessed with a positive intention becomes more beneficial to our energy.

Adding a crystal on top of that, which is already positively charged, makes the mixture even more powerful. Not only is it healing on an energetic level, but a crystal elixir can contribute to beauty sleep, and even reduce symptoms of health conditions. 

Useful Tip: We can also make an elixir with crystals that can’t be water-infused, by placing them in a tightly sealed, dry vessel and then placing that vessel into a larger one filled with spring water.

Beauty Routine

A beauty routine is anything we do to nourish our bodies, and a crystal amplifies any positive, healing energy it comes in contact with.

This is why including crystals in our skincare routine or hair care routine can help us embrace who we authentically are and uplift our spirits.

When used as part of a nourishing self care ritual, crystals help us get rid of self-doubt and self-judgment and let go of negative thought patterns about ourselves and our appearance.

To use crystals for this purpose, simply place them where you can see them or hold them in a hand prior to beginning your self care routine.

Sit with it for a while and visualize its energy as a gentle ray of light illuminating every part of your body. Start from the feet and move upwards towards the Heart Chakra, and then towards the Crown Chakra.

Let the energy of the crystal carry away all heavy energy that’s weighing on you.

Be mindful about your body, feelings, and thoughts as you take care of your skin, and let all of your thoughts pass by.

Crystals will help us acknowledge who we are in our totality, assisting us in accepting ourselves without judgment or criticism. This way, they nourish both the body and the soul.

Final Thoughts

When you add crystals to your self care routines, you will get even more out of them. 

You can choose crystals by using our Shop by Intention menu on the left sidebar of our website. That way, you can easily get the results you are looking for.

Gather your self care product ideas here.

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here.
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